"Congratulations" - WHY?

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  • avishai
    So if it's because "he's gonna be a caring father" - shouldn't the congratulations and back-slapping occur after a period of time, once that a father has proved himself worthy of carrying that title?

    It's easy to say you'll look after a cute little baby when it's all wrapped up in a tiny bundle in the hospital - it's another matter when things get tough, when the kid is playing up, when the kid becomes a trouble-filled teenager.

    By that logic, then we should'nt congratulate the mother, either. Lot's of them F up the baby while it's still in the womb, alcohol, drugs, etc.

    DO you have kids? just curious

  • gumby
    Why is it a social custom to say "congratulations" to a guy when his wife/gf has had/is having a baby?

    Prisca.....you little silly,

    Your simply congradulating the dude for being able to score with his wife at least once in the last nine months..... ya little knucklehead!

    I think maybe your thinking different on this than me......but then women think different.

    I would think it meant simply......."congradulations that your having a child"......not "cogradulations for being succesful at getting your tadpoles wrapped aroud your wifes eggs".

    I had my tubes tied and I never have to worry about those words ever again...."congradulations". Now I just tell my friends I scored last night and they say .."congradulations".

    (not really)


  • sens

    she is so cute avishai

  • ScoobySnax

    and I was the sperm that made it while all them millions didn't........see ya suckers!!

  • Prisca

    I would think it meant simply......."congradulations that your having a child"......

    Yes, that is my point - what has he done to merit the congratulations?????

  • jst2laws


    Strange question to me. If a woman felt that all that had happened was that she had her womb showered with semen and now her body was 'changing for ever' would she appreciate a 'congratulations'?

    However, if both woman and man veiwed the pysical phenomena as the beginning of a new life that they welcomed and accepted responcibility to raise and nourish then surely both deserve 'congratulations'. As a man I admire the woman's part in this. As you say, all we do is contribute half the genetic material but the woman's body nourishes and produces the LIFE. I have delivered about a dozen babies myself and I CRIED every time. You (women) have such a tremendous privilege to produce a living human.

    My wife (who assists in hundreds of births each year) and I have enjoyed this privilege of producing our own three times in our life with no regrets regarding the physical, emotion or finacial consequences.

    Dear, is this thread the result of the possibility of your facing this 'privilege'? What ever the case, be assured it is worth investing oneself. Children truly loved are truly loving and one of the few miracles even an atheist can experience.


  • gumby

    Steve........your talking to a WOMAN here! She can't reason normal!

    Yes, that is my point - what has he done to merit the congratulations?????

    Prisca mt little sweetie,

    He has done nothing whatsoever!

    He should not be congradulated by ANYONE!

    When he say's to people...."My wife and I are having a baby....she's pregnant"!.....People should simply say.....Oh! Tell her I said congradulations."!

    I think you need a whoopin, and I'm gonna give you one, one of these days!

    * gumby feels his friday night vodka beginning to take effect*


  • rocketman

    My wife spent the better part of four days in labor. I slept well, though, that first night in the hospital while she was doing all the work.

  • gumby

    Go get her Rocketman!

    All I had to do was hold her hand while she was in pain, and found out she needed an epidural for our litle sweet breach baby girl. Women hate your arse when their pass'in a kid.


  • Valis

    I would imagine the custom also extends way back to when actually birthing a child and being fertile was a matter of survival. You might counter there are too many people already and one shouldn't be congradulated, but when it gets as visceral as creating a life there is no more strange and uplifting feeling.


    District Overbeer

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