"Congratulations" - WHY?

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  • Prisca

    LOL @ Mac

  • wednesday

    AVI ,

    now that is a lovely pic. Cute little girl. Nothing sexier than a loving father.

  • Simon

    What exactly has the woman done if she becomes pregnanat? Really ... do you have to sit and concentrate really hard after the act or something. I've got two kids but maybe I missed all that ...

    It's an act that both people do together and it's a happy, life changing thing for both people if they have a loved and wanted baby that they are going to spend the rest of their lifes looking after and loving.

    I think a simpler explanation is *someone* that Prisca doesn't like has become a father and is being congratulated and she's gone all pissy about it.

  • Gopher
    It's those that don't question that don't learn.

    I hope you appreciated these excellent answers to the question you raised. Maybe you learned a thing or two from the thread. I learned some more good reasons why people are congratulatory to new parents that I hadn't thought of before.

    So do you want to congratulate (or at least send "best wishes") to this about-to-be-daddy?

  • Prisca

    Simon's Insult #1:

    I can picture you at work when some colleage told everyone their wife was pregnant. "Congratulations" says everyone else. "Hrmfff" says Prisca, "nothing to merit congratulations there and you won't get any from me".

    How to win friends and influence people ...

    Simon's Insult #2:

    Explanation 2 is that it's just that 'time'

    Simon's Insult # 3:

    I think a simpler explanation is *someone* that Prisca doesn't like has become a father and is being congratulated and she's gone all pissy about it.

    Simon's advice when people are hassling others on this site:

    If someone is being aggressive or unpleasant to someone then let us know and that way, we can try and do something about it while it's happening. I'm working on a moderator alert feature to make this easier. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/61549/937939/post.ashx#937939

    Ummm, Simon, if you have a problem with me, then let's work it out in private, like I've been trying to do all week. I don't know why you in particular has such a beef with me, but wouldn't you rather be seen as a peace-maker, rather than the other things you've been accused of, of late?

  • Englishman

    I'm one of these guys who comes out in sympathy pains with my beloved when she's been pregnant.

    I get stomach cramps, fluid retention, and sensitive nipples.

    After our last one was born, it took me 3 weeks to get my legs back together.


  • Simon

    It's obvious that this idiotic topic was started because you are continuing your long running disagreements with Trauma Hound and because he's posted news of his impending fatherhood elsewhere and is being rightly, congratulated at having a bit of good and welcome news in his life, you are trying to be 'clever' by posting this here.

    You are very transparent.

  • Prisca

    And your hatred for me is pretty transparent too.

    If you don't like "idiotic topics" don't click on them Simon. It's pretty simple for most people to figure out, so why haven't you?

    As for topics arising from what other people say, what's so new about that? Yes, Trauma Hound is about to become a father, and I wish him all the best. I don't have a beef with him, much as you would like to think. The thread on JWO raised a question in my mind, so I posted it.

    Really Simon, get over your issues with me before you look even more idiotic.

    Edited to add the reply to Waiting (have to conserve posts now that my Not-So-Secret Admirer has slashed them to 20):

    Thanks for getting the thread back onto it's original subject. It's been an interesting discussion. I think it's good to look at why we do and say things sometimes. Sure, it may seem unusual, but there's nothing wrong with analysing things occasionally.

    That's why I asked

    Why is it a social custom to say "congratulations" to a guy when his wife/gf has had/is having a baby?"...

    ...Don't take me wrong, I'm not male-bashing here (I love men) but just trying to make sense of this world we live in.

    (Key phrases highlighted for the comprehensionally-challenged)

  • waiting

    Perhaps, Prisca, when you have a baby - you'll want to share the good news with the father? Well, is that much different than saying congratulations to the father - who is sharing the same good news?

    The father (if he sticks around & tries) does MUCH. Perhaps not the birth.....but then blame evolution as that's the way it goes.

    Imho, the more involved the father is throughout pregnancy, birth, care & loving.......the stronger the bond with child. The more he shuns away, or the mother keeps him away, the tendency for him to stay away emotionally & physically.

    Btw, a MALE just spurts some sperm. A FATHER sticks around to help, nurture, support, love, etc. Can be the same - and can be incredibly different. .

    Congratulations to ALL the fathers.....they earn it too. Particularily guys who really do the roll of a good dad.

  • blondie
    a MALE just spurts some sperm. A FATHER sticks around to help, nurture, support, love, etc. Can be the same - and can be incredibly different. .

    Waiting, that sums it up very nicely. My father stuck around but he was an abusive sperm donor. But I lucked out, I had a girlfriend whose father gave support and nurture. I was surprised the first time I saw him put on an apron and make dinner for the family. I had never seen a man bottle feed a baby before, but there he was. There were 10 kids in the family and the parents ran a farm together.

    When it comes to congratulations and the real world of stepfamilies (of which I am part), I always congratulate the siblings about the new baby coming soon. I congratulate the grandparents and aunts and uncles. Babies are a miracle and if possible the whole family plays a part in their growing up.


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