Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • Tantalon

    Well I am enjoying this much more than the political discussions that have been going on lately. Governing body stuff ups much more entertaining, for me anyhow. I doubt that it will wake many unfortunately but a lot of fun for apostates!.

  • waton

    Tantalon, it would be even more entertaining for some, if this is an April first trial balloon, staged, to embarrass not the actors, but the critics, to draw out straw man arguments, expose those spreading rumours about what could then be proven to be fiction provided? a sting? just another, but covert, org tv production?

    A distraction even from the elephant in the room, the communion celebration as the Catholics would say, the relevance of the Memorial / New Covenant commemoration in wt parlance.

    the latter all based on the talking snake, continual guilt scheme.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    After reading through a lot of the replies to this thread I understand that it's important to have balance.

    With that said, these are my personal comments/ queries.

    1. Buying this amount of alcohol at once speaks of a luxurious lifestyle, certainly unexpected of a person who has taken a vow of poverty.

    2. If it is for personal use, who is paying for it?

    3. If they are gifts, who are receiving them, for what and is it sending the right message?

    4. Alcohol is a very important part of someone's life if they are buying it in this quantity.

    5. I can see the owner of a small/ lmedium business dropping this kind of cash on alcohol to give to clients but once again, that's a worldly custom and not something most people would expect from a gb member.

  • Tantalon

    Waton, you certainly like the elephants in the room, trouble is with JW land there is a whole frickin herd of the buggers! :) Think I will have a whiskey cos it's that time of day here, might even toast Tony, bottoms up.

  • waton
    Waton, you certainly like the elephants in the room. T

    I see that wt strategists are keeping jws busy with hectic activity at this time, to distract them, to not to be able to see the big issues that should be analyzed.

    Wt should be be buying wholesale wine lots, to serve all invitees (as Jesus did), not focusing (the camera) on a dozen bottles of the hard stuff.

  • BourneIdentity

    One thing Tony has ingrained in all of us over the years of his ridiculous talks is to be hyper aware at all times how things look. It does not matter at all if we aren’t engaging in any wrongdoing, what matters is appearances and how things look to fellow JWs as well as worldly people.

    Some examples might include walking out of a house one morning with a person of the opposite sex. This gives the impression to an observer you spent the night together and most likely had sexual relations. Even if you didn’t, the perception by an onlooker is you did. Another might be walking with some co-workers on a lunch break while they all are smoking and you are not. To an observer, they assume you are smoking when you are walking near all the puffs of smoke being exhaled. Or having a business meeting at an eating establishment with someone of the opposite sex. This gives observers ideas that you are having a marital affair or in a relationship with a worldly person.

    I’m only going to list these few, but for any of us that have been in the religion for decades, we all know we’ve been counseled by the elders on numerous occasions of past things we did, even though nothing was wrong with it, but how it might have been perceived by others. It creates a state of paranoia in all JWs that it’s not good enough to be free of wrongdoing, but second guessing what others are thinking in every scenario that might present itself. This causes a huge amount of stress and anxiety in a person.

    I’m glad Tony has now experienced what a typical rank and file member has to deal with every single day due to his crazy demands. He’s no different than the Pharisees that created all the extra laws that made it a burden for people to serve God.

    If the pope or some other popular religious leader like Joel Osteen was filmed doing the same thing that Tony was, you can damn well guarantee judgmental Tony would give his 2 cents from the platform how hypocritical these men are and any religion they represent. But oh no, anytime a higher ranking JW is involved, it’s completely fine and we should think the best of our dear brothers! I think of how so many elders over the years have criticized the Catholics for child molestation, but now when JWs are plastered in the news everywhere about it, they say it’s all apostate lies or even if true, it doesn’t make them a false religion and Jehovah is still with them. They are very delusional people.

    I’ve said it for years that Tony has NPD, I’m sure he has PTSD as well from Vietnam. Check out these symptoms of NPD and look at numbers 3 and 4, they fit Tony to a T in regard to these demands he puts upon the rank and file members.

  • asp59

    He didn't witness to the guy cause he knew he was in the wrong place doing what he shouldn't. Bad conscience. I know i been there😂😁😀

  • lastmanstanding

    If the Tony video only showed him coming out of the liquor store, but not his purchase, then the idiot at Warwick who answered the letter would have suggested ...

    “perhaps Tony was buying wine for the upcoming memorial celebration, so let’s think the best of our dear, dear brother”

    While knowing full well that fat, drunk Tony was buying whiskey.


    PS, if any of these Warwick devils that lie and defend at any cost these GB garbage, actually believed that there was a God in heaven who sees...

    Well, let’s just acknowledge they must not believe, and are hence unbelievers.

  • Jehalapeno

    This thread should be examined by psychology students to show the glaring difference between those that use critical thinking when making a judgment and those that allow cognitive bias to creep into their judgment.


    I'm not a Watchtower Troll. In fact, I was quite the activist when I first left.

    My issue surrounding this "event" is with the reaction and framing of it.

    It reminds me of tabloid journalism. Calling it BOTTLEGATE. People saying, "Oh, he's done for!"

    I click on the video and I go, "That's it? That's what everyone's fussing about?"

    It's nowhere near the level of a Watergate scandal like everyone is implying.

    Here's a list of 10 scandals. You tell me if this "bottlegate" business is worse than any of the others (except the "rolex" incident).

    1. Crisis of Conscience

    2. ARC

    3. Pedo Database

    4. Abuse Settlements/Court Cases

    5. Blood Transfusion Victims

    6. Leah Remini Special on JWs

    7. Anti-Gay Kids video

    8. Bunker Video

    9. #bottlegate

    10. "Rolex" on Sam Herd on JW Broadcasting

  • dozy

    As other posters have said , there is very much a drinking culture at Bethel so Tony is not unique in this respect.

    Video from an ex-Bethelite...

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