Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Finkelstein, certainly a tight trench coat! That things about to burst! 😂

  • Gorbatchov

    There is no right or wrong here, personaly.

    These is a clear wrong, professionaly.

    A religious leader that gives a wrong impression to the many poor jw followers. Buying wiskey at sunday morning for an ammount much more than two year income for the poor in Africa and Asia.



  • Jehalapeno
    The Liquor store was in New Jersey, nowhere near Warwick HQ.
    The store in question was 32 miles away. And it's specifically branded as a "Discount" liquor store.

    In Europe, that might seem really far...but in America it's not. And it's especially not when you live in upstate NY. It's more than 30 miles from my house to get to the other side of town where I live.

    When I was in Patterson Bethel, we'd routinely drive 25-30 miles just to go to the movies or to go to a restaurant on the weekend.

  • Finkelstein

    Since hard liquor wasn't around in biblical times, I wonder what Jesus would say if he saw some of his apostles consuming such a thing ?

    In light of recent medical information that alcohol is damaging to ones health.

    Unclean, disrespectful to god's creation, I'm sure there's even more in Scripture.

  • undercover

    Well, well, well. Mr Governing Body member bought a cart full of booze, when he should have been at the meeting. Now, to be perfectly frank, or Tony in this case, there's nothing wrong with this, from a casual bystander viewpoint. Drinking is not forbidden for dubs. Buying liquor is not forbidden. So part of me is wondering, why all the sensationalism? It's just an old guy in a liquor store buying a cache of whiskey. If you lived in my town, you'd catch me doing the same.

    However, Mr. Morris is a GB member. A man that goes on JW TV and preaches about giving everything you have to their organization. They run videos of CGI children giving their ice cream money to the Society, because that's more important than an ice cream cone on a hot day. Morris rails against the world and it's pervasive influence and low morals. WT leaders in their talks and publications strive to control the behavior of JWs through peer pressure. You wouldn't, shouldn't do anything that could stumble your brother. Methinks Brother Morris doesn't practice what he preaches. In short, he's a hypocrite. Is this a huge issue for the organization or its leaders? No. It's barely a blip on the radar. But it is evidence enough for those who pay attention that these spiritual men aren't any different than anyone else, and shouldn't be held in the esteem that they are.

    on a side note, the 'captcha' thing that asks you to click on cars or signs, etc... this time was 'click on the store fronts'. And there was a liquor store LOL

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The notoriety of this 'questionable' incident may be why WT Judicial will not be able to just let Toxic Tony off the hook! Before too long hundreds of thousands of eyes will have witnesses this scene as if they themselves were in the liquor store witnessing this firsthand.

    In elder judicial matters...notoriety is the determining factor as to whether a matter should be taken to the next level of judicial action...more so when it involves someone of prominence and who no longer has the freedom to speak.

    Not that Toxic Tony ever had it...but surely hundreds of thousands of rank & file JWs are going to have less & less reason to take Toxic Morris seriously as a Spiritual Leader in the future!

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Yah, if you Google maps it, it doesn't seem much further out than any other liquor store, from JW headquarters in Warwick. Possibly in close proximity, or in route, to somewhere else he went or was going.

  • Vidiot
    Dubstepped - "...feels like manufactured outrage to me..."

    I'm not outraged.

    I'm laughing too fricking hard to be outraged.

  • Vidiot
    Jehalapeno - "...The store in question was 32 miles away..."

    Which suggests to me that he didn't want to be seen picking up a haul that size at a local (town of Warwick) store.


  • FedUpJW

    This is my Scotch of choice. I bought enough to last as it is no longer distilled from what I understand.

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