Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • BourneIdentity
    Incognigo Montoya

    You are spot on. Every JW is hyper aware of their every action and how it will be perceived by others. And we have to assume that the observer, whether JW or worldly person, will always expect the worst.
  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Bourne, we're reading from the same playbook, my friend.

  • TakeOffTheCrown

    I am very impressed with the scenario you have presented in your comments. Well Done.

  • sparky1

    Something for the naysayers to think about:

    "Especially as regards their personal conduct do dedicated Christians need to remember that not all things that are lawful build up. Today we may not have the problem of stumbling others by eating certain kinds of flesh, but let it be noted that Paul added, "or do anything over which your brother stumbles" - Rom. 14:21 In certain states of the United States and in certain lands the use of alcoholic liquor is taboo. For a Christian to indulge in liquor in such places may easily stumble a person of goodwill. Even where it is lawful, frequenting a bar or tavern may have the same harmful effect. Or at a social gathering one may stop short of drunkenness but still have imbibed enough to create an unfavorable impression. How much better to deny oneself a little and so leave a good impression on others!.....Of course, in all these respects the servants in a congregation and particularly the overseers have added responsibilities to keep from becoming causes for stumbling." -the WATCHTOWER September 1, 1961 pg. 542-543 in the article "KEEP FROM BECOMING CAUSES FOR stumbling".

    Maybe Brother Morris needs to self reflect.

    According to this article it's the IMPRESSION that you give which is of paramount importance.


    Wow. This is still going?

    Tomo is a very close-minded person, blinded by a very dangerous ideology. He’s just a delusional and dangerous person that should be exposed and then avoided.

    In a small way I feel badly for him because he’s a victim too. He fell prey to JWism which stems from SDA and all that .. That’s where my sympathy ends because whatever the official PR stance is, Tomo claims to be a leader. He has a platform that reaches millions of people and infects them with a very dangerous world view that preaches the benefits of genocide, followed by Utopia for those who consider the group more valuable than the individual.

    The GB have been rebranding and part of that necessitated them entering the spotlight. Now he has to reap the consequences of that decision and his decision to ignore what must be many, many instances of cognitive dissonance and most likely a guilty conscience on some level because he absolutely cannot actually believe what he says in my opinion, but probably enjoys the power of being a GB.

    All that being said, If Tomo was the nicest guy on the planet, I would still question why he spent so much money on booze. If I were a group leader and knew that my brothers and sisters around the world were struggling for survival, I certainly would not spend that kind of money on booze. I certainly wouldn’t take children’s ice-cream money.

    Yet, Tomo isn’t the nicest guy on the planet. He says that a “Jehovah” who is understanding if you can’t preach enough, does not exist and “Inactive” ones will go the way of the wicked. That’s not the “Jehovah” that he knows...

    Tomo will reap what he has sown. That’s inescapable.


  • 2+2=5

    @MMM - Your failure to understand is now staggering.

    I gave 3 examples where I’ve seen disciplinary action was handed down, some time later in the discussion you handed out accusations of ‘projection’ against TM3.

    Go back, read and think.

    We know moderate elders are everywhere, especially in regards to alcohol.

    I have drank scotch with them after meetings and beers at work with them on meeting days. One thing they were all aware of is presenting themselves as sober always, especially to the conservative elders or MS families.

    This is because the more conservative position is usually favoured in the weakest conscience rules JW world.

    In one of the examples I gave days ago, an elder in my old circuit was going away for a camping trip with a few other couples and families. Loaded the wagon with booze, and was reported in doing so. After an investigation he was stood down as an elder. I gave two other examples of just things I’ve seen.

    Sir82, Cofty and a host of others have given pretty succinct summaries of the topic.

    Maybe take a break for a while, you might start thinking clearly.

  • Bad_Wolf
    Those claiming "hypocrisy" (that's all they can claim) please answer this:
    Do you know of anyone that has been disfellowshipped for purchasing 8 bottles of Scotch?
    If not, how is it hypocrisy?
    If so, please provide detail of what they were really disfellowshipped for - because it's not a DF offence.

    Are you really being serious? Did you not ever see the video of sophia being guilt tripped into not getting an ice cream but donating instead? Or the many years in which not to plan for retirement, not to save, not to work extra, not to get higher education, just make enough to scrape by. Those people who took the WT advice would not be able to afford buying $850 in booze at one time. That's probably a months income for many JWs. Or like my mother and her husband, who weren't supposed to live to retirement because the end would come long before that, now living on $1000 a month and all welfare programs possible and can't afford dental, because they listened to tight pants tony, who should be in equal position as them, but instead using their donations to buy $850 of top shelf liquor and anything he could want is taken care of.

    Any other JW or even elder could buy that stuff, because it would be on their own dime and they aren't the ones who originated and invented the living in poverty because the end is here. The GB members have ZERO excuse, and for them it is hypocrisy!

  • Simon
    Tony defenders, whether they be sincere or trolls, are using the same argument that the Nazis tried to use.
    During the Nuremberg trials, the wise people judging could tell the difference between a farmer and a Nazi.

    Jesus H Christ, just listen to yourself!

    Just because people don't believe that there's something wrong because someone was buying some bottles of Scotch and you think it's the Nuremberg Trials

    And "Tony defenders"? Where the hell do you get off thinking you have the RIGHT to label people? Pointing out a big gaping hole in an argument and that what you are claiming as "evidence" of something is not at all evidence of anything is not defending someone, it's just being rational.

  • jeffdavis

    No one or five examples make a good crap. It comes down to what the elders of a particular congregation will let slide. I have seen congregations in California have just legal buy and have keg parties at the beach. That same thing would get you reproved in other congregations or worse. There is no line in the sand other than blatant drunkenness that is over the line. Being an alcoholic, a real alcoholic is hard to know unless you are close to the individual and even then sometimes hard to know. I know many alcoholics that function very well. Most carpenter and window washer elders would not know a true alcoholic from a Mormon.

    Most real alcoholics have a high tolerance for booze. What would put me under the table is just to get them functional. People who are falling down drunk and almost unable to walk are not what many functional alcoholics look like. I highly doubt that Tony tight pants was buying for any other reason than he has a problem and can afford top shelf drugs to feed his habit. I would bet he is most likely a high functioning alcoholic.

    Poor people who are alcoholics will use cheap Vodka, it gets the job done and at a cheap price. If they could afford 100 buck a bottle whiskey or other spirit they would buy it.

  • stillin

    For once, I'm leaning Simon's way!

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