E-Man and HL are coming to the USA!!!!

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  • Englishman
    ah ... semi = our articulated truck / lorry

    It does?

    Nah nah nah. A semi is a house, 2 joined together. Look, Grasshopper, a pair of semis! Like what most Brits live in.



  • cruzanheart

    Okay, y'all, we've got our reservations at Andy's Motel! Sounds like it's going to be lovely. My best friend's husband, who used to live in Florida, told me that Panama City beach was one of his favorites because the sand is bright white and so fine that it squeaks when you walk on it.

    See you on Halloween!


  • StinkyPantz

    Nina and Chris too. . . And I'll be SO close. .

  • Joyzabel

    whoohooo, I'm sure you'll love being right on the beach Nina. Now you'll never see your kids because they'll be out there playing in the sand and surf!

    ok, now back to eBay, looking for a costume!


  • Mulan
    Panama City beach was one of his favorites because the sand is bright white and so fine that it squeaks when you walk on it.

    Yes, it squeaks, almost like walking on snow, and it looks like snow it is so WHITE! Gorgeous place.

    Last week on the Travel channel on cable, they rated Florida's beaches and Panama City Beach was #8. That was neat.

  • patio34

    Hi Joy,

    I'm planning to be there with rings on my fingers, etc.! I'll read more on this thread when I get home from work to get the particulars. I sent you a pm too.



  • Englishman

    BTW, re tipping, how do you tip if you pay by credit card? Do you tip in cash or put it on the card?


  • Joyzabel

    whoohooo Party Pat is coming!!!

    this is going to be an unbelievable freedomfest!!


  • Simon

    Some places have a bit on the CC for gratuity but I imagine most people prefer a cash tip (what we normally do)


    This gathering stuff....is so addictive.

    I sure hope our UK visitors to this side of the Atlantic, will have a great visit.

    First thing I think of; it happened to me over there, is the reverse driving thing.

    I can see Simon, E-Man and a few others, driving on sidewalks and Interstates wreaking havoc on the United States.

    Maybe we can get E-Man to drive one of those Cadillac Escalades, or Simon & Angharad, a GMC Yukon. Big as some those H.M.S. ships.

    Have fun, and like the Detroit gathering I attended, you'll absolutely love it, and hate leaving.

    Enjoy the planning, half of the fun is getting there.

    Like I have told others: if I win the lottery, I'll be there!

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