Serious Terrorist Attacks in PARIS, FRANCE

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  • nicolaou

    Reports are of 26 dead, hostages being held, gunmen with automatic weapons and simultaneous explosions in more than one site in the city.

    Not a fan of speculation but possibly a reprisal attack after the drone killing of Jihadi John?

    Who knows. . . ongoing

  • Simon

    Very sad. It's about time we stopped following people with terrorist links and just started removing them from the streets. Make ongoing or repeated contact with a terrorist group a capital crime.

    Islam apologists will be practicing their "religion of peace" and "nothing to do with Islam" rhetoric.

  • jookbeard
    dreadful news
  • Simon

    CNN is now reporting at least 60 dead. This looks like a dreadful night.

  • minimus
    I wonder who is creating the terrorism.. It couldn't be the adherents of Islam, could it?
  • cofty
    Reports of 100 hostages at the Bataclan Concert Hall
  • TheWonderofYou
    So sorry for all the victims.
  • cofty

    Multiple coordinated attacks at different venues across the city. Reports of use of grenades.

    A state of emergency has been declared for the whole of France which means all national borders are closed.

  • Tornintwo

    Terrible news, it just makes the blood run cold, the thought of sitting in a restaurant, theatre or stadium, having fun with your friends and family, and some psychopath wound up by extremist propaganda opens fire. Barbaric.

  • breakfast of champions

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