Riots one reason to own an AR15 and several 30 round or 100 round mags.

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  • kingpelican

    I would rather have a gun that can actually defend me than one that is out of ammo 6 shots in. You see how these punks walked on by. This is all they understand just like the radical Muslims. They destroy everything create nothing. Let them run wild and they will burn down the house around your ears. They get the barrel of a gun though. Its the only thing they respect.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Welcome to the forum ''kingpelican''.

    Have we met before?

  • LV101

    kingpelican - I agree. Delusional liberals while in awe of their fascist leaders having protection via GUNS need to sell their crazy somewhere else for a change. Thugs are running around with Illegal/unregistered guns but the upright, do-gooder, tax paying, citizens, are finally waking up to the fact they need to protect themselves and their property. I've never touched a firearm not even to move around in my locked dressing room - locked so housekeepers can't steal my clothes, etc. Think I'll have my dad's double odd whatevers hung on walls as art objects - maybe that will help w/my security issues around here.

    This has become a nation without law and order and my new fix In life will be gun collecting once COVID is under control. I can't even drive an old, classic, car, down the road without freaks yelling and chasing it or worse - kicking it or breaking off the antenna - trying to scratch it. I if can have a gun wrack installed on the removable, convertible, top, I will. I'm ready to drive a Silverado with a gun rack and maybe feel safe.

    Gun shops here all sold out - weeks ago. Lines wrapped around the buildings but maybe supply is better.

    Was it true that during the Roaring 20s the ladies had to pack a cute little gun in their garter belts - I heard that from an old timer from Texas. About 40 yrs. ago, I saw the cute little gun she wielded back in her day but I'm doubtful about the Roaring 20s.

  • RubaDub

    Was it true that during the Roaring 20s the ladies had to pack a cute little gun in their garter belts

    LV101 ...

    Yes, that was true.

    It worked well for women .

    But many guys tried to put them in the front of their underwear and accidentally shot their dicks off.

  • LV101

    Hahahaha - I don't believe that about guys!

    Oh my - hard to imagine women had to resort to packing a gun. I do hope it never comes to such crazy.

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