Riots one reason to own an AR15 and several 30 round or 100 round mags.

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    As far as Europeans: The Swiss are all well armed and have gun training in high schools. They have a reason and they are as a reason one of the richest nations in the world and maintained that status for hundreds of years.

    On gun laws: for some reason handguns require permits but rifles do not. In NY getting a handgun requires 9 months wait time, 5-7 character witnesses and an application to a judge. Rifles can be picked up as fast as they're shipped. A 9mm rifle is basically a handgun with a stock and a barrel but can be taken down to large pistol size.

    On assault weapons: all weapons are assault weapons, I have knives and batons, those are assault weapons too. There is no reason to have a full-automatic, lacks precision and gets out of control unless you have a fixed mount.

    Yes, America has lots of guns, but like Switzerland, it's a large area, there is no guarantee the cops can even drive to your house fast enough and as recently demonstrated, not an option if you live in a Democrat controlled area.

  • Curious Mind
    Curious Mind

    I haven’t posted on this page for literally years but had to on this one. The US is too far gone to do anything about weapons now, the fact you spout about needing drum magazines for you to do the maximum damage as quickly as possible speaks volumes about your country and society.

    The era of countries looking to the US for leadership are over, it’s very sad really considering how much you gave during WW2.

    Finally before all the calls of lefttard come flowing my way I am a currently serving member of the Australian military and have been for 20 years in the security field so yeah I know a bit about the topic and employing weapon systems for maximum effect.

    Peace out.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater mate. There are still plenty people and nations around the world that view the United States of America as the shining beacon on the hill for many reasons.

  • Curious Mind
    Curious Mind

    Yes they do but they are losing the moral high ground.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I can do ok with a pump shotgun, deer rifle (sniper), revolver, bow and arrow, or a good old winchester 3030. A 7.62 x 39 is a good round if I ever find an AK or SKS . Drums are illegal here, so it is the 7, 5 bolt, or 12 in a mk2. 15 in a pistol, In a given situation i will not last very long anyway.

    Pistols are easier to conceal, or carry, but have less firepower and accuracy compared to a long gun. A pistol or revolver is my usual choice for taking on a weekend drive. Goes in the trunk or glove box, depending. Wife usually doesnt know, only once got scared by a bear warning sign and asked if I had put one in. I had.

  • Rivergang

    Curious Mind, I too have a rather “curious mind” as to why the difference between here (Australia) and the USA. I live in what might be termed a “disadvantaged” neighbourhood:

    i.e. A low socio-economic area, with a significant “indigenous” population and a large number of immigrants (a real “spot the Aussie” type suburb).

    Despite all this, there are few serious law and order issues - and without the population being armed to the teeth.

    By contrast, we are being told on this forum that in the USA, one is not safe unless fully equipped with an AR15, 30 round magazines and (presumably) enough ammunition to fight a small war. How that situation came about would make interesting reading!

  • Curious Mind
    Curious Mind

    Rivergang, I would like to tell you the answer but I don’t have one.

  • phoenixrising

    Curious Mind if in fact the US has lost some countries looking to it for guidance that is fine. Many countries like Germany, Sweden, NZ, England and others have turned so far left they are effectively destroying them self. What you said is like a child saying they no longer look to a parent for guidance as they are a junkie pimp living on the street. Good riddens to them. I only hope before they do destroy them-self that right thinking people rise up and take back their nation. Maybe they need a make England and Germany great again leader. As far as Australia goes its like an 80 year old lady, every one knows where she lives but no one wants to visit.

    As far as being in the Australian military that is a kind of appeal to authority fallacy argument. It is a false thinking argument. The original post was to point out that when liberal idiots and their useful idiot familiars say you don't need more than 10 or 7 rounds to defend yourself that only works if there are one maybe at the most two criminals you are going up against. So if you are indeed in the Military and not some arm chair fatty you know damn well that no one is going up against multiple people trying to hurt, kill or maim them with a hand gun with 7 rounds. That if you live in a place where the leftist idiots let criminals run wild, do not arrest or when they do turn them loose again to destroy and kill what you need is not a 7 round gun but something you can actually defend yourself with.

    I look to how in Waco a few women and men whipped the shit out of a heavy armed and had the latest equipment ATF. this is not to say the BDs were not a crazy religion. But to show how a few untrained people can defend themselves with the right guns. Sorry you want to subjugate your fellow countrymen instead of trusting them to good citizens. I am doubting you are in the military. Growing up around those in they don't sound like you at all. they are for people owning guns at least the military in the USA.

  • phoenixrising

    road to now where I have 4 sks rifles. Two Russian, and Two Chinese. All are collectable. They can accept 30 round and drum mags that are designed to take the place of the 10 round mag. These used to be thought of as junk guns when I started buying and selling them in the 90s and they went for 59 bucks each. Not they fetch 350 to 600 or more. They are well made and tough as nails. Using the same ammo as the AK47. Great round and fun to shoot. The supply has dried up in the US a bit so the ones for 350 are used and a bit beat up. Mine are as new. there are things to the SKS most people don't know about and when I told some in the Michigan Militia back in the 90s their jaw dropped to the ground. I bought a few drums for mine also. I have drums for my AKs when they were selling for 59 bucks.

    We have a saying in the gun community here in the states stackem cheap and deep. As I said I am a net seller now. I don't need to buy anything and need to cull the herd now. I have several hand guns I need to sell. S&W SD9 and a Ruger P89 to name a few. With the riots and the virus many many liberal idiots see the need for guns and are buying. guns here and ammo are drying up and first time gun buyers are through the roof. I guess when push comes to shove non radical liberal idiots know that the police can not defend them against mobs of criminals when liberal idiots let them run wild.

  • LV101

    AMERICANS have to be prepared to protect their property and themselves - it's a personal responsibility. "Remember it's a personal responsibility" - I was shocked/naive hearing those words at security meeting regardless of paying exorbitant (highest) HOA fees in the land and head of security's military clearances/off the chart resume - clearances/positions and training and what he requires of employees. I wish it weren't true, but it's reality and always has been. There's quite a wait for police presence (following day many times) if you've a home invasion.

    The US is a huge country - lots of crime and with sanctuary cities and the freedom illegals have or have had it's critical to be protected. It's a beautiful, freedom-loving, country, (or was), thus the masses always in line from every corner of planet earth to come here - you can run it down (even burn it down) but odds are other countries (your country) will cry out -- dependent on our military when they need protection paid for by the American taxpayer - those terrible gun toting Americans. I don't like guns, knives, etc., but reality is brutal.

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