Riots one reason to own an AR15 and several 30 round or 100 round mags.

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  • RubaDub

    If someone breaks into your home 6 bullets are enough [?] ... Well if its a one of I would argue that I still my need more round for even just one person.

    @phoenixrising ...

    Not to pee on your parade, but a short-barrel shotgun with "00" 3 inch magnum buckshot will more than spoil the day of whoever wants to enter your house. You might as well take out more than one of them at a time with buckshot.

    Another option is to get a Federal Automatic Weapons permit and build a salt box / machine gun nest inside your home. Put on your uniform and helmet and blast away as the enemy enters.

    If some try to sneak in from behind, have a few grenades to throw out to cut down the enemy resistance.

    Just thinking about the safest approach.

  • phoenixrising

    Stan thank god you don't, I sure do. Quetzal if you call and AR15 and automatic assault rifle you have no idea what you are talking about. All these people who act like guns are the issue and don't look at their own shit hole like Londumb or other cities where crime is way high. And then you get the idiots who will call a magazine a clip, and a clip a magazine have never picked up a gun not to mention shot one. I thank god every day I don't live in shit holes like Kahns Londumb to name one. As far as a SBS you need a NFA stamp to own one, and so to with a suppressor and SBR. Which I have. I also have an FFL for those in Kahns Londumb that is a license to buy and sell guns. Now you have countries like England that are banning knives. LMAO what next no kitchen knives? Wait yes that is actually a thing. When you react to an object instead of the criminal then you are doomed to live in the dumb ass world you created.

  • Finkelstein

    I hear this from the leftist idiots all the time.

    Maybe your hearing that from just plain old fashion idiots ?

    Quetzal if you call a AR15 a automatic assault rifle you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Yes it was specifically made for wild game hunting not for killing humans in a field of warfare.

    sheesh, some people are so dumb

  • ThomasCovenant

    Are guns banned in any parts of the USA?

  • RubaDub

    Are guns banned in any parts of the USA?

    ThomasC ...

    Technically no.

    But in some States and many large cities, there are more restrictions and in some cases waiting times can be days or weeks. It all depends on what type of gun you are buying. Typically handguns are harder to get in some areas.

    But if you live in some States where people are poorly educated, think that a baseball cap is "dress clothes" and most don't go to the dentist, you can pretty much buy whatever you want at any time since they figure you probably can't understand the paperwork you are signing anyway.

  • phoenixrising

    Frank I see you also don't know what you are talking about. It amazes me how people on the left will talk about things they know nothing about as if they are in the know. You sir are not in the know. First off when Eugene Stoner created the AR it was for the company Armalite. So AR does not stand for Assault Rifle. The AR10 was created but the AR15 was designed using a 22 caliber round. It was designed by Armalite and sold licensing to Colt. A full auto version was created for the Military or more accurate a select fire and a civilian semi auto version for commercial sales. The internal parts are different from the M16 and M4 to semi auto versins.

  • krismalone

    A good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Some people only understand the language of force and strength to avoid causing harm to others.

    When you have multiple intruders or attackers, an AR-15 with high capacity will give you a fighting chance to save your family.

    It shows appreciation for life and love for family to own firearms as you can protect the lives of your loved one if the situation arises.

  • phoenixrising

    Kris most liberals don't want to know anything more than what the liberal idiots tell them to think. They can not examine a thought or idea outside their own echo chamber.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    From a British perspective it is more than worrying to hear people praising gun ownership.

    P'rising, your obsessive pride and faith in gun ownership might well lead you to using your precious chosen weapon in a confontation and it's a 50/50 chance that the other gun owning obsessive will kill you.

    No guns = no death from guns.

    Human life is paramount as is the happiness which comes from mutual peace, not peace by the law of the bullet.

  • phoenixrising

    Half, your observations is flawed and not thought out. First off you say obsession. You don't know who people are that own guns so to say they have an obsession is just a broad paint brush you are using because you don't have an argument for your position. Second no guns does not equal no gun deaths. You in the UK have been castrated so long you don't even know where your collective testicles are kept any more if they even were. There were gun bans in Ireland and that did not stop the IRA did it now. Not to mention you have a crisis with stabbings and the idiot government there has made it illegal to defend yourself against an intruder. Even your cops don't carry and that has had many problems. Its just stupid for police not to be armed. Human life is paramount is such a broad statement its meaningless. What life? Was Charlie Manson's life paramount? If someone is on top of our wife stabbing her after sexually assaulting her is that persons life paramount? All human life is not the same. Just like Murder is not killing. To kill and to murder are not always the same thing. To take a life in defense of your life or others is not murder. That criminal gave up their right to not be shot, stabbed or hit with a hammer in the head the min. they attacked someone.

    Also you are alluding to the idea that it will be the wild wild west if people have guns. I feel ten times safer in most Midwest cities than i do in Kahn's Londumb and I have been there a few times. the places in the USA that are degraded dangerous and crime shit holes are places like Minneapolis,Baltimore, Chicago, LA,Boston,NYC places that the liberal idiots have run for many years and are gun free zones. LMAO Liberals can not see how stupid their ideas are. Now we in the USA and around many parts of the world see the liberal idiots doubling down on stupid. let out criminals and don't charge them. In another shit hole city San Francisco where homeless shit on the streets and destroy while the liberal idiots that be give them cart-blanch to do so. They made it not a crime to shop lift under 800 dollars and basically told the criminals its and open city for criminal business. Being liberal is a mental disease.

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