Flat earth vs round earth

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  • kairos
    I have looked seriously at the so-called evidence for flat earth conspiracies and moon-landing conspiracies and many of the other ones.
    They are all crap.
    I just have too much self-respect to lower myself to debate them. There is no debate to be had. To believe them depends on a level of wilful ignorance that deserves ridicule.


    Have you done any of your own repeatable experiments?
    Will you?

    I have. Many times.
    I keep doing them.

    I've already told you I can prove it to you from the seashore/bay shore/ lake shore in ten minutes on a clear day.
    There's literally 1000s of videos that prove this.
    I could make my own, but then it would be on YouTube, so.... Not credible.

    I will happily meet ANYONE in person and show you.
    Open invitation until I announce otherwise.
    I might even have a better camera by then.

    ( Nikon P900 )
    Just searching that on google will point you down the rabbit hole...

    I'm actually surprised this topic took so long to appear here.
    This is old news!

  • kairos
    In short my 'side' doesn't need to present evidence because the entirety of science is the evidence. I could suggest you learn some basic planetary science but I'm sure watching a YouTube video would be a lot easier for you.

    In other words, I'd be better served if I would return to jehovah the indoctrination of 'the entirety of science' and stop asking so many questions?

    I already know the official story.

    The questions and comments posted here are clearly evidence that other than a cursory scanning of what's been posted here, you are not researching a thing.

    At the end of the day, if you are honest with yourself, you will admit that nearly everything you 'believe' or 'know to be true' is something you've just heard.

    Have you proved it for yourself or do you trust those in authority first an foremost.
    ( Insert your JW awakening experience that likely turned your whole world upside down )

  • cofty
    Have you done any of your own repeatable experiments? Will you? I have. Many times. I keep doing them. - Kairos

    Have your methodology and results scrutinised by a qualified astronomer and get back to us. Until then you are just wallowing in self-delusion.

  • _Morpheus

    Rotflmao... kiros.... dude.... why the conspiracy? Who benefits from about lying about the earths shape? Its rediculious.

  • cofty
    Have you proved it for yourself or do you trust those in authority


    There is NO authority. Scientists are in competition to overturn each other's findings.

    You are clueless. The OT is not a science book. It is a manual on how to beat slaves and murder infants.

  • kairos

    So you haven't proven anything, done any experiments or research of your own.

    ** copy that **

  • cofty

    Kairos - Have you had the methodology and results of your hundreds of experiments checked by a qualified astronomer?

    Yes or no? If not why not?

  • _Morpheus

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg!!!! I googled what the point of the flat earth conspiracy is.. get this....

    Once you read through this, you'll fully understand how such a great hoax benefits them and why it is our loss to be ignorant of it.

    The biggest lie possible is to deceive people about the very Earth under their feet, everything in the sky over their heads, and the entire cosmology/cosmogony of creation. Once you have convinced people they are living on a spinning ball-Earth hurtling around the Sun through infinite space, and only your "expert" ASTRO-NOTS get to confirm this, you have a deluded gullible public whom you can mold to your desire. Their desire is to convince us that we are only one of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets reeling through infinite space, that we were a Big Bang cosmic accident, life is meaningless, purposeless, and non-spiritual. They want you to believe extra-terrestrials exist and are your creators! The deception has been going on for 500 years now so it's much more advanced than just flat vs. round. Originally they chose a sphere instead of some other shape to lie about simply because it fits their fake model better than a square or a triangle.
    NASA is the biggest black budget black hole in existence sucking in billions of dollars taxpayer money for the fake moon landings alone. But it is about much more than just money. All governments and their "space programs" are working together (whether it be European, Chinese, Russian or any other) and are in on this "global" (New World Order) lie!
    The modern Atheist Big Bang Heliocentric Globe-Earth Chance Evolution paradigm spiritually controls humanity by removing God, or any sort of intelligent design, and replacing purposeful divine creation with haphazard random cosmic coincidence.

    By removing Earth from the motionless center of the Universe, these Freemasons have moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete atheistic and nihilistic indifference. If the Earth is the center of the Universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are resplendent. But if the Earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God, creation, and a specific purpose for Earth and human existence become highly implausible.
    By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun-worship, not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If there is no God, and everyone is just an accident, then all that really matters is me, me, me.
    Their rich, powerful corporations with slick Sun-cult logos sell us idols to worship, slowly taking over the world while we tacitly believe their "science", vote for their puppet politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, and watch their movies, sacrificing our souls at the altar of materialism.
    Our eyes and experience tell us the Earth is flat and motionless, and everything in the sky revolves around us. When we cease to believe our own eyes and experience, we must prostrate ourselves at the feet of the very pseudo-scientists who blinded us, to treat them as "experts", astronomical "priests" who have special knowledge only they can access, like the Hubble telescope. By brainwashing us about something so gigantic and fundamental, it makes every other kind of lesser indoctrination a piece of cake!
    Earth being the flat, fixed center of the Universe, around which everything in the heavens revolves, denotes a special importance and significance not only to the Earth, but to us humans, the most intelligent among the Intelligent Designer's designs. By turning Earth into a spinning ball thrown around the Sun and shot through infinite space from a Godless Big Bang, they turn humanity into a random meaningless, purposeless accident of a blind, dumb universe! It's trauma-based mind-control! They beat the spirituality out of us with their mental manipulations.
    And the end-game of this deception is world domination which they plan on ushering in, based on a fake alien invasion like in ID4
    Twentieth-century man, in his boundless arrogance, sees himself as the highest expression of evolution...His "science" is essentially a belief-system akin to a religion, backed up by lots of faith, a few brazen lies, a bit of legerdemain and very little solid proof. It even has its own Inquisition, euphemistically referred to as "academia". It might be more accurate to call this system "Scientism". A case in point is Darwin's Theory of Evolution for which there is not the slightest shred of evidence but woe to you if you confess to be a non-believer! Doubting the Theory of Evolution is almost as bad and sinful as doubting the sacred (Zionist propagated) Holocaust! Shame on you! And off with your head!
    ...... When an agency like NASA comes along and starts claiming (capital S) "Science says this, and Science says that", it is no different than the Pope or any other false preacher saying "God says this, and God says that."
    The scientific method is a wonderful tool, though incomplete in itself because it can only confirm or deny repeatable, empirical evidence. Yet there are many things that are 100% real, but not physically tangible/testable or easily repeatable under laboratory conditions. So the scientific method can be a wonderful tool for discovering truth, but at the same time, "Capital S infallible Science" is a wonderful tool for brainwashing.
    The occult/hermetic principle known as "As Above, So Below", goes back at least as far as the ancient Egyptian Hermes Trismegistus, whom the Masons and Occultists of all kinds revere...

    Holy crap they are wackadoodle!!!!!!!! They hit all the low points....including zionists!!!! Wow!!!
  • cofty


    Speechless. No words. It hurts. Brain cells dying. Pity of derision?

    Just noticed the Jew-hating holocaust denying filth that is also part of this despicable worldview.

  • cofty

    I've made my mind up.

    This cult of paranoia is not laughable after all. It is hateful and despicable.

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