Flat earth vs round earth

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  • cofty
    I do not claim to be an expert in cosmology.

    That's obvious.

    CNN is part of the establishment.


    You think CNN is an authority on cosmology? Do you have the slightest clue how science works?

    Do you understand peer-review? Do you know how wealthy and famous an astronomer would become if he could provide a shred of evidence for a flat earth that could stand up to scrutiny?

    What do you think the establishment it?

    That question isn't in English.

  • cofty

    My friend's son is doing research in Antarctica right now.

    Shit is he part of the conspiracy?

  • cofty

    Captain - you do realise that all this flat earth bullshit is predicated on a painfully literal interpretation of the Old Testament don't you? You know, the book that promotes slavery and genocide.

  • captaingrl

    slow down cofty lol.

    CNN is not a source to rely upon when it comes to cosmology. However, CNN is part of the establishment and full of distortions and incredibly biased reporting.

  • captaingrl
    You know, the book that promotes slavery and genocide.

    here you go again, attacking the source with your favorite soundbite...

    wake up and think for yourself!

  • cofty
    attacking the source

    Of course.

    Flat earthers like Kairos begin with a literal interpretation of the OT and then go to extraordinary lengths to make the world fit their Iron Age cosmology.

    Where else to begin?

    Please stop with the dumb insults at the end of every post. It's so fucking boring.

  • captaingrl
    Please stop with the dumb insults at the end of every post. It's so fucking boring

    attacking the source and f-bombs. hilarious.

  • cofty

    No point in wasting any more time with you.

    There should be a rule against allowing young teens to join the forum and disrupt adult conversations.

  • freddo

    captaingrl wrote:

    "I say, debate ideas on their merit. For years we were told that Russia was our enemy by the MSM. Then we learn Russia helped expose Hillary Rotten Clinton and defeated ISIS in Syria. Yet if you say so you are still ridiculed by some people."

    I thought Russia was on America's side decades ago - couldn't have defeated Adolf so easily without 'em.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    CaptainGrl and Kairos -

    There are accusations of a lack of evidence based argumentation coming from the 'side' that does not think the Earth is flat.

    Perhaps you could tell me what evidence you want.

    - You don't want photos because they have been doctored.

    - You don't want video because it would have been faked.

    - You don't care about fundamental physics despite that explaining sufficiently why the Earth would be a globe.

    - You don't offer anything substantial (i.e. what physical aspect of the universe would cause the Earth to be flat whilst everything else in the universe over a certain size is a globe) that I can consider.

    - You don't believe testimony from astronauts who have been out into space and seen the Earth is a globe.

    - You believe people who haven't seen the Earth's flatness with their own eyes.

    - You can't explain how such a well resourced organisation (it's a world wide conspiracy involving millions of people!) makes stupid mistakes like in the photos you present above: Controlling people - YES! Double checking press releases - Opps...

    In short my 'side' doesn't need to present evidence because the entirety of science is the evidence. I could suggest you learn some basic planetary science but I'm sure watching a YouTube video would be a lot easier for you.

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