It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Diogenesister

    Kristy's video said he was married on a beach in Croatia (which he may have been) however did he marry after he "fled" to Croatia? Don't want to get my facts wrong, here. Would you happen to know RaymondFrantz? I'm trying to write something about narcissism, high levels of porn fixation & infidelity with prostitutes being highly correlated (tied in with that letter the gob shite wrote)

    NB I want to do something but I'm useless with video. I have ideas and I'd like to go over this letter because it shows his cruelty and narcissistic nature in full. It also demonstrates he makes a tidy living from his "job". If anyone wants to put something together that's concise as I said I will narrate to add another voice (I'll author it too but the video bit is beyond me. I do have a quite a powerful computer to hand though).

  • TonusOH

    Another batch, still trying to limit it to relevant items:

    Page 30 Post 5: Screencap of an Evans tweet where he confirms that the pictures of him snuggling a woman are legit, and that Dijana shared them with another person. Claims the woman is in her 20s and not a sex worker.

    (Relevant, since Evans later claimed to have dated a sex worker in Thailand, which means that these pics would be of a different woman.)

    Page 31 Post 8: Photo of excerpt from Evans's book, where he describes how Dijana learned that he was "involved in cybersex with a girl" he met online.

    (Now that I think of it, excerpts from his book are also useful. But that would require reading through it, and that it difficult to do in anything other than very small chunks.)

    Page 37 Post 5: Text of a 2/9/2022 PDF Evans uploaded to JWWatch regarding Kim's 'attack.' This might be the first mention that he is initiating 'legal action.'

    Page 42 Post 9: Screencap of a Facebook post by "Marko Petrovic" accusing Evans of being a pederast. Has anyone confirmed this person's ID? Both Evans and Dijana, as far as I know, disavow any knowledge of him.

    Page 46 Post 2: Screencap of a statement by Javier Ortiz regarding Evans and the TTATT documentary.

    Page 46 Post 8: Text of a statement by Mark O'Donnell.

    Page 51 Post 9: Screencap of statement by Kim Silvio.

    Page 65 Post 10: Screencap of an Evans tweet where he states "if you ask for money for a specific reason, you spend it accordingly or you give it back."

  • pr0ner


    Have you thought about just asking him?

  • TonusOH

    I think it's worthwhile (important, even) to sort things out so that we know which items are confirmed and which are not. There are some that I am convinced are legit, but cannot prove (or haven't seen them confirmed). That doesn't mean we bury the stuff that isn't confirmed, just that we mark it in some way. Let people see what is what and make up their own minds. When you go through all of the evidence, I think people will find many of the unconfirmed items believable.

    Remember, someone does not have to believe it all 100%. There are likely to be many people who will see all of the evidence, sort it out, and decide that they cannot support him with their money... even if they don't believe the worst stuff. Just knowing that it might be true could be enough to get them to support someone else, instead. I think people are starting to understand that they don't owe him a living, and that other exJWs are able to produce content with little or no monetary support. If the work is that important, he can get it done without tens of thousands of Euro in annual donations.

    A note to those potential supporters: don't be drawn in by any arguments outside of that. The plain question is, do you feel comfortable sending him money? Any attempt to distract or deflect from this should be seen as another reason to answer "no."

  • ForeverAlone
    This is insane to me, believing in something so important based on virtually nothing other than "it sounds like him" and some of you having "a confirmed source".

    To us here on this forum who know that the "source" is indeed telling the truth on this one is not the target audience that we need to try to convince that this letter is indeed true and accurate. We here know that it is true. All I am saying is that we be careful of putting something on the blog/post/video etc.. of the 100% true stuff that is coming out of Lloyds own mouth with something that could potentially "sully" the whole thing. I can just hear the flying monkeys now. "This whole thing is made up! Look at that letter!"

    I know it to be true. We know it to be true. I trust our "inside source" but the others who have wanted/want to "character assassinate" this source is going to be very wary of anything we put out without good enough proof to verify the source of the letter.

    Still the "10th man".

  • TonusOH

    I just want to point out that I'm not concerned with what the 'flying monkeys' think. There are people who will never abandon him and will find fault with any criticism while finding excuses for any of his faults. We know that there are people who will always love him and people who will always hate him. The people I think will benefit from a clear presentation of info are the great many who are in between, the ones who have money to donate and are looking for a valid recipient, but who have personal standards that must be met.

    We've seen at least one video from one of those people, who was one of his biggest supporters in terms of money. He stopped supporting Evans because he could not do so after seeing the livestream and deciding that the person that Evans admitted to being was someone he could not support with his dollars. That's the person that needs to be reached.

  • slimboyfat

    If anyone still supports him after watching the livestream they need their head examined. Everything else like these letters are interesting - and shocking, but superfluous. We know they’re real because Kim is in a position to know and says they are real. Others are welcome to their own opinion, it doesn’t make any difference in view of his own video “confession”.

    I suspect the vast majority of his new patrons have not seen his livestream. I know there are a handful of whacky individuals who defend him in full knowledge of livestream (absurdly gleefully, it seems) but they are surely a minority.

    That’s probably why LE was very vague about the so-called “defamation” in his latest videos - because he doesn’t want to altert new people to his livestream video. He might have secured a partial recovery in patrons, but it’s based on a lie that could explode under him at any time and he knows it. That’s why he so careful to be vague.

  • Whateveryousay
    We know they’re real because Kim says they are real

    That's not how proof works. Are you really that gullible? Also, how would KIm even know? It's a private letter, if LE or Dijana shared it with someone then great, that person should come forward and say it's real. If not, it's fake and that's it. That's how proof works, something is real or fake and you need tangible proof to say something is real. Kim says they're real, based on what? I say that Yetis are real, and at this moment I have provided just as much proof as Kim.

    Also, pr0ner, why would I ask him? He's not the one claiming they're real or not real. Whoever has proof they're real needs to come forward with actual evidence, until they do this is just some letter that any of us could've made up. I can't believe I need to explain basic logic here, are you guys the type to believe anything someone say, because if you are I have some magic beans to sell you.

  • slimboyfat

    Kim knows because Dijana sent them to her. So she’s is in a position to say they are real. You are LE aren’t you? Are you using one of those things that disguise your location? You’ve got the same unmistakable stamina for pumping out poo that LE does. And don’t bother telling me I can’t prove it. I’m not interested. Work your magic excrement on somebody who gives a.

  • pr0ner

    Because YOU are the one who doesn't view Kim authenticating it as a good source. So if YOU don't believe the source we do then it is up to YOU to authenticate it in a way YOU will believe it. My assumption was this would be only if Lloyd or Dijana authenticated it. So it's up to YOU to ask him.

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