It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • pr0ner


    You're ignoring that the source is reliable. I'll buy the magic beans if I knew for a fact working magic beans had been sold before.

  • Whateveryousay

    Lol, can Kim please say my magic beans are real so I can sell them to you? Anyone who has basic critical thinking skills wouldn't believe this but you people are so mad at Evans that you would believe literally anything as long as it's against him. No wonder you fell for those grooming emails, which were so painfully fake that a kid would see right through them. And I love how anyone who doesn't blindly believe the crap that gets posted here is immediately accused of being LE. Yeah, I'm LE because I want actual proof. Hope the sarcasm is coming through my message.

    Also, where is the proof Kim was sent the letter? Nowhere that I can see, but you are all so blinded by rage that you can't stop for a second and think "wait, maybe we do need actual proof before going on a rampage?".

  • Simon

    Lloyd / Lloyds Monkey - Fuck off!

    If that source isn't posting anything that's false and has been given access to the letter by LE or Dijana then why not just come out and say who they are and how they got access to the letters. The only person who would hide is someone who's afraid of being sued for spreading lies.

    Totally Lloyd, always the same: "I demand to know who you are" followed by "to the litigation mobile!"

    Doing your own anonymous attempt at defence by spreading FUD is all you have left, you loser.

    What are the chances someone not-Lloyd or not-connected-with Lloyd just happens to be posting from Zagreb and has an email address that makes reference to the name "marko"? Stop trying to make out you're some "independent thinker" that just happens to watch some of his videos.

    No wonder you fell for those grooming emails, which were so painfully fake that a kid would see right through them

    You're suddenly also very keen to throw in claims that those are fake too, after we know the latest messages you also claim to be fake have been confirmed to be real? I'm not sure someone who "knew" they were fake would be quite so concerned about them - this convinces me more that they are likely real.

    Q: Are you a rapist or friends with a rapist?

  •  Debra

    Oh go away whateveryousay

    It's funny how Lloyd refuses to answer when asked exactly how much it costs per month to run his channel, he deletes that question everytime its asked, he says hell only be able to put out two videos a month unless he gets more money, but won't say how much it costs I wonder why

  • 144thousand_and_one

    "We know they’re real because Kim says they are real"

    That's not how proof works. Are you really that gullible?

    Actually that is how proof works. Documents are authenticated by individuals on a daily basis in courts around the world. The individual(s) authenticating the documents are not required to be the authors. Are you really that ignorant?

  • Toblerone5
    I'm a pink gorilla with orange pigtails that likes to eat turnips

    You mean your not ? ForeverAlone if I may , The guy went on Youtube for more than an hour saying he see's Prostitutes ,and his devoted flying monkey's Still found excuses for him , told him We Love you Lloyd ! At this point ,Lloyd ,himself could go on Youtube , Patreon, National T.V confirming that YES I did wrote that letter and .they would still support him, find excuses , say I will pay for you to come to my house so you can have a break Lloyd! So at this point I don't give a &^^%$ what they think! As long as WE all know ,US ,that the letter is real (which i never doubted for one minute ) I'm good!And so should you. This thread is for honest people who Really want to know what we all have to say about Mister Evans , and then they can make there own opinion if they want to believe us or not . If they choose to agree with us ,good our job is done. But if they don't that's o.k. too (by the way I'm not mad at you , I always like to read your post.) So don't worry about what is Worshippers are believing , or saying ,they want to follow "THAT" ?Go ahead make my day! I will be on this forum ,in the little left corner , enjoying reading all you all have to say , liking your comments , when i agree with you and when I don't I just Keep it to myself, it's a Canadian thing , cause I respect your opinion even if you are WRONG ,but I will not argue with you about it . But In private , I may or may not have swear like a French drunken sailor ,on some of some people post...(not you ForeverAlone) We all know who I'm talking about

    what ever ...That's what I say...

  • Jehalapeno

    The only way certain people will trust that the Lloyd/Dijana correspondence is real is if Lloyd or Dijana come out and confirm it in some way.

    Just as with Kim's original whistleblowing, there were many, including myself, that did not believe the allegations until Lloyd jumped on livestream and confirmed everything she said on camera.

    I learned from that experience to trust Kim S. as a source.


    Re: the so-called "Becca" emails, I still err on the side of being publicly skeptical until I have more definitive evidence that those screenshots were real.

    I have a "gut" feeling as to the question of their authenticity, but I'm not willing to publicly say one way or another they are authentic, even if I'm anonymous on this forum.

    There are plenty of other verifiable facts that have come out about Lloyd in the last 18 months that show who he truly is as a person.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    It's always "proof proof proof" with these people. Then when you bring them the proof, they look at ways to nick away at the authenticity and even the intentions of the whistleblower. We had a conversation not long ago regarding his financials which were downloaded from the Croatian government website. Some didn't even want to believe those.

    So it's always "proof", as in Lloyd Evans going up on his channel with his passport opened to the picture page and saying, "Yes. I did indeed send that email to Dijana".

    Ever notice that whatever Lloyd says doesn't have to be backed up by proof? They are "criminal defendants" he tells us! But he shows us no proof other than he filed a lawsuit against them. No proof of service, no proof that the Croatian court is actually pursuing this. He's broke but provides no proof to the patrons he manipulated other than his word. And as we can see and as his wife has told us, he is a habitual liar. And his balance sheet at the end of 2022 proves he's lying.

    As a reminder, the "source" or one of them gave us this:

    Take a good look at that picture and how fuzzy and pixilated it is. This came from DIJANA. Only other person who had access to it. Lloyd also confirmed it was real in a tweet. Looks to me that she took a pic from her phone of the iCloud pics which were loaded onto her computer.

    So I think we can establish that Dijana leaked a lot of information, both verbal and tangible evidence to parties outside her marriage. That email is one such example. But sorry, we'll never get either party to ever come out and confirm it. We had the next closest thing - a known associate and confidant of Dijana who says it is genuine. Meaning of course that she has seen it and it indeed came from Dijana.

  • Simon
    The only way certain people will trust that the Lloyd/Dijana correspondence is real is if Lloyd or Dijana come out and confirm it in some way.

    Those people can't think logically.

    I learned from that experience to trust Kim S. as a source.

    Exactly. Kim has verified they are genuine. This doesn't mean Kim leaked them, it means Kim was sent them by Dijana at some point so is able to confirm their authenticity. It doesn't mean Kim had to be the only recipient of them so she is able to confirm they are genuine without being the leaker.

    Simple logic.

    And neither Lloyd or Dijana can accuse anyone of leaking anything without also confirming they are genuine. Which is why there is silence from them, and they have to resort to making anonymized attempts to claim they are fake and to spread doubt.

    The messages have been confirmed. They are real. Anonymous accounts claiming they are not are either Lloyd or people associated with him (like his loyal little lap-dog Tibor).

  • Toblerone5
    I would respectfully suggest you go to the trouble of studying it for years and gaining a diploma before dishing out diagnoses.

    Well if she ever do that , she could write , an entire Thesis just on Your Obsession with your Penis .

    She could graduate with honors just with that research paper alone !.then , She could write a book ...Give conference ... Do a documentary film about that ... a TED TALK... Mister Evans...

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