It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • DerekMoors

    Here's another xJW with a book out:

    Her book was published by a subsidiary of Penguin Books, a real publisher. That's their UK YouTube channel, with 234,000 subscribers and 70,000 views so far.

    Maybe it's just me but it seems like there have been more and more xJWs going public with their stories in the last few years alone, and getting real attention from legit publishers, news agencies, etc.

    So, not only does no one want Lloyd around anymore, no one needs him around.

    He's also down to 438 patrons. Yes I know it will probably bump up a few in the next couple of days but he is still losing more support every month.

    Having a good day Lloyd?

  • ForeverAlone

    @ozziepost Thanks for the links to those articles! There are 7 or 8 different articles relating to the human trafficking problem that are very good reads. I have only read 3 so far of those but I feel I need to comment on what I have read so far.

    The more I read those articles the madder I get at people like Lloyd Evans. He, and other like him, are what is keeping these creeps in business. I feel that if they forget about the top tier individuals and go after the little guys, like Lloyd, they would make more of a dent in resolving this issue. The top tier guys are almost untouchable. They can pay off officials, as recounted in one of the articles, an official being "bought" to look the other way and help them with rorting visas. Go for the money they cannot control, the money still in the little guy's pocket before they pay for sex. Concentrate arresting the "Johns" and that money never flows to the top tier people in these crime organizations.

    It takes years or even decades, as stated, to build a case against the top "bosses" when it just takes a cop being out on the street night after night catching "Johns" trying to pick up known prostitutes. One of the problems with prosecuting the "bosses" is that the victims are scared to testify against them, and rightly so they should be scared. The evidentiary threshold is so high when going after these "bosses" as well. Prosecuting "Johns" does not require the testimony of known prostitutes, so they are never in harm's way.

    One thing I hated reading about, but it is 100% true, is it stated that these victims are not there willingly and are essentially being raped over and over again every time they have sex for money. I knew this internally but seeing it in writing and thinking about those poor victims just intensified the anger in me. Lloyd Evans in essentially a rapist and he commits rape every time he has sex with a prostitute!

    I will read the rest of the articles later when my anger has gone down a bit.

  • Parzival


    Let's make a little desk plaque for Evans:
    Private Prosecutor

    I am sure he prosecutes his privates regularly

  • ozziepost


    This issue made prime time news here yesterday with an interview with Australia’s Foreign Minister discussing the issue.

  • vienne

    I have mixed feelings about agony books. I'm not a Witness, never was, but I have relatives who are. None of those I know have left, though a grand uncle I never knew did. [He was by all accounts a very disreputable man, and I understand why family more or less disowned him,] I understand that leaving is difficult because it cuts off valued associations, even family. But I don't know that agony books influence the still adherent.

    Another issue for me is truthfulness. Some are obviously omitting key elements. I think that's true of the 'historic' books such as Schnell's. We all like to see ourselves as the hero [or anti-hero] of our own life. So we are automatically selective. One of the "I left" narratives I've read is by Charlotte Jennings. My granduncle knew the Jennings family, and though reluctant to tell me about them in great detail, added enough to alter the narrative. And I understand why she would leave out those personal details. So while I read them, they do not influence my personal theology, and many of them - Lloyd's is an example - are repellant.

    Do I want them to go away? No. Writing is a way of 'cleansing' the soul, so to speak. If someone needs to do that, forge ahead! From an academic viewpoint, they must be read with caution, and note that they are 'preaching to the choir.' I reject the notion voiced by some academics, that the narratives of former adherents have little to no value. But I've read enough of them to conclude that often the value is very limited, and there are cases of 'false narrative,' where the writer claims to have been a Witness but in reality was not.

    I'm rambling, aren't I? It's a family trait. Uncle B has a collection of Russell and Rutherford era opposition books and booklets. He quotes from them in Separate Identity, both published volumes. [You really should read these books.] No balanced history can ignore opposition narratives So, while I see them as "iffy", I would never suggest to anyone to not read them.


  • ForeverAlone

    I think vienne posted on the wrong thread.

  • vienne

    F'Alone, see DerekMoors' post above.

  • ForeverAlone

    @vienne I totally missed that post. We were writing at the same time, I guess. Our posts are only 9 minutes apart and when mine posted I did not even see that post. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I want to watch that video.

  • Vintage

    Hi Parzival. I'm Vintage, the resident "straightman" here on this Thread. I only got 2 "likes" for my original post, but you got 5 for elaborating on my post. And I've filled this "straightman" niche a couple of times before. My poor little comments go almost unacknowledged, and then Vroom! ,... my dull little comment becomes fodder for a whole comedic screenplay. I'm the Dean Martin to your Jerry Lewis. Oh, I forgot. Nobody here knows who Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were. Never mind. Keep up the good work.

  • Diogenesister
    LMsA €56,000 in damages requires a lot of disclosure that he’s in no way ever going to allow for the simple fact that it would prove how much he’s been fleecing this community.

    I know people (rightly) get fed up with me repeating myself but this quote of LMsA REALLY bears repeating

    €56,000? That’s more than what most of his patrons earn in a year.

    And this.

    It really is the WT's all about the money.

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