It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    with Arthur Weber who was never a JW

    Classic example of the blind manipulation. If only Arthur knew what lloyd used to say about him behind his back. Another red flag that I should have picked up on. Seems Arthur’s ok to use again when he has no other options ….

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    It won't sustain.

    Probably won't. For every newbie who fell for this, there will be a few long-time patrons who were there for his 380 Patron goal that made grandiose promises of "travelling to diverse locations" to film videos and documentaries, organise meetups and promotional events and a TED Talk. None of which he has done last year, even when he had more than 500, 600, 700 Patrons. I would think those people who actually thought they were getting something permanent at 380 are feeling a bit betrayed as he's threatening to scale the channel back even at 30 over that benchmark.

    Still, it must be a nice feeling that even when he's short of cash and a week away from payday, all it takes are a series of tweets that all but threaten to ditch the channel altogether to get several hundred dollars' worth of tax-free PayPal infusions.

    Even after showing absolutely no remorse for taking a sex holiday on the donors' money, he's still able to summon up some quick cash for doing absolutely nothing more than being a greedy little prick.

  • Simon
    Every other lyric could be used to describe his feelings growing up as a JW, but the part about "tell me you're like this with every other man" to me is a giveaway that it's not. It's directed towards a romantic partner or interest.

    Maybe it's about his Thai "girlfriend, and that he's devastated that she didn't "love him long time" like she promised, and after he left she immediately got another "boyfriend".

    it must be a nice feeling that even when he's short of cash and a week away from payday, all it takes are a series of tweets that all but threaten to ditch the channel altogether to get several hundred dollars' worth of tax-free PayPal infusions

    I’m sure many people would like the same facility in their lives. The sad reality is this - some of the people who contribute to lloyd have more week that funds left on a regular basis and don’t realise how much money he has made and think that his need is greater than theirs 😞

  • Simon

    TL;DR version of his tweets:

    "Give me money NOW or else I give up my failing 'work'"

    Who can pas up on that offer?!? (apart from everyone with a brain or moral compass)

  • Toblerone5

    Somebody on twitter just post this :joy:

  • Simon

    From his begging:

    "PayPal (most urgent)"

    My first thought was "wow, I never knew hookers accepted PayPal ..."

    I'm guessing it's more todo with payout time or taxes though?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    So a little birdy landed on my shoulder today and related an impromptu lunch date she had with a cedar tree from the forum. I’m afraid he’s not doing too well today. He accused this little birdy of being a member of the Silvio Mob! I must confess that I prefer the term “Silvio Crime Family”. It sounds more inclusive… and Italian! I love Pasta Napoletana!

    Oh yes back to the bird. She finally got the elusive answer regarding the sex worker date in Thailand! Want to see? Come and drink life’s water-free….

  • TonusOH

    He sounded more like "I'm in rough financial shape, so here is where you can donate. Mind you, I'm not suggesting you should send me money, no way! But if you were inclined, you can send it to me here. But really, I'm not asking for money, you don't need to send any! But here's where you can send me money. Honest, I'm not asking for money! But still..."

    And those Thai hookers are an incredible deal! How much "dating" can you get if you buy them a meal? Was it an expensive dinner? Is there a sliding scale? Do you only get a handjob if you buy her a burger and fries?

    Poor Lloyd, he can't even abandon his family for a few "dinner dates" in Thailand without being forced to read accusatory tweets from the Silvo Mob. It's almost enough to drive a man back home to his wife and kids!

    More copy paste lies from Silvio.

    Hmmm….can someone please explain to me exactly when I said he paid for sex in Thailand? Read my initial statement. Then listen to every interview that I’ve ever done. As far as I’m aware lloyd only went to Thailand once so I clearly wasn’t speaking about Thailand in my statement.

    Fun fact. Lloyd was in Thailand.

    Then read his Facebook statement. I think you will find that it was actually Lloyd who said he had sex with sex workers in Thailand. Quite frankly I’ve had about enough of his bullshit and lies.

    And also, my name is Kim. I don’t have any friends or relatives that call me Silvio. Lloyd has never called me Silvio prior to this. Does this make him feel powerful or does he do this to make me look like a criminal?

    The only good thing about him calling me out is the fact that this no longer generates a visit from his flying monkeys. Small win I guess 😒

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