It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • dehek

    Thank you Kim, we all have to proceed with caution because we don't know people state of mind, and I certainly am not without sin. Sorry again x

    "THE VIDEO" To my surprise, the video got some traction, so I did rename the title so I could promote a Facebook EXJW page. Not sure about editing the comments but I do that with a lot of my videos I'm always editing the descriptions and updating them as things change. I don't even know what comments are in the current video probably some links to the Facebook page I was promoting at the time or something like that. (I should have a look before I post to but I can't be bothered) I'm sure someone will point it out!

    When I left the Jehovah's Witness religion, I lived thinking I will never feel guilty about anything I wanted to do in my life again, so my comments to Lloyd was basically do what you like and don't feel judged.

    However Mmmmm ethically a married man sleeping with prostitutes not a good look, and broadcasting it to 100,000 subscribers probably not the best idea just saying, but in the modern world some people don't have sexual relations with their partners and they can have an open marriage. And IF that's the arrangement he had with his wife, which we/I were not privy to, my Danny reasoning was live your own life and be your own judge as I was sick of being judged for every action I did.

    At that time I was not privy.

    • Travelling to Thailand on patrons money
    • Sleeping with underaged prostitutes?
    • More than one at the same time perhaps?
    • The comment that stuck in my head "where I put my penis is no one else's concern"
    • Having a history of it
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    I'm sure there's more bullet points, I don't really know to be honest I shouldn't of got involved. But what are Warren's nest it's turned into. It's certainly got the conversation going. BOOM BOOM The stupid things he's done since like sending letters out to everybody claiming he's going to sue them because they watch the video he produced just crazy.

    My hidden agenda, I wanted to interview Lloyd Evans but he wouldn't even reply to me or acknowledge I existed so are used to watch his interviews and follow the people that were on his channel and ask them to come onto my podcast.

    As I said in my previous message it wasn't until I interviewed one lady with some bright red hair and she gave me the background of Mr Evans he's not a good boy. I joined in on a few Zoom meetings with the ex-JW community was the first time and that I had spoken to other EXJW, who had gone through the same journey as I had publicly well on Zoom that is.

    We don't need one person representing this community, collectively we can all do our own part I love the fact that I looked at one video just yesterday of one girl (Angela) telling her story after being a pioneer for 10 years sitting in her car on her lunch break, telling us her real heartfelt story and she had over 16,000 people view her video. maybe if I was pretty I would get that many views on my videos. I might get some make up...

    isn't that what it's all about, we all have a voice and we can all speak out, weather we put our foot in our mouth's incorrectly at the start like I did, In time we will get better at this. No one's voice needs not to be heard we all play a part bringing down this shit show of an organisation.

    The real good thing is that we can all do our part and create a YouTube channel exposing this horrible religion that has caused terrible things to so many people for so many years and now we can at least make them accountable.

    Once again I love Kim and Mikey's approach they take the piss out of this organisation I'm busy taking the piss out of Ponzi scheme promoters how can we take anything they say seriously it's just a joke they're out for their own selfish game we can expose them.

  • dehek

    I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander), with a Dutch name. My real father was actually called Bruce Charlesworth, he was a bloody Aussie. When he left my mum found the religion. When I was seven years of age my mum married for the second time she married my stepfather Robert de Hek he was from Holland.

    Robert de Hek took his own life when I was nine years of age let's blame the Jehovah's Witnesses for that, .the two years that he was in my life they never actually legally changed my name. When I was 15 years of age I went to open a bank account they told me I had to use my legal name not my given name.

    So I changed it to Danny de Hek the good thing about it there's no own the domain name

  • MeanMrMustard

    Alright. I have to admit that I've been away. So quick update question: Did this dingus, through the magical school bus law firm, file any sort public complaint / document yet?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Did this dingus, through the magical school bus law firm, file any sort public complaint / document yet?

    Depends on what you mean. If you mean his previous promise to make the "evidence" available to the public, he had cowered away from that like the coward he is.

    I say "coward" because he loves to call people that who don't give him their real name and addresses. I also call him Jabba the Hutt because he loves Star Wars, doesn't like being called that, and is fat, disgusting and greedy.

    The only thing he made public were the filings which pointed to "evidence" which he has yet to provide.

    And he's backed away from that promise as mentioned like he never made it in the first place.

    "It's not my job to provide you the evidence! You are a criminal defendant, and I suggest you retain the services of a talented Croatian lawyer!" was pretty much the summation of his last rant in response to "where's the evidence you promised".

    Oooo that would scare the fuck out of me. "Get a Croatian lawyer" has to rank up there next to "The Greenland Police would like to see what's in your fishing net, sir!"

    If you are asking for updates, the last filing was by himself on 14 November 2022.

    Coincidentally, he's been doing a lot of things "by himself" this year.

  • Vintage

    Thanks, annihilator, for providing the “time line” context I requested. I see that he wrote that quite a while back. On the second quote of dehek that you provided, I adamantly disagree with him, especially the second paragraph. Here’s the quote I refer to:

    27 minutes ago
    Thank you for posting a comment if you’re going to throw some mud I think you need to be prepared to interact with the people, rather than hiding after causing so much mayhem.

    I can’t speak for you but I can say we’re all screwed up and I think Lloyd has done his fair share of work and I honestly don’t care what he does with the money, it’s none of our business in fact it probably be a pretty awesome guy to go out and have a beer with! Maybe not in Thailand I might get myself in trouble”


    (annililator commented...)

    The above 2 quotes are the words of DANNY : DE HEK


    Danny, I’m not ignoring your sincere apology to Kim. But ...

    * you said, “...we’re all scr**** up”. No, we aren’t. I’m not.

    * you said, “... I honestly don’t care what he does with the money, it’s none of our business.” I care when I witness a case of misuse of funds.

    I’ve worked hard to learn to think straight. I did money transfers, including fraud investigation for over ten years. Also, I believe that serial adultery makes a man NOT a “pretty awesome guy to go out and have a beer with”.

    Having said that, I hope you enjoy the companionship provided by this forum.

  • Thisismein1972

    Okay. before this turns into a flame war let's give a person the benefit of the doubt. As I said, we can all change. I was just like Lloyd Evans (minus prozzies and ladyboys) It took a traumatic event to make me realize I was a piece of shit.

    Lloyd may never come to this realization, but those who worshiped the ground he walked on can, and do come to the realization that Lloyd is not exactly the saint they think he is. Even if Lloyd does begin to see the error of his ways, it will take a very long time for people to believe him as he's already done a lot of damage in the exJW community that cannot be undone.

    Lloyd may never come to this realization

    Based on what I’ve seen in the last 10+ months, I think the above quote is quite accurate. I don’t believe he will ever change. He doesn’t want to.

  • ForeverAlone
    Okay. before this turns into a flame war let's give a person the benefit of the doubt. As I said, we can all change.

    I agree with Thisismein1972. We have all made mistakes and then changed our minds later on. Just because DE KEK was pro Lloyd in the beginning does not give us the right to judge him now.

    Also let's not lose focus on what this thread is about, James Lloyd Evans.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Someone criticized us for saying his recording of cart crashing in Croatia was illegal... I doubt we will get an apology from that person. Right from the jackass's own mouth

  • lloydevansparody
    recording of cart crashing in Croatia was illegal...

    Kim, it's become illegal without permit for businesses quite recently February 2022. Don't know when that filming happened. x

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