It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • usualusername1

    If you go after Kim you go after me too!


    If you go after Kim you go after me too!

    That’s very kind of you x

  • dehek

    Hello ALL, just like to give a little bit of background in regards to Lloyd Evans. I only really became an activist against the Jehovah's Witness organisation probably around about 3-5 years ago. Though I've been out of it since the age of 23 and I'm now 52. So i'm the new skid on the jocks.

    He did seem to be the only one able to stick it to the Jehovah's Witnesses so I'll be honest I was a big fan of his research specially when he took the tour through Bethel that was the first video I actually watched of his. But I never read into the politics, didn't know he had a hate club, like most of us we've had enough politics in our lives.

    When I originally saw Kim's post on her YouTube channel (I think it was Youtube) it was a bit of a shock and took some time to process. You couldn't comment and there's absolutely no chance of anyone be able to comment or give feedback and this is what I questioned her about, she simply said she didn't care what people said.

    Even though it may upset a few people I don't think this was the right way of name and shaming on him for whatever reason.

    It took a long time before the truth actually come out. It is now fair to say Kim is a hero for speaking out. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I'm not going to judge anyone for their actions even though I did at the time. And the only disclaimer I could have as I didn't see the original post on Reddit.

    My apologies to Kim, and to be honest I don't have ANY respect for Lloyd Evans and I can't stand watching his videos anymore and if you read other comments I have posted he's just a YouTuber who found a niche and now there's other people who have an opportunity to expose this organisation. I've done numerous post to him explaining he's done good in the pass at giving it to the Satan like organisation, but I also think it's time for him to find a new occupation maybe a window cleaner?

    Let's take it a step further I cringe when I watches videos.

    Here's the video in question I posted I think it speaks for itself.

    I've interviewed quite a few X Jehovah's Witnesses and there was one I interviewed that helped explain everything to me in Laymans terms I don't always comprehend everything I read, that's another story for another day anyway I didn't want to leave this post without reply, I wanted to put my two cents in.


    Thank you for your reply. Upon reviewing your video I do remember it now.

    I respect everyone’s right to an opinion, about me, how I disclosed, what I said, the words I used and whether or not I should have used any words at all.

    I put information out so that everyone could make an informed decision for themself.

    That time was very stressful and upon reflection I too would handle the situation differently. I did the best I could at that time and have to be at peace knowing it was my best.

    I remember feeling quite upset when this video came out as I was being attacked from every angle at the time and was doing my best to try and answer peoples questions, to be understanding and patient.

    The fact that this conversation happened and immediately produced into a video unsettled me and I remember feeling as though I couldn’t trust anyone, which made me feel very alone.

    I am very open and honest about my mental health, am well medicated and have had extensive therapy - 99% of this journey being completed before this year. My disclosure had nothing to do with my mental state.

    Being concerned for someone’s mental state and immediately posting that conversation on YouTube probably isn’t in the “how to behave when you’re concerned for someone’s mental state” guide book.

    I will close by saying that remembering this video has upset me. It reminds me of the period of time that I would like to forget.

    I have wonderful friends and this wonderful community. I hope we all learn lessons from this year in the community. 💗

  • TonusOH

    Thanks for the update, Danny. I think we are seeing more and more people who ferociously defended Evans and then are learning who he really is. He has spent years polishing his image and building a brand, and also misleading people. This is why I think his support will continue to crumble; very few people are willing to support the person that he actually is, so most of his remaining support is from people who aren't aware of what he has been doing.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you Danny for clarifying everything.

    After Mike & I talking about our podcast with Danny and sleeping on it, we're very happy Danny invited us to do it and we laugh when we think how pissed off Lloydy is now for Danny having us on his channel.

  • annihilator


    The video that you just linked us to, is not the same video that I saw posted by you on Youtube on Feb 3, 2022.

    The Youtube video had your voice on it and the title of the video was "Kim Silvio video about EXJW activists Lloyd Evans"

    How many videos did you actually do on Kim Silvio?

    Plus on this video that you just linked us to, under the title, you edited what you actually wrote on the feb. 3, 2022 Youtube video which had a different title.

    Also on the original you tube that you posted,,you never mentioned anything about LE should step down.

    1) Quote DANNY : DE HEK:

    Kim Silvio video about EXJW activists Lloyd Evans

    98 views • Feb 3, 2022 • No matter the rights or wrongs, I think people who think they have the right to post content on the Internet de frame someone, cause them and their family a lot of pain and anguish and then run away is just wrong.

    Lloyd Evans has put his whole life online to expose this religious cult, then someone comes along and decides they need to do the right thing and broadcast it to the world telling his actions when it is no business of ours.

    Personally I believe it’s a cowardly attack.

    2)Quote DANNY : DE HEK in the comment section.

    27 minutes ago
    Thank you for posting a comment if you’re going to throw some mud I think you need to be prepared to interact with the people, rather than hiding after causing so much mayhem.

    I can’t speak for you but I can say we’re all screwed up and I think Lloyd has done his fair share of work and I honestly don’t care what he does with the money, it’s none of our business in fact it probably be a pretty awesome guy to go out and have a beer with! Maybe not in Thailand I might get myself in trouble

    The above 2 quotes are the words of DANNY : DE HEK

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    Sorry for ignorance and laziness of this inquiry (not having listened or watched any of the videos) but I was wondering Danny are you Scottish?

  • lloydevansparody
    I have wonderful friends and this wonderful community.

    They are like Spartacus' friends who would stand up and shout, "I am Kim Silvio" 😉

  • Vintage

    annihilator, from where (what comment section of what forum or YouTube) was that last quote of Danny that you quoted? And, when (approximate date) did he say that?

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