It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Where is he talking about CSA again? Twitter? Facebook? YouTube? Somewhere else?

    Yes he did a livestream on YouTube and he’s been rattling over on Twitter also apparently 🤷‍♀️

  • ForeverAlone
    He did a live stream on YouTube where he talked about the PA sex abuse case and had a court reporter on to help explain it.
    Yes he did a livestream on YouTube and he’s been rattling over on Twitter also apparently

    Ok thanks for the info. I won't watch his YouTube videos anymore. I refuse to give him any of my clicks. I will only watch those ones that are posted on this thread because there are reasons people post them on here. I'll go look at twitter though.

    P.S. When I ask people questions and I get answers I usually will not thank them because I don't want to post without something more substantial than just "Thanks." So, I want to thank all the ones that have answered questions of mine and I did not say thanks. Thank you, guys, also for answering my future questions as well.

  • DerekMoors

    The livestream he did about the Pennsylvania verdict has only gotten 6000 views in 15 hours, which is pathetic for something so important. Obviously he can't draw in or keep an audience when it's just himself.

    And no disrespect for what someone does for a living but a court reporter as a guest? She's not a lawyer, victim, legal analyst, etc. She's not even a legal assistant or experienced crime reporter. Her job is to type what people say, period.

    I'm sure she offered some interesting tidbits but she can't say how this might affect JWs legally moving forward, advise victims on how to manage their case, pick apart legal arguments, etc. He's obviously facing some challenges when it comes to booking guests.

    His tweet about it only has 10 whopping likes from his own account and 4 whole likes from the JW Watch account. Impressive... said no one ever.

    And that video he made with the Catholic on the street has only gotten just over 4000 views, so yet another failure. He really expects people to have a conversation with two slovenly, smug YouTubers who are obviously looking down their nose at you the entire time you're talking?

    Stick a fork in his fat belly, he's done.

  • Toblerone5

    livestream he did about the Pennsylvania verdict has only gotten 6000 views

    Another thing about that too, there was no $ , usually you can see them in red in the chat replay? only 66 comments ,but i bet there was a lot that got deleted .Maybe the fact that he was in London , that made some of his patrons mad, that again is "traveling" and they are paying for that ?

  • Toblerone5

    I have a question , One of the lady that was with him ,Jana Monteiro ,on her twitter page she retweeted L.E. post thanking her, if someone now leave her a comment on that retweet will he see it? Wally did you try to talk to her too? her twitter account is this one ,

  • pr0ner

    @Toblerone5 She is very pro Lloyd and doesn't care about what he did. I also don't believe she wants to engage in honest debate about it either. For whatever reason, she has loyalty to Lloyd.

  • pr0ner
    @DerekMoors Personally, I find court reporters fascinating. They do a necessary civic duty and probably understand the court system better than most lawyers. Fun fact; Fiona Apple the singer-songwriter is a court reporter. Had it been from someone other than Lloyd it would have been fascinating and shared all over the place. It's not on Reddit, it's not being clipped and shared around on Twitter (from what I can tell). I think he was extremely lucky to get that court reporter. It's just too bad just by association it's tainted her, which she'll figure out and I doubt will want to have anything to do with him then.
  • ForeverAlone
    Stick a fork in his fat belly, he's done.

    Only thing is Lloyd doesn't know it yet. What is it going to take to make this guy disappear into the woods of Croatia? I mean there is no lawsuit, he is losing patrons out the yin yang, hardly any views on his YouTube videos. What in God's green earth is it going to take to make him go away and never come back?

  • TonusOH

    His version of rock bottom is very deep. I expect him to keep swinging and fighting until well past the point where he is alone and should have realized that he ruined himself and his family. He has a long way to go.

  • TheWallyB

    Yeah I actually had a 2 hour chat with Jana last night. She is open to having civil discussion and I think we both walked away understanding each other better. Overall it was a positive conversation. I think maintaining civility helps people to get past presuppositions and actually think about others points of view. The sooner people move on from his toxic sphere of influence the better. Be kind. Stay Positive. Be safe friends.

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