It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

by Newly Enlightened 11530 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vintage

    So, that's Tibor behind Evans? Yes, run, Tibor. Run! Working "for" and "with" a person who has low, or no, moral values drags a person down emotionally and spiritually.

  • NonCoinCollector

    If that is Tibor, he's looking more like his boss every day.

  • nicolaou
    Toblerone5: He even didn't respond or block Nicolaou yet? interesting..

    He has now 🤣

  • Toblerone5
    He has now 🤣


  • Toblerone5
    He looks like a person putting on a face pretending to be deranged who doesn’t realise that he actually is deranged.

    Funny, I Never noticed that...

  • Vintage

    How would you like to have those faces across from you over your cup of coffee every morning?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    We just call that ugly where I am from. His chin looks unceremoniously vaginal. I can't see how you can kiss that and not get the feeling you are eating.... Meow Mix? Maybe that's why he claims he's a feminist.

    Jesus Christ on a hot dog stick - Dijana, why in the fuck did you actually breed with that? You were *this* close to having your girls eternally mocked as daughters of Bigfoot.

  • ForeverAlone
    Dijana, why in the fuck did you actually breed with that?

    I do have to say though that his 2 little girls are some of the cutest I have seen.

  • DerekMoors

    If you look at them in order, I would bet a million bucks they're his exact expressions during sex.

  • Route-666

    NonCoinCollector "he's looking more like his boss every day."

    Thinking the exact same thing. The gruesomest of twosomes. Bleh.

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