It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage
    I do have to say though that his 2 little girls are some of the cutest I have seen.

    I agree, ForeverAlone. Little girls don't get any cuter than that.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Evidently that pic with Tibor is in London. Which led former Evans supporter and friend Jill Adams to tweet this:

    That's certainly one way to move copies of The Reluctant Apostate.

    If you're anywhere near a dump in the Midlands of England on 1 December, you may just catch a glimpse of a good hunk of crowdfunded soft-core erotica/memoir being destroyed.

  • Diogenesister
    Jabba Streaming tomorrow 3 pm Eastern

    But of course he is. He knows if he live streams during a discussion about child abuse, he will get the highest number of donations. This is literally a giant FU to all the victims who have voiced their concerns around him "advocating"* for CSA victims.

    It revolts me that Lloyd will capitalise financially on such a horrific case, whilst being so cavalier about using exploited girls in Thailand when over half of them will have been trafficked or forced into prostitution as children.**

    I thought he wasn't into "aggressive" activism?

    It's called street epistemology and there are quite a few really excellent people who do this already on You Tube. People Lloyd couldn't hold a candle to. I'd also guess his knowledge of other faiths is extremely limited as a JW. If he tries to debate Muslims he'll struggle, because they don't view the problem of evil the same way we do in the west.

    *For 'Advocating' read 'making money talking about it on you tube'.

    **He hasn't once donated the proceeds he makes during these streams taking about CSA to a survivors charity.

  • TheWallyB

    I talked to Diana, the court reporter he had on his live stream. She didn't care about his past. The world makes me sad sometimes. Sorry I haven't posted any videos recently. I have been sick. Stay safe friends.

  • Vintage

    Yes, Wally. How can people disassociate mentally the kind of person a speaker is from what that speaker is saying? Would we listen to and support one who speaks against killing elephants, but who then goes to Africa and kills elephants? Would we pay money to a “save the forest” fund if we know the recipient bulldozes rainforest on vacation?

  • DerekMoors
    She didn't care about his past.

    Who says this is just in his past? Did he ever say anything about stopping? Even after getting caught I'm pretty sure he didn't say "oh yes I'm so sorry it will never happen again" but instead insisted Dijana look the other way.

    It seems obvious that he's separated from Dijana and of course no Instagram model will give him the time of day (not that being married to a beautiful woman stopped him from visiting prostitutes.) So what would impel him to stop his hasty habits especially now that he's alone and doesn't need to worry about anyone finding out about it?

    I can only imagine what he's doing right this second while in London. Poor girl, whoever she is.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    And this is why this post is not closing anytime soon.This guy is dead set in making a fool out of all of us because he wants to benefit financially, its all about the money.We are not only just fighting him but the seedy underbelly of the exjw community, 2 women who are happy to put their face on his livestream along someone who is a predator of young vulnerable women. Totally disgusted!!!

  • Vintage

    TheWallyB, what is your channel, please? I think I saw it named a few pages back, but I didn’t make note of it.

  • Toblerone5

    London Again? Hein? what? well ,well .well...He used to post that on twitter. but this time he didn't say nothing about that. I Wonder if it's for his business...Interesting...

  • Toblerone5

    He made that post oct.31. And now ,with him in London ,I just had a thought. What if he wrote that , cause his planning to go somewhere warmer, this winter? Wanna bet he will go back to Thailand ,again ,and this time for 2 0r 3 month like he was planning to do last years. He will have a stupid escuse like i need to go somewhere Quiet to write my book...with my sex-worker , the Girlfriends,...Just saying....

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