It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    When he says he's living in Zagreb, does that mean he and Dijana have separated?

    This is according to Lloyd’s own words as his wife hasn’t said ANYTHING. So take this as you will, but again, this is according to him.

    He and Dijana separated in late March and he moved to Zagreb in early April. Here is his comment from Kim’s video about him hitting up a London dating event:

    He’s been posting in the Zagreb Expats FB group since early April. He’s also created a new Instagram account to hit on Instagram models either based in Zagreb or will be appearing there. His flat and his studio are located there. It’s probably a safe assumption that his wife and girls are still living with her parents in a flat above their home in Sisak.

    As for the pics with his wife and girls on the Croatian beach, those were taken in September round his birthday.

    I must opine that whilst it’s strange for a wife who was publicly outted as not sexually compatible after a humiliating Thai hooker scandal to allow herself and her children to be used as a PR prop on social media afterwards, it’s probably safe to say that the relationship between Lloyd and Dijana Evans is no conventional one.

    If I were her age and came to the conclusion that Lloyd Evans was the best I could do for dick, then I respectfully ask that I be drug out into the street and shot.

  • Simon

    This just showed up on my facebook feed ... WTF?

    I haven't clicked, I can do without seeing them. But he's even losing at neck-bearding now.


  • DerekMoors

    LOL Simon ... did you post a picture of Lloyd in that thread? The OP might want to edit the article to 16 men.

  • Vintage

    The title of the photo is missing a little information. Maybe it should say, "15 Men With Ugly Neckbeards Who Will Never Get Women's attention... without a $50 bill and a BMW". Yes, and it should say 16, not 15.

  • ozziepost

    i find this an odd picture ; wouldn’t a caring parent take her to the Children’s books section of the store, like why is she made to wait around in the adult or reference section?

  • TheWallyB

    Wow! I almost couldn't buy toys for my kids because of the defamation but I can buy them for myself as collectors items?... Bruh!!! Talk about a what the heck moment


  • Vintage

    Does Lloyd "love that the box warns of a choking hazard" because that means that he doesn't have to share his toy with his youngest child?

  • Toblerone5

    On the site shopyfest,ca they have it for that price.I can imagine that in croatia it must be more than that... so i guess there was no more Patrons $$$ for some barbie doll for his little girl...

  • DerekMoors

    @Vintage he's probably referencing to how many times Vader would "force choke" someone in the movies...

    Yeah, it is pretty sickening that he's screaming at Kim for interfering with his ability to provide for his family when he brought this mess on himself and while out buying himself toys.

    Lloyd, since we know you'll keep reading as long as this thread keeps going, let me say it again: You are responsible for this mess you're in. You're screaming about Kim's credentials because you're grasping at some straw to make yourself feel like you're right... except you're not right.

    Let me repeat that, slowly so you can keep up:

    You. Are. Not. Right.

    You've bullied other people for years, in and out of the xJW community, even places like domestic violence shelters (who TF does that?).

    You crapped all over protestors even when (and no doubt because) they got great news coverage with their work.

    You resorted to childish name calling with that stupid "aggressive regressive activist" nonsense.

    You illegally reprinted Crisis of Conscience and then crapped all over that woman (name escapes me) when she called you out on it.

    You said everyone who disagreed with you on the Russian ban needed professional help.

    You talked smack about that Swedish or Norwegian guy (again, name escapes me), something about his book, which wife and I both read and I remember we both thought was excellent, far superior to yours (again, no doubt why you crapped all over him).

    You had the audacity to ask abuse survivors to pay you for including their story in your book so you can profit off their stories, twice, with that payment and then when someone buys the book.

    You elbowed Louise out of the IICSA and something else about that podcast she was doing (don't know the whole story but I imagine it's ugly).

    You not only had the audacity to regularly solicit prostitutes while married, and in Thailand of all places, but you did that while pretending to be an advocate for CSA victims. What industry, other than religion, proactively victimizes children for sexual purposes if not prostitution and especially in Thailand?

    You also had the nerve to blame WT's sexual repression on your behavior. Hey, I was raised in the religion too but have never stepped out on my wife, much less with prostitutes. I'm sure there are tons of xJW men who could say the same.

    You also had the audacity to blame Kim for any fallout you're now experiencing, calling her a liar and all sorts of other filth when she's only repeating what you told her and admitted in your own livestream. I wouldn't care if she did misspeak your salary or what days you work or other trivial nonsense; you've been soliciting prostitutes for years. And you think it's Kim's fault that your business is suffering? Get a clue.

    I'm sure there's more I could say but it's Sunday, the day of rest LOL.

  • DerekMoors

    @Kim Silvio (sorry, don't know how to actually tag, if someone knows how to get her attention):

    I have a question about that stupid lawsuit Lloyd thinks he's filing. He admitted to soliciting prostitutes on his livestream, which is a crime. He says he didn't go to Thailand purposely for solicitation but I'm sure a good prosecutor could make a case for sex tourism.

    This attorney he hired asked for money to make the case go away, right?

    So my question is, how is that not witness tampering, or extortion?

    Lloyd did something illegal and you're reporting on it, not necessarily to authorities but you can make the argument that any web user or blogger acts as a news reporter and that you could be a witness to his confession if he was ever charged with that crime. Trying to silence someone from reporting on a crime or someone who might be a witness in a future criminal case sounds like a crime itself.

    Demanding money from someone reporting on a crime sounds like extortion, or something similar...?

    Has anyone thought to send that back to whatever attorney he hired and tell them that they need to rescind that letter or you'll report them to whatever group oversees attorney conduct in their area?

    I'm no lawyer obviously but thought I'd just toss that out there, food for thought.

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