It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    DereckMoors... YOU. ARE. SO. FUNNY.

  • DerekMoors
    DereckMoors... YOU. ARE. SO. FUNNY.

    Thank you. But on a serious note, I read a lot of true crime novels and what goes on in the human trafficking and sex trafficking industries is horrible... how they abuse those victims behind the scenes to terrify them into compliance would turn anyone's stomach. It literally makes me sick to know of someone in real life who takes advantage of that industry and then whitewashes the whole thing.I've been on the outskirts of the xJW community for a few years and was always disgusted by his bullying but this just put me over the edge.

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    @DerekMoors -

    A few posts ago you wrote: @Kim Silvio (sorry, don't know how to actually tag,

    if someone knows how to get her attention):

    Kim seems to check in and catch up on this thread periodically (me too, for the past 8 months!! LOL) so she will likely find your post on her next catch-up session.

    To highlight it for her, you might want to send her a DM with a link to the page your question is on.

    Just a thought.

    Happy Sunday!!

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    Thanks @Aude! And happy Sunday to everyone else as well... no field service, no meeting, brunch with the lovely wife and no solicitation of prostitutes to hide from her... what's not to love lol.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I almost couldn't buy toys for my kids because of the defamation but I can buy them for myself as collectors items?... Bruh!!! Talk about a what the heck moment

    Lloyd’s a liar and no one should believe anything he says. Even on his videos attacking WT he’s been known to exaggerate or sensationalise information in order to gain more clicks.

    He can afford the $60 Darth Vader toy. He can afford haircuts and toys for his daughters.

    Also initiating the lawsuit and complaining about the amount of money he paid the lawyers doesn’t help his claims of poverty.

    He’s also going on beach holidays every few months and is making no secret about it.

    His problem right now is his money making empire disguised as activism has been exposed, even to his followers. He’ll never be able to crowdfund for anything like he used to for the simple reason that everyone, supporter or detractor, knows quite well he has the money. Most of his Patrons have left, knowing precisely what their money is being used for.

    2022 is his “Joel Osteen has a private jet” moment.

  • Vintage

    DerekMoors said,

    "@Vintage he's probably referencing to how many times Vader would "force choke" someone in the movies.."

    Oh. I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm oblivious of Darth Vader's personality disorder. I saw him in Star Wars, but didn't follow his pathology after that.

  • Vintage

    Here's a 7 minute youtube video that, I believe, epitomizes what we've been saying about Evans. I've had the misfortune of knowinng several narcissists in my lifetime. Now that knowledge on the subject has become abundant, it's a huge relief to me. Others see what I've seen, and they have the words to describe it. I hope Dijana will watch this short video, too.

    "4 things that trigger a narcissist the most and expose them"
    The video-maker, Danish Bashir, says,

    "They want the authority of a king and the accountability of a toddler."


    A few posts ago you wrote: @Kim Silvio (sorry, don't know how to actually tag,

    if someone knows how to get her attention):

    Thank your for all the support and common sense you have brought to the whole LE situation, I appreciate your’s and everyone else’s support so much.

    You have raised an extremely important and interesting question/comment that I want to answer properly with references etc - I’m away from my computer atm but will respond again asap.

    Again, thank you to everyone who contributes to this thread and who continue to call out the hypocrisy and behavior of someone taking advantage of vulnerable people 💗

  • JeffT

    You had the audacity to ask abuse survivors to pay you for including their story in your book so you can profit off their stories, twice, with that payment and then when someone buys the book.

    A correction from your friendly accountant:

    He's triple dipping not double dipping.

    1) Patron $

    2) charging people to put their story in his book. Usually it's the other way around.

    3) Book sales.

  • pr0ner

    As others have said this is very evident that Lloyd has largely lost his network which was vital to his brand.

    TheWallyB You make a very good point. He also may have told her, but he completely spun it as some minor thing by a few "obsessive ex-cultist". If he told her, it's got to be a massive blow to his ego because it means she immediately took the safe/side. That means she didn't buy his story. If he didn't tell her, well clearly he isn't too worried about the supposed harm caused to his reputation.

    **edited: Didn't realize you talked to her Wally. That's wild he didn't tell her. Just shows how truly narcissistic he is.

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