It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • DerekMoors

    I can't with his fucking hypocrisy. How about "Most men who want to abuse women but also tell themselves that they're not really abusing them will pay someone else to force those women into sex work."

  • Diogenesister
    can't with his fucking hypocrisy.

    I can't with the fucking hypocrisy of Evans and the uninformed idiocy of Sturgeon AND Evans.

    The fact that 60% of "Trans women" currently residing in UK prisons ARE sex offenders seems to prove Sturgeon and Evans wrong.

    Predators will and do use any means to access & abuse women and children.

    The UK charity commission is currently investigating "Trans Kids" charity mermaids for sending out breast binders to little girls - it's subsequently been revealed one of their trustees, an academic named Breslow, is a pedophile. His fetish is castration of youths.🤬

    The fact these people seem to believe using the term 'trans' and all safeguarding for kids and women should suddenly be removed is deeply concerning.

    The same with the recently closed down kids Gender clinic The Tavistock. Telling children to keep secrets from their parents is the perfect environment for groomers to begin their work.

  • Vintage

    There truly is wickedness in the world. Watchtower is one kind of “wicked”. But just because we’ve gotten free of Watchtower doesn’t mean that we can run outside and begin embracing everyone.

  • ForeverAlone

    So, what's the latest on the bogus lawsuit? Has Lloyd said anything lately?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    So, what's the latest on the bogus lawsuit? Has Lloyd said anything lately?

    I wouldn’t hold your breath. Deep down in that deep fried greasy lard filled brain of his, he knows this case of his is doomed. He’ll never say it publicly nor will he even admit it to himself. He simply thinks he’s too smart for everyone and he’ll show up in court like Al Pacino screaming, “you’re out of order, he’s out of order, THIS COURT’S OUT OF ORDER!!”

    Then the Croatian magistrate, impressed by his performance, reviews the case and decides that justice will reign, though the heavens will fall. The judge thinks about the news he will make on the Zagreb nightly news, bringing 7 people overseas to justice in a Sisak court. This is the way Lloyd Evans thinks. Like many people with very little real life interactions to inform them, he uses what he sees on TV as a baseline for what’s likely to happen.

    He’s OJ Simpson in 1989 with his wife’s face bloodied face in the bushes screaming for help with the police. “Officer this is a huge misunderstanding. Things got a little heated, we’ll work it out tomorrow. I think everyone needs to get some shuteye. It’s me! OJ! I ran for 2003 yards in 1973! Let me sign this football for you!”

    Like OJ, he truly believes his wife is better off being with him and enjoying the luxuries he could provide. It might even work. A few days after OJ’s arrest, it was Nicole who was telling the police that it all was a misunderstanding; another routine domestic dispute. This is common with abused spouses.

    With Lloyd he’s still thinking about the glory days of his appearance on the Remini show or his exclusive Tony Morris video. The people will come round and see they’ve been deceived. Just you wait. When I win this case I’ll be getting 200 patrons back overnight!

    But beneath his facade, I see an angry and humiliated man who’s afraid for the first time in his JW activism career. His anger clouds his judgment and he keeps making these unforced errors in order to force a positive outcome. Someone who really can’t get over the fact it was a woman who exposed him as the fraud he is. Like every man who knows they are a fraud, exposure is the most terrifying thought.

  • Thisismein1972

    I guess Lloyd is not aware of the links between the SNP and the Nazi party...Oh, wait!

  • DerekMoors

    Let's not forget that 1) he admitted in his own livestream to everything being said about him so there's no lies, slander, etc. for any court to consider, and 2) this entire debacle came from him admitting to frequenting prostitutes, which is illegal in Croatia.

    A case could also be made that he went to Thailand purposely to visit prostitutes, which makes it an international crime. (Believe it or not Lloyd, just because you say you didn't go there for the prostitution doesn't mean the courts will take your word for it. You're not the boss of the courts, and they're not so stupid so as to just believe someone's statement. "Oh, you didn't cross state lines just to buy guns illegally, despite the fact that you did actually buy guns illegally during the few days you were in the other state? You went for the beaches and food and shopping, and just happened to stumble upon an illegal gun seller while you were there? Good enough for me!")

    Point being, Lloyd apparently wants people to think that he's going to go walk into a civil or criminal court and admit to doing something illegal, and the courts will be so impressed with what a bigshot he is that they'll overlook his crimes and go after the people just repeating what he himself admitted to.

    Yes he thinks he's the smartest person in the room but this whole situation alone shows his levels of self-absorbed stupid. He really hasn't thought about the risk of showing up in court, only to end up in handcuffs? (I would sell my left nut to see that BTW.) He's like a crackhead calling the police because he doesn't like the quality of the crack someone just sold him.

    It's obvious that he thinks everyone in the world is just like his stupid minions; if he keeps beating his chest while insisting everyone come 'round to his point of view, he'll be able to shout them down and win the argument.

    As for that nonsensical letter sent out, remember that an attorney will often put just about anything on their letterhead or file the paperwork for any stupid thing if you pay them to do it. They don't give a flying crap about the merits of any supposed suit if they're getting paid upfront.

  • TonusOH

    I think he knows he's not at any risk. All he has done is what amounts to filing a complaint that some people said defamatory things. I am betting that he doesn't mention any of the true things said about him, since that would be risky for reasons you pointed out (he is on video admitting to crimes). He is probably accusing them of making allegations of CSA. He knows that the court will not pursue the case, since it is outside of their jurisdiction. They will throw it out, and he will say the justice system failed him (he has already griped about how slow his lawyers and the court have been in dealing with the case).

    Once that happens, he will have around two years where he can threaten to file a civil suit before he actually has to do so. He will either file another sham suit, or he will make some excuse about why it makes no sense to do so, even though he promised Kim he would never stop pursuing it. He can only put the inevitable off for so long.

  •  Debra

    I was under the impression that the courts turned his case down? Wasn't that said on Twitter and Facebook, I may be wrong, yeah like it's been said already you can't go after someone for merely telling the truth about someone, all the defense has to do is produce the awful confession he made that's it case closed, and then when everyone has finished laughing there will be the the little matter of his illegal activities with patreons money, and the public threats he made to Kim which although taken down I know many people have copies and screenshots, no he will never ever see his court case play out

  • ForeverAlone
    They don't give a flying crap about the merits of any supposed suit if they're getting paid upfront

    Some lawyers actually care about their reputation though and if the case has no merit, they will not even file and they will tell the client that they will not take the case. I know that is the way that most layers in the USA feel and act upon a bogus case. I don't know about Croatian lawyers though.

    I posted this on another thread:

    English translation. Not in order though.

    LinkI noticed later, since when does a court, any court, use only initials on filed papers through the court? I know they will use only initials if the case involves minors, but this is not the case here.

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