It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Ironic, AudeSapiere, at the page of the Telly Award link that you gave us, JRK said this, seven years ago. It probably sounded risqué at the time.

    JRK7 years ago Bragging about an award you have paid for is like bragging about getting laid by a hooker.
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    Newly Enlightened

    I have sent you a private message.

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    If I remember right, Mark O’s statement said that he wouldn’t work with LE out of respect for the feelings of others, kind of like the “not to stumble others” JW idea. Almost as if to say he didn’t have a problem with LE personally. Neither has LE attacked or litigated against Mark. Perhaps they are both leaving it open whether they can work together again in future, if and when the scandal blows over.

  • WingCommander
    I think M O'D was just being nice in a public sort of way. I don't think he's foolish enough to EVER hitch his name next to a deadbeat user like Hemorrhoid Evans ever again.
  • DerekMoors

    Here's a link to O'Donnell's statement:

    I strongly denounce the use of any finances for purposes that create a notable conflict of interest for any reporter covering the sensitive topic of child sexual abuse.
    In my opinion, the links between sex work and the grooming of children, child abuse, violent crime, drugs, and other unlawful activities call into question the credibility of anyone reporting on the subject of child abuse. While it is not my business to judge the personal lives of other reporters, I must take on board the feelings and sensitivities of the general public, including those affected by these activities.
    As a reporter and consultant for child sexual abuse cases in the United States and worldwide, I am obligated to adhere to a reasonable code of conduct that mirrors the gravity and substance of this subject matter. I am also sensitive to the feelings of survivors of abuse who trust my integrity and work. Many of those survivors have conservative values and ethics, and I respect their positions.

    So, he strongly denounces the use of funds for anything that creates a conflict, not using funds to take advantage of the human sex trafficking industry.

    The links between sex work and grooming children, etc., call into Lloyd's credibility as a reporter. It doesn't make Lloyd a walking piece of human garbage for ignoring that link and using those victims anyway.

    He doesn't want to judge (which I read as still wanting to stay in Lloyd's good graces) but doesn't want anyone to think poorly of him either. He's denouncing Lloyd because of other people's sensitivities, not because Lloyd 1) cheated on his wife, 2) crapped all over his wife publicly, 3) repeatedly took advantage of the most horrific industry on the planet, and 4) made pathetic excuses for why he's entitled to do all those things.

    In other words, he's not coming out and condemning Lloyd for being a POS but he has to say something so that he doesn't lose his place in the ex JW community.

    IMHO he's just a hypocritical, pathetic POS who doesn't really care about victims, only his so-called status.

    Perhaps they are both leaving it open whether they can work together again in future, if and when the scandal blows over.

    I also found it odd that Lloyd never came out against Mark, although they both stopped following each other on Twitter (and we know in their tiny world that's the equivalent of giving each other the finger). That website of Mark's also hasn't been updated in months so I wonder if he's burning out as well. What a mess.

  • TonusOH

    The thing is, even that cautiously-crafted statement will not prevent Evans from feeling that O'Donnell betrayed him. He may not come out and say it directly, but he's saying that Evans actions are questionable at best, and contemptible in light of his activities involving CSA investigations. I think by now, it's pretty clear that if you do not support Evans 101%, he will see you as an enemy and antagonist. If Mark thinks that he might once again find himself in Lloyd's good graces, he may not realize that getting back on his good side would likely involve a full retraction and apology and a promise to never even think of crossing him. And Evans would never let him live it down, either, because he's not the kind to forgive and forget.

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    Absolutely (mostly) what you've said the past few days. I've always thought his statement was bullshit on milk toast but never worked up the energy to make a statement about his statement. I've mostly been a sideline observer to the slow motion crazy train wreck, which I prefer. I've always liked Mark's reporting on the legal and CSA issues and am happy for what he contributes. However, I do believe there isn't much room for others on his expert pedestal and that he likes being the go-to guy for the cause. I don't agree that he's "a hypocritical, pathetic POS who doesn't really care about victims" though. IMHO I think it's more to do with an oversized ego and sense of self importance.

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    I'm going to go down the street and get myself a trophy. Maybe have it engraved "King of the Apostates" or some such.

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    was a new boy


    That website of Mark's also hasn't been updated in months so I wonder if he's burning out as well. What a mess.

    'Mark O’Donnell, a former Jehovah’s Witness who now acts as a consultant in sexual-abuse cases against Jehovah’s Witnesses, says states where clergy are not mandated reporters leave children particularly vulnerable to the church concealing their abuse.'

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    If it's not too much trouble, please pick up a trophy for me, too, while you're there. And, I'd like for mine to be engraved, "Watchtower's Worst Nightmare"...or some such. Do they charge per word for the engraving?

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