It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH
    Simon: Defamation is meaningless without damages - i.e. some demonstrably material impact on your income.

    The "demonstrable" part would be the real problem for him. He could claim damages, and point out his income loss after this all started. But he would need to demonstrate that it was from any defamatory statements. Since he confirmed many of the claims, those are not actionable, and any income loss from those claims would not be valid. In other words, he would need to get statements from his patrons explaining that it was specifically any defamatory claims that caused them to drop support.

    And that assumes that he can demonstrate that anyone made defamatory claims. So far, his only response to requests for examples is that he doesn't have to demonstrate them until the proceedings are underway. A standard that doesn't seem to apply to pretty much anything else related to his case.

    But let's put aside the issue that there don't seem to be any actionable claims. And let's also imagine that he somehow got 450+ patrons to agree to testify as to why they dropped support. Can you imagine what a shitshow that would be? Person after person explaining that it was enough to know that he was cheating on his wife and two young children for them to stop giving him money. Who would want to go on the stand and say "I had no issue with him visiting prostitutes regularly though he was married with two little girls, or leaving them behind to date a sex worker in Thailand, but this other thing would have been too much"?

    If he wants to write a book about the whole experience, he should title it That Time That I Kept Stepping on Rakes. Or How to Ruin Your Life in Two Easy Steps.

  • Vintage
    That Time That I Kept Stepping on Rakes.


  • slimboyfat

    Are there still people on Facebook groups sticking up for him? Bizarre. What about Reddit, what’s going on there? I can’t navigate Reddit at all.

  • DerekMoors

    The exJW reddit seems like a mixed bag when the story first broke but I can only find one semi-recent post of someone looking for a video of his. Otherwise, it looks like a whole lotta other people having their exJW say without having to bring him into it (thank god). How the JWs are screaming for people to stop using zoom and show up in person, etc. Lots of people waking up. Stuff no one needs Lloyd to comment on.

    I tried the JWwatch reddit and this is what came up:

  • Vintage

    DerekMoors, Does it really say that? Or, is that a joke?

  • DerekMoors

    No joke, go to the link and try it:

    That is the link for his old reddit sub, right? Hopefully I'm not confused about which was the one he started... I don't think there was another JWwatch so pretty sure that's it.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The JW Watch Reddit is different from the xJW one. Lloyd got pissy with the mods there and set off on his own, starting the JW Watch one.

    Except “he” didn’t really start it. Producer Bob did at his request. Fast forward to the present day when all hell was breaking loose, Leica Fox/Amanda Blackett, a Lloyd diehard and JW Watch mod started shit with Producer Bob, which then resulted in her being removed as a mod. Then Producer Bob removed herself as owner/mod and set it to private. Thus without any mod or admin to approve new member requests, no one new can request to join and it consists only of people who were on that subReddit before it being locked down.

    So like Lloyd Evans the professional “activist”, the JW Watch subReddit is dying a slow and agonising death. JW Watch the website is doing even worse, with the latest article posted in August 2021 by resigned editor Mark O’Donnell.

    Truly a shame…

  • Vintage

    Where is Mark O'Donnell active these days? He is really brilliant on legal commentary, and had himself been a victim.

  • Vintage

    DerekMoors, I'm seeing this part of the message at that site, but not the rest of what you'd posted above.

    The moderators of r/jwwatch have set this community as private. Only approved members can view and take part in its discussions.
  • DerekMoors

    @Vintage ... try a computer? My phone does the same but my laptop shows the screencap I posted above. Here's a bigger grab so you can see it's legit. P.S. If I somehow made this as a joke, I'd just say so.

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