It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    Jeff said,

    "The closest they've come so far is a few supreme court cases in the US, and even most Americans don't know much (if anything) about that."

    I knew well one of the Watchtower lawyers who had spoken before the Supreme Court. He was the person who told me about the Ray Franz' book. He had read it. And that lawyer became a Watchtower target because the was refusing to go in door to door "service". His wife was a pioneer, and I think he was eventually coerced to go door to door, so as not to be disfellowshipped. (He is now deceased, so I'm not putting him in jeopardy.)

  • Simon
    The litigation will make or break him

    It will break him. Let's be honest, the whole thing already has - he's just too dumb and arrogant to admit that he's done. Didn't you hear? He'll never stop fighting for the next 40 years ... LOL

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    the Atheist community support withdrawal is another blow that is going to cause repercussions.

    How do we know this? pr0ner said something about this too. Has anyone publicly disavowed him?

  • Toblerone5
    Insert the gif someone.

    How about 4 meme. Number 1 where he start to no4. they all have something in common NO TEARS! I did saw this live by the the way ,when he film this, and he never edited ? that video .He never ever excuse himself ,when he was done "acting", to go and get a tissue to wipe is tears or BLOW IS NOOSE! He didn't use nor his hands , arms ,to wipe is eyes or noose,(I know I keep focusing on the noose a lot but that 's because have you seen his noose ? ) Come On! Oh and by the way , on photo 2 you can see him checking is laptop to see how many are watching this... Well he will be happy to ear that we still do!

  • Simon
    they all have something in common NO TEARS! I did saw this live by the the way ,when he film this, and he never edited ? that video .He never ever excuse himself ,when he was done "acting"

    Don't forget, he kept stopping the performance because he's apparently the only YouTube streamer who can't stream video without assistance.

    So there were pauses when the video cut out while he fixed it, and then he'd continue with the "emotions"

  • TonusOH

    He broke down when he was reading one of his messages implying that he was feeling suicidal. When he began to talk about his family, the tears stopped and he quickly regained his composure. That's why I think the emotion was real-- he was feeling pain and sorrow for himself. When it came time to acknowledge his family, his emotions dried up and he got back on track.

    You will notice how frequently he uses his family as a club to attack his critics with. How many times has he tried to make the point that his detractors are not concerned about his family? His wife and children are useful insofar as he can use them to pretend to be a caring family man and insofar as he can use them to distract his critics. But I don't think he really cares about them, certainly not as much as he cares about himself.

  • ForeverAlone
    This time he appealed to the right as Andrew was a known critic of cancel culture which Lloyd now felt he was a victim of.

    I hate cancel culture but believe it or not there are some people who needs to be canceled! Lloyd Evans is one of them.

    A little bit I came across about cancel culture because I could not come up with good enough wording so I looked it sue me! WAIT Lloyd would do it!

    Most of the time, people are "cancelled" because they are a public figure with influence over a huge audience and what they’ve done or said is alleged to have caused harm to a particular person, group of people or community. For example, many of those who have been "cancelled" have received this public backlash following accusations of violent, sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic activities or comments.

    Some see participating in cancel culture as the most effective way to hold public figures to account, especially if no other lawful way appears to be working. By bringing the grievance public, it forces the accused's employers and others to confront the situation and distance themselves from the perpetrator. In other words, it re-balances the power gap between those with huge audiences and the people or communities who could be negatively affected.

    As much as we do not want it to be Lloyd Evans is a public figure and has influence over many in the exjw community, by his own making. Why should we treat him any differently than anyone else? What he has done (cheated on his wife with prostitutes, taken donated money to do it) and said (not my fault jw's did it with sexual repression, let the community judge) has caused harm to CSA victims and survivors. (myself included)

    This is the power that has been given us through the use of technology and I believe it is a civic and moral duty to use this where we can.

    Instead of people being scared of speaking out against him, they have been emboldened to do so.

    This is very true. I would not have gotten involved in this if it hadn't been for the stupid lawsuit he has filed. The arrogance of Lloyd not only not allowing the community to judge him (like he told us to in the livestream) but trying to shut us down with a legal threat went to far. I had to get involved. He made the situation 10x worse by doing this. Somehow I dont think that I am the only one to have gotten involved because of the legal threat to us.

    The term (cancel culture) once again became more popular with the #MeToo movement, as public figures such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K and R. Kelly were all "cancelled" due to allegations of sexual abuse.

    This is the category of people that Lloyd Evans belongs to in the cancel culture because whether he knows it or not, he has engaged in sexual abuse!

    Link to the information provided: What is cancel culture - and who has been cancelled in 2021? | GoodTo

  • Thisismein1972

    It's all Richard Dawkins's fault!

  • Thisismein1972

    Cancel culture is basically communism disguised as caring for minorities. The last two years should make us sit up and realize what big tech/corporations along with government are really capable of. The definition of Corporations working hand in hand with government is Fascism, another form of communism.

    Cancel culture is not there to benefit the little guy, it is there to further censorship against an increasingly fascistic State who are trying their damnedest to keep their little club afloat, and they will stop at nothing to do this.

    Lloyd rode on the back of cancel culture by having his flying monkeys cancel other dissenting voices. I have seen a sea change in the number of people who will still defend Lloyd. Back in 2014, if anyone went against Lloyd, one would have a barrage of supporters stripping dissenting voices apart. Now, one would be lucky to even get one. Times are changing, and more and more people are sick and tired of cancel culture as a whole. More and more people are fighting back against something that will never benefit the little person.

    Lloyd used "a voice for the silent majority" what he really meant here is. My voice is the only voice and you vill eat ze bugs...Sorry, wrong person...I mean you will be silent!

    Lloyd is a relic of the past and he is too egotistical to realize he's old and moldy now. Even his "new" content is reliant on old ideas that no longer are relevant. He is like an old washed-up Hollywood star trying to hold on to the fame that they previously enjoyed.

  •  Debra

    I do wonder what on earth Lloyd was thinking or expecting when he made that confession video, is he so stupid as to think he was going to get a great influx of sympathy? I mean come on he admitted he regularly went to Thailand every few months for the last four years to cheat on his wife with prostitutes, how could anyone expect sympathy for that? Besides the fact he regularly says he couldn't do videos without patreons support which translates in any language that was what most of the money was going on? I knew he was stupid but I doubted anyone was that stupid

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