It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Yooters

    Is he still trying to go into damLloyd control?

  • NonCoinCollector
    The interviews and "Watchtower in Focus" shows were my favorite things on the Lloyd Evans channel.

    When I did watch his channel it was for those shows and the guests. Even though I knew he was a creep, the Watchtower in Focus shows were good because of Lloyd's guests and their contributions. I can't stand the rebuttals and I don't want to watch advise from him.

    I can confirm that Lloyd has been dropped by the Athiest community he was in with. Evidently having the stink of going to Thailand and hanging out with sex workers isn't a great look there either.

    With Lloyd destroying his reputation, I'm glad to know they have moved on without his contributions. Owen Morgan (Telltale) would be a better fit if they want a former JW contributor.

  • Simon
    having the stink of going to Thailand and hanging out with sex workers isn't a great look there either.

    It's almost as if his behavior simple falls well short of most people's basic standards, regardless of their background, and is nothing at all todo with being religious, moralistic or "having been a JW".

    Who knew!?!

  • TonusOH

    Exactly. He wants to focus on whether it's really that bad that he 'spent some time with sex workers.' Most people think it's awful that he cheated on his spouse and can't seem to bring himself to even appear to be remorseful.

  • Yooters

    He did, he cried in his livestream… I hate it I hate it I hate it. Something foooked up about it. Insert the gif someone.

  • wannaexit
    t's almost as if his behavior simple falls well short of most people's basic standards, regardless of their background, and is nothing at all todo with being religious, moralistic or "having been a JW".
    So true-
  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    And he also alienated people who were on his side because he demands unconditional support. So, when he finally stumbled badly, he lacked a support network- the people who could have helped him were on the other side of all of those burned bridges.

    Even after Kim's Reddit post, he made a series of unforced errors which sealed his fate. It stemmed from the fact that he has always gotten cover from the community on all his previous scandals. His livestream was a manifestation of this belief and he wanted the matter settled by the end of day with Kim being labelled a hater and anyone supporting her being shouted down by his goon squad. But it lingered for a week or so with many prominent ones holding their opinion and initially supporting his request for privacy.

    Lloyd had always expected those on his left flank to protect him with their own progressive views on sexuality. So he felt betrayed when Mentally Diseased started his own Twitter thread lambasting Lloyd and his behaviour. altworldly soon followed suit, and Lloyd described it as a "stab in the back". It went downhill from there imo.

    The Gold interview was another miscalculation. This time he appealed to the right as Andrew was a known critic of cancel culture which Lloyd now felt he was a victim of. To his astonishment, hardly anyone showed for the livechat in Lloyd's defence. Gold saw this and had to do a followup with Kim, that's how bad of a miscalculation this was.

    So he's always counting on people who supported him in the past to automatically back him no matter what he did.

    I can't stress enough how bad of an idea the litigation was. To file it and continually threaten and taunt those who were the targets, you'd better be sure on a decisive outcome in your favour. It is clear by now that this is not happening. Instead of people being scared of speaking out against him, they have been emboldened to do so. Not only this, but for a Patreon creator to *already* have manifested doubts about what the money was going towards, this muddled it even further. Patrons who might still be supportive now have to contend with the thought that their donations are funding vanity lawsuits which are frivolous and a complete waste of their money. To make that situation worse, he is now on record that he will pursue this for the next 40 years of his life until he gets the result he wants.

    A successful performer like a stand up comedian or entertainer needs to be able to read the crowd. He has misread it from the very beginning and instead of cutting his gig short and refining his material, he just doubles-down on the same old stuff that didn't work. After 8 months of this conflict, he's effectively cut off all possible lines of retreat on this issue. The litigation will make or break him. And that is such a foolish basket to placing all your eggs into.

    The party's over, folks. He's just too deluded to notice.

  • slimboyfat

    His pretend, dry tears on the livestream was one of the worst bits - chilling, actually, because it was only a brief pretence, after which he jolted back sharply to his self justifications and recriminations.

    It’s interesting, and not terribly surprising to read the stories on here about him brushing people off and having no time to help anyone unless there was an immediate reward for himself. What a contrast with Raymond Franz. I emailed him about a dozen times and he wrote back each and every time with a thoughtful response. I’ve heard many others say the same, and more, about Ray Franz being generous with his time and support. What a complete contrast with LE who actually called someone out on Twitter for ‘wasting his time’ by sending him a question when ‘they should be able to find the answer for themselves’, without bothering him and using up his valuable time.

    I notice on his Patreon page that he was “forced” to cancel another meeting with his patrons because of a “family illness”. His remaining patrons are just mugs at this point. He is barely even pretending any more.

  • JeffT

    I posted the following on the "Books from XJW" thread. I think the same thing applies here, just substitute "Activism" where I wrote books. Anybody who thinks they can make a living off being an XJW is probably deluding themselves. The target market just isn't big enough to support somebody full time. And at some point the information some one has will reach its "sell by" date. I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall in 1988. My personal experiences are now thirty or forty years old. If somebody wants information about the good old days I can supply that. I wouldn't expect to be able to sell it, any more than I can make a living selling stale bread.

    Here's what I wrote on the other thread.

    World wide there are not enough people that care about JW's for books to have any impact. I don't think I'm a bad writer, I looked back at my Amazon account, my alternate history trilogy has sold almost 4,000 copies in all formats. My mystery/suspense novel based loosely on my time as a JW ("Armageddon's Disciples") has sold three.

    As witnesses we were taught that our religion was at the center of all human history. Like every thing else the Watchtower told us, that is wrong. I don't believe the Witnesses have had any impact on the rest of human society. The closest they've come so far is a few supreme court cases in the US, and even most Americans don't know much (if anything) about that.
  • lloydevansparody
    The party's over, folks. He's just too deluded to notice.

    LMsA I agree with every words you wrote. I will also add that the Atheist community support withdrawal is another blow that is going to cause repercussions.

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