It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • lloydevansparody
    Also Lloyd if you're reading this you're making a mistake jumping on the tiktok bandwagon. That is not the audiance you want finding out about your past.

    Ohhh we will be there, as a reminder for all the great things he's done. When his daughters will be old enough to browse the Net and YT they will know. And kids can be so curious...

    You can lie once, you can lie twice but you can't lie forever

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    He thought he was being edgy and cool by seeing sex workers.

    I think that’s precisely it. If you read his book he leans heavily into this narrative that all these women wanted him so badly but he had declined because he was a JW. For example there was a classmate in art school he got locked into a closet with during a party and he meticulously described her vibe as one which was expecting Lloyd to ravish her right there. There was Tracey who had ink all over her hands and asked him to adjust her bra strap which he declined to do. There was this American student who was ready to come to his dad’s house for sex whilst his dad was away but at the last minute he turned her down.

    So he was ashamed of his “virgin MTS grad” status and the only immediate way out was to marry the first JW woman who would have him. Being a pioneer sister from a poorer country, he thought he could dominate her and make her dependent upon him, which is something which continues even to this day.

    Like a lot of adolescents, he was obsessed with “numbers”, i.e. number of women he had slept with. He resented the fact that he could count his sexual conquests on one finger and began to take out his frustration on his wife by asking her to do things a JW considered perverted.

    He became an exJW celebrity in the middle of the last decade. Crowds as large as 50 to 75 people were all waiting to meet him and all he needed to do was tweet out that he was coming to a certain area. It all went to his head. He saw a few adoring faces in the crowd, many of them female, and felt how wonderful it would feel to seduce a few.

    So he started cultivating an image of an exJW “degenerate” or rebel. He’s open about his penchant for hard alcohol and cigars, and more recently his extensive use of cannabis. By the time he had revealed the extent of his dalliances with sex workers to Kim and Bob, he thought it made him look cool. There he was in Thailand, higher than fuck on edibles and throwing money at prostitutes.

    His ultimate goal was to drive his wife’s self esteem so low as to accept an open marriage as the only way to keep him happy as a husband. He’d have ongoing dalliances with women he met on his activist trips like he was a playboy prince.

    Now he’s singing karaoke at a Zagreb expat bar. And he absolutely hates what he’s been reduced to.

  •  Debra

    So what will he say if the judge asks him how the trolling has affected his mental health? Well we have proof he shrugs it off and has a little singsong on the karaoke

  • pr0ner

    I think that’s precisely it. If you read his book he leans heavily into this narrative that all these women wanted him so badly

    I was talking about this with my girlfriend who is fascinated by the JW dynamics. Lloyd and I are around the same age and both were born in. I was explaining to her how when I was growing up in every Hall there were three different kinds of kids. The ones who were genuinely good, the ones who were "bad" and the ones who wanted both.

    That last group was always the worst. You could tell they just didn't like the bad kids because they desperately wanted the coolness that came with being bad but were way too cowardly to do anything openly. At least you could respect the ones who were genuinely good, they stuck to their principles, and rarely were they mean or vindictive.

    I didn't read any of Lloyd's books or watch too many videos. I only saw little glimmers before. Like when he had a conniption fit because his daughter wasn't lauded as the next Whitney Houston for a music school tryout (someone should track that one down it was pretty hilarious). However, when he had his meltdown it was plain as day. He's a coward and has crippling self-esteem issues which he hides behind an overinflated ego. If actually confronted he melts down and runs away.

    Him, trying to act all edgy and cool reminds me of this scene in the Dark Knight (90 seconds in) "I know the squealers when I see them". If you were a "bad" kid growing up as a JW you grew up with someone just like him who you probably had a severe dislike of.

  • Toblerone5
    he had a conniption fit because his daughter wasn't lauded as the next Whitney Houston

    Pruner can I ask you if that was a tweet or he said that on youtube? Please...I would love to make a meme or video about that ...thank you

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Pruner can I ask you if that was a tweet or he said that on youtube?

    A tweet:

  • pr0ner

    It was def a tweet. Though he may have deleted it. This was a few months before lloydgate if I recall correctly. Again, if I remember correctly he implied that this school wanted his daughter to go to their school and they bullied her because of her singing. Someone asked for more details and then he explained that it was just a tryout and it seemed like they handled it like a normal school would. Some people pointed this out and he handled it in his totally normal calm way...

  • TonusOH

    The defensiveness in his final reply in that chain above is mystifying. Anyone reading his tweets would think he sounded worried over how the school handled his daughter's tryout and concerned over how it might affect her. But no, he "didn't say [he] was worried." As if the idea that he would be worried over his young child was offensive. He was put off by it so much that he took a cheap shot at someone who was trying to be helpful.

    I can understand why people compare him to the GB. If you support him, that isn't good enough. You have to make sure to support him in a specific way-- never question, criticize, or even offer advice. Just nod your head and tell him how right he is, and he'll accept that... maybe.

  • pr0ner
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Ah I had it a little bit wrong. I just remember when it happened seeing the tweets and thinking he was being a total Karen. As if the teachers are supposed to be Simon Cowel and totally trash a kid who isn't a good singer. What's even stranger is that same day he claimed they apologized to him and that it didn't have to do with her signing but the fact she was too young. So what exactly was the problem? First, it's that these teachers led on his daughter and they were totally incompetent. Then the next minute it was she is a good singer but simply too young. Ok sure.

  • pr0ner

    So Lloyd takes his daughter to a local music school for learning guitar and piano which requires you to sing in tune. Then she gets ranked 22 out of 26 for keeping a tune. But her rank wasn't to do with her ability but because she was too young, oh and the tutors apologized. Try making sense out of that one.

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