It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    When Evans signs a post “Take care”,... is that “Take care” as in, “Watch your back. I’m right behind you.”?

  • TonusOH
    Thisismein1972: He says he dreams of leaving Twitter. Well why dream when all he has to do is hit that deactivate account button.

    Just like his relationship with his penis, he has yet to master the "log out" function.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    If people can see my likes that’s just invasive.

    It's easy. Click on a Twitter user and go to their likes tab:

    From yours I can see that you liked the LE Parody's tweet. Scroll down and you can find all of your 4,236 likes.

    Alternately he can just go to the offending post on his burner account and click on the likes, and that's probably where he found you.

    If you protect your tweets and go private, you can hide all your likes and your tweets from anyone not following you.

    Google "Doc Rivers Twitter Likes". NBA coach Doc Rivers's Twitter account liked a bunch of hardcore adult content on Twitter and he got shit for it.

  • Toblerone5

    About him,snooping on people social page who they follow ,what post they like,or retweet...he should look at his own twitter account...If you go on his JWWatch @JWWatchorg ,(twitter) and you click on Following you can see his still following some people that don't agree with him and are now Following Kim ,Like Ben Foard...also he still follow Mark O'Donnel and Xavier Ortiz? Huh? and he follow HIMSELF? I caught him ,and even made a post about this on this forum, that he like one of his own comment on twitter , and now he follow HIMSELF ? LMAO! ...I can imagine him at christmas time opening a gift with a FROM ME TO YOU card...

  • Toblerone5

    People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn't Trow Stones... and in is case Buy some dam curtain...We all know what you watch and DO , with your laptop.

  • TropicalMermaid

    Thanks Las Malvinas!

    I dont even have the twitter app, I go through Google to get to twitter. I’ll try to mess with the settings tonight. I wont have anything on there as spicy as likes on adult content lol….just a bunch of likes towards fellow lloydgate posters and commenters. Still feels invasive people can just see it.

    Thanks again!

  • ForeverAlone
    Japan has made online insults punishable by up to a year in prison in an effort to reduce cyberbullying after the death of a reality television star who had faced a wave of online abuse.

    Previously, the maximum penalty for the crime of “insultation” was less than 30 days’ detention or a fine of less than 10,000 yen ($75). The amendment to Japan’s penal code, which lawmakers passed Monday and is set to take effect this summer, introduces the prison term and increases the maximum fine to 300,000 yen. The statute of limitations on prosecution was also increased to three years from one.

    I had never heard of the "crime of insult" until this lawsuit and found out it was against the law in Croatia. Now I find out a similar law exists in Japan. WOW!
  • slimboyfat

    What about the crime of “insulting our intelligence”, which LE does with practically every statement, attempting to divert attention from his own behaviour by falsely accusing others.

  • lloydevansparody
    I had never heard of the "crime of insult" until this lawsuit and found out it was against the law in Croatia. Now I find out a similar law exists in Japan. WOW!

    Several European countries have crime of insult, Poland, Germany, France, Italy and a few others. Germany has 1 year in prison. Italy only for the insult of the head of State. The Netherland for the King. So it is quite common. The probabilities that someone gets imprisoned for this kind of crimes are very remote. For example, the article that regulates the insult in Germany is 12 pages long!!! Just to clarify, in Croatia insult is a crime but from 28 June 2006 these crimes are no longer punishable by imprisonment but are punishable only by a fine (of 90 to 500 daily items).

  • Toblerone5

    If I may ,I would like to get this off my chest, cause I Can't anymore. Peolple who say: ,But is video help so much the ex-jw community... Of course they did. You know why? Cause HE made sure OF THAT! He had 10 years of doing just that! Bullying ,Threatening .manipulatiing , to be THE number one EX-JW youtube channel to be the TO GO TO Y.C. All that with the support of is Patrons who Finance all the equipement, and him and his family income ,the toys the HAIRCUTS ect,,,How many ex-jw activist that makes youtube video can say they had that same LUXURY ? HELLO? Take the video he made about Beth Sarim. How many ex-jw can Brag about making a video of that house ,cause somebody Paid and flew them ( him and is wife ) to California so they could film themself in a Rental car, driving down the street and past right in front of THE actual house! Really? COME ON! Sorry the kraken is now out, Anybody in those circumstance could have done a video like that , Some even would have taking THERE BIG FAT ASS out of the Dam car to take a proper shot of that Dam house, or even better knock on the Dam door and ask the owner if they could visit the house ,explainIing why bla bla bla you all know what I mean ...Again COME ON! And now, It's been 8 month of scandals, lawsuits , hissy fit rant ,like this post , and peoples are still saying His videos are really "HELPING"? Did you know that during World War 2, the country who had the stongest economy in Europe was Germany...See where I'm going...Can you imagine somebody saying BUT HITLER REIGN HELP SO MUCH GERMANY ECONOMY! I'm not comparing Lloyd Evans to Adolph here, even though I did call him a Dicktator on twitter, but that's another story, That will be all. Kraken "has left the building." Thank you very much! no? Elvis? Google it

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