It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon

    Twitter is a shit system with biased moderation. If you tried to design a system to cause bad feeling and division, it's hard to imagine you could come up with anything worse.

    It's easily weaponized by people like Lloyd.

  • TropicalMermaid

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I said before I’m not good with online things. I changed phones and since then I’ve only been able to fully access this site (with access to liking and commenting) on my iPad. I just recently realized I can access it from this device. Maybe some of you remember me posting how much Lloyds crap (sorry for the word but can’t find a better description) affected me.

    I opened a twitter account around feb when I realized what was going on with Lloyd since I had no social media. I choose twitter to stay informed on how this all evolved. I have NEVER ONCE commented or tweeted or retweeted anything, ever. I did like comments but that’s it.

    In the beginning of Sept, Lloyd wrote a letter to Kim Silvio, almost as insane as his live stream. I clicked on his link to his letter about 24 hrs after it was posted. I cringed so bad I had to take breaks in between because I just couldn’t believe he was writing this non sense. Anyway I went about my day and when I went to find the link to read to my never jaw husband (you know, so we can laugh at his crazy over morning coffee) I realized I was blocked from his twitter account. I’ve never said anything. I never questioned his authoritaaaaayyyyyy. Yet I was blocked within 24 hrs of me clicking on one of his links. I dont know much about computers but that seems weird to me. He didn’t know I existed for months on twitter but 24 after me clicking his link I’m blocked….

    Maybe I’m paranoid or reading too much into it but it just seems off to me.

    Anyway, thank you all for continuing to shine light on Lloyds stupidity. It has made dealing with all this so much easier. Knowing other people feel me and understand me and are speaking up means EVERYTHING! THANK YOU!

  •  Debra

    Yeah it's a wonder Lloyd has ANY followers left he blocks just because he can, I've been blocked by him on Twitter several times, anyway following Kim's example (in goodbye cedars) you tube I too am putting that useless piece of "something" out of my mind now too, I was only following it for this long as I was interested in how the court case was going to play out but it's pretty obvious now there isn't going to be one, (even he must be able to see it too) but having said that I'm going to keep half an eye on things in case anyone needs financial help against him or any help against him, I've been "out" a lot longer than a lot of people on here and I have suffered at the hands of the elders the governing body etc so my time will be better used in helping people, I can't make videos well not yet anyway. But I'm here.

  • TropicalMermaid

    I hear you Debra.

    ALSO, When it first happened it took me a minute (about 4 months) to get my head on straight. It was a bit much to take in initially. NOW I see how little of a man he truly is, how small and insignificant he is IN THE REAL WORLD. He had the potential to be so much more IF he wanted to BUT he chose easy money off the backs of victims…

    At 1st I didn’t want to speak up because it all scares me a bit (by a bit a mean way too much) but I NOW believe that just as he’s loosing patrons , we are gaining voices…


  • lloydevansparody
    Yet I was blocked within 24 hrs of me clicking on one of his links.

    TropicalMermaid, he shunned you simply because he spotted you liking and retweeting many of the critical tweets. He frequently unblocks, lurks around and blocks again. The reason he does that is because he doesn't want anything we tweet to reach his fan base. Believe me, many of them have no clue of what it's going on. I know only one group apart from him, that performs shunning at this level. Happy surfing 🏄‍♂️ LEP

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I realized I was blocked from his twitter account. I’ve never said anything. I never questioned his authoritaaaaayyyyyy. Yet I was blocked within 24 hrs of me clicking on one of his links.

    Lloyd is known for policing "Likes" on both Twitter and Facebook. Here's a boilerplate msg he copied and pasted to multiple people in DMs after Marc Latham made a FB post about him criticising him for his Russian ban stance:

    My guess is Kim Silvio or someone he monitors on Twitter made a post that you liked. Probably her tweet in response to his 3 page rant. He then went on his burner account and checked out all the likes on it, saw your name, and went back to his own account and blocked you.

  • TropicalMermaid

    Evans Parody, but I dont retweet or comment…I only hit like.

    Maybe that got me in trouble. I’m unaware if people can look at my likes.

    I still feel kinda weird that, even though, I have been liking critical comments on his twitter since feb, he only blocked me within 24 hrs of me clicking his link.

    I’ll stop reading into it too much…

    BUT yeah I’ve been shunned by Lloyd for not saying a single written word on his twitter platform…EVER.

  • TropicalMermaid

    Las Malvinas, that’s insane. If people can see my likes that’s just invasive. But I guess so is the world of social media. Thank you for your response:)

  • NonCoinCollector
    Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe Twitter? Like I absolutely can't stand that echo chamber of stupidity. I refuse to join or go on it. Couldn't care less.

    All social media including Twitter is what you make of it.

  • Thisismein1972

    He says he dreams of leaving Twitter. Well why dream when all he has to do is hit that deactivate account button.

    See, there it's easy.

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