It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Just popping in for 5. University takes up way too much of my time right now but just had to reply to TonusOH.

    Evans: "...if you insist on having a problem with the concept of someone being a professional anti-cult activist and not doing the work I do for free, I feel you ought to explain why you don't also have a problem with others who make a living from bad situations."

    I already said to him last year - which got me blocked off his twitter account that there is no such thing as a "professional activist" - you don't go to university/college to learn about activism. Activism is something you feel strongly about and want to make changes about the way something is done. But I do know what he is good at. He's good at manipulation - taught by the cult. However, some of us have a conscience and he clearly ain't got no Jiminy Cricket sitting on his shoulder saying - dude, this is wrong! If he can be dishonest to his wife and kids, he can be dishonest to anyone.

    Story time. I once knew someone who was married to my cousin. He cheated on her. They broke up. A few years later I helped him out of a jam, helping him get a computer on HP. I continued my payments because of course I don't want my credit rating to be tampered with. A few times this "friend" missed payments. But let it go because he was in serious financial burden. But I kept an account sheet and he promised to pay. He still owes me £466 after 5 years. Lesson learned. If they can be dishonest to the wife, they can be dishonest to you as well in any circumstance.

  • TonusOH

    Now that I think about it, the WTS could shut him down by telling him that if he has a problem with their teachings and coverups, he needs to explain why he doesn't have a problem with other religious organization's teachings and coverups.

  • Thisismein1972

    Just about every guinea pig after hearing Lloyd's song.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The video is very manipulative. He seeks to make his struggles yours, Dijana's and Tibor's plights your problems, and thus you are in a unique position to help everyone out. He often calls out Tibor and Dijana and speaks on their behalf. Always involving his wife about everything. You're upsetting her by attacking me! You wouldn't want Tibor and Dijana to be out of work, would you?

    Really, who gives a shit?

    We all can lose our jobs at any given moment. And if the founder and CEO of my company went to Thailand for a sex holiday, involved two assistants in his quest to get his wife into an open relationship, got exposed, lost customers left and right to the point that the company has lost over half its value, and be nothing more than a nasty cunt on social media, even going to far as suing 7 foreign nationals in a court, I WOULD QUIT.

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for two people who would continue to work for such a man at a close level. They know the guy is not right in the head, has absolutely sunk their company by his own actions and continued failures to take any accountability for them, and if they think otherwise, they deserve the same fate that awaits Lloyd.

    Really, Tibor. It's for the best. Go out and get some real job experience before it's too late, not this freak you found on the internet. You're young, have excellent production skills and can speak two languages. You don't need this clown. Lloyd's not getting his Patrons back and you know it. He told his Patrons he can't afford you, and don't think he'd hesitate in sacking you if it gets worse (which it will). If he had the choice of keeping you and taking a paycut himself, he's firing your ass. Done and done. Maybe you'll get a farewell livestream where he *might* share some of the superchats with you.

    And Dijana, I know you are really not doing a whole lot of shit for him. Look at the toll his "activism" has taken on your family.

    Was the trip to Australia and the Gucci sunglasses worth it?

    Your marriage failed and you are just putting off the inevitable. You are going to need to find a job. If not in Sisak, find somewhere you can go to and find employment. You're bi-lingual and can easily find a job in the tourist industry along the coast. There will be foreign men who will be interested in you, believe me. End this fucking charade that you work for him. For what awaits Lloyd, you'd be best advised to steer you and your family clear of. Get the divorce you asked for and let your government's justice system decide on how Lloyd is going to support his children.

    It's time to let this man fail. That is what you married. No one is owed a happy ending. The Evans men are failures. Sorry.

  • Toblerone5

    This is how I imagine the April Patreons Zoom Call...( from the Jerry Maguire movie...)

  • Diogenesister
    LE: I still look back with fondness at at successfully sorting out my screws, Allen keys,spanners etc. Good times!

    Cobblers! I bet that was the only time his that tool saw any action!

    This what I think of him sorting out his screws and Allen keys...for what exactly? He couldn't even decorate his own daughters bedroom! When was the last time that wet sponge did anything useful.....

    ......around the house😈

  • Diogenesister
    Because even though I care for you, my guitar

    I think that's "and even though I gave you my guitar" (hence jokes because he probably gave that guy his guitar to play because it's tuned for his singing key)


    Didn’t tibor go over to “help” him build the shed? I’m pretty sure he did….

  • Vintage

    It seems like every time he has anything mildly interesting happen to him,... or anything mildly interesting that he does, ...his first impulse is to write about it with a view to "How can I make this epic? What can I milk this for? Is there some way I can angle this for sympathy, money, kudos, pity, or carnal attraction?"

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