It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    I don't see him as working with/for the WTS because there doesn't seem to be an upside for them. I do not believe that anyone as arrogant as the GB members would be okay with many of the videos he posted. Evans constantly made fun of and belittled the GB, and I can't imagine that they'd be okay with that. If Evans has a big ego, it must seem microscopic next to the ego of men who are treated as royalty by people who believe that they are God's "spirit-directed" mouthpiece.

    As for the lawsuit, the fact that he lumped everyone together implies that they conspired to commit a specific crime, not that they each committed a separate crime. So he either knows that the suit was just for show, or he's too dumb to realize that his lawyer took the quick and easy path, which will lead to the case likely getting tossed. He might have a problem if he tries to follow up with a civil action. It would be hilarious for a defendant to insist that he be deposed, just so we end up with video of some lawyer utterly tearing his case apart and ripping his reputation into tiny pieces.

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    they did at one point try to shut him down

    Again, we need to stop going off what he claims. Just because he makes a video saying "the WatchTower is trying to silence me" does not mean they are. He's simply got a bog-standard copyright takedown request and tried to turn it into a martyrdom, aka, a fund-raising opportunity.

    I've had a few DMCA takedown notices from the WTS over the years. I don't shout about it because it's not really a big deal and soliciting donations on the back of it wouldn't change anything so IMO would be immoral. I think I complied with a couple and not with one, but nothing else came of it. They don't appear particularly over-eager to shut anyone down from what I've seen - they use the law to protect their copyrights which is what anyone needs to do to keep control and rights over their material. Lloyd seems to be far more eager to "shut people down"

    The WTS are not Scientology, however much he tries to make out otherwise.

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    they did at one point try to shut him down
    Again, we need to stop going off what he claims. Just because he makes a video saying "the WatchTower is trying to silence me" does not mean they are.

    It sounds pretty much like WT persecution porn

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    LEP It sounds pretty much like WT persecution porn

    😂🙌exactly. Or as Simon said aka just 3 DMCA takedown notices which may have gotten him a two week ban if they had stood - like Rick Fearon just had*. No Biggie. He uses it as video material to drum up ca$h.

    Watchtower only go after people at the local level if they can leverage family against you/to shun you, which is no longer an issue for Lloyd, and possibly higher up only in the case of finding leeks. Which is understandable and any business/organisation would do.

    Lloyd is just your average, narcissistic, pervy, misogynistic grifter🤷‍♀️ & as I said (with the exception of DF them) if they didn't try to shut down Ray Franz, Jim Penton, Olaf Johansson, Barb Anderson, Randy Watters, Eric Wilson and many apostates who were elders & bethelites of 30 years plus, they're hardly going to bother with Lloyd.

    *Actually I think KimMikey may have had to begin a new you tube channel, but that's the only instance I can think of.

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    Lloyd could really benefit from the advice offered by this girl. And by girl, I do mean an actual girl.

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    Another Lloyd Defender

    Rafa Chavez is upset that we dare criticize Lloyd with our cowardly fake names and that it is us that has the problem, not Lloyd. How dare we hold a guy that only makes YouTube videos to any standards!

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    So I find this, (bare with me french brain,), on L,E. youtube under is name if you click Show More, long list of link ect. this one :My channel is made possible through the generous support of my viewers, including hundreds of patrons. If you would like to support my work, you can do so using the following methods: you have Patreon link and a Paypal ...PAYPAL? so for fun i click in on, What you will see is this ,below picture,WILMSLOW CHESHIRE? Isn't that where is Dad lives. So Google JLE Publishing LTD filing history -Companies house,JLE PUBLISHING LTD - Free company information from Companies House including ... Registered office address changed from 57 Gravel Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 .Can someone explain to me why the Paypal account ,of an ex-jw youtuber as the adress of his JW father Who is Shunning him ? Saw this on is latest video Sept 19 2022. To be fair ,maybe since hardly no one use that account,he forgot about it , and never change the adress ...that's all...but COME ON! right?

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    What was the media interview that Evans sabotaged?

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