It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • ForeverAlone
    Things like that chip away at your credibility and reflect on your judgement IMO.

    I agree with Simon. That video damages us more than anyone.

    I can make the same video and post it. Would you believe me? No, I wouldn't. It is words and a computer voice.

    The video needs taken down before Lloyd gets a hold of it. It may be too late already though.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    There just so many things one can call him on based on his own representations of it. He has given several different accounts of his time in Thailand which should ring more than a few alarm bells. He has been consistent on only one thing: The women (sex workers or otherwise) have all been in their "20s". How does he know that? Not 18 or 19? It seems like he's hiding something. Take this tweet:

    "in her 20s and not a sex worker". Of course the pic he is referring to is this:

    So if we are to take him at his word, the woman/girl in the pic is in her 20s and NOT a sex worker. She's either sitting on his lap or his body is pressed up against her from behind - not exactly something a friendly local would allow an unknown foreigner to do. But anyway, there's one woman/girl he met who is not a sex worker.

    In the Andrew Gold interview, he disconnects his history of seeing sex workers with those he might have encountered in Thailand.

    The only thing I've said about sex workers was regarding before going to Thailand

    Speaking about the reasoning behind going to Thailand, in the same interview he said this:

    JLE: It had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with sex workers

    Gold: Once you were there... the sex workers happened?

    JLE: ...People have run away with this narrative that...

    Gold: So that didn't happen?

    JLE: Exactly, I've never spoken about it.

    Gold: So it was in Croatia?

    JLE: It was in Croatia... Croatia and other countries before I went to Thailand

    So he was quite clear in the Gold interview he did NOT see sex workers in Thailand. In the same interview he contradicts himself with this:

    I dated a sex worker in Thailand.

    Also, Section 3(b) in his 3 February Facebook statement contradicts his assertation he did NOT see sex workers in Thailand:

    Suffice to say, not that its anyone's business but of those I met in Thailand, sex workers or otherwise, nobody was a minor by either Thai or US law and all were in their 20s or older.

    Again he insists they are all in their 20s as if he checked identification on all of them, but the key words here are "sex workers or otherwise". So according to him, the girl in the pic falls into the "otherwise" category as she was definitely not a sex worker.

    Taking him at his word, notice the "sex workers" (plural) in his 3 February Facebook statement. He denied seeing them at all in the Gold interview before circling back, saying he "dated" one. The Gold interview which happened little over a month after his FB statement contradicts the contention he saw sex workers at all and then contradicts himself within his own contradiction, saying he dated one. So let's count the women/girls he saw in Thailand, ALL based on what JLE has said or posted on Facebook/Twitter:

    1. The woman in the pic (NOT a sex worker)
    2. The sex worker he "dated"
    3. Other sex workers since he used the plural form. Unknown number

    He is not being truthful and what has been presented is incontrovertible proof of such. You have to ask why he's being so evasive with the facts about his Thailand trip? What is he hiding? He is VERY careful to suggest they all are in their 20s. But he also at various times claims they did not exist.

    See how this is going to sound to a judge?

    What is he trying to hide?

  • NonCoinCollector

    I have listened to the KM Marie video posted by Kim/Mikey Brooks (Newly Enlightened) a few times now. At first I didn't know what to think, but I don't find the video to be credible enough to be considered evidence of anything. I have raised the question a few times on here if Lloyd is controlled opposition. He could be. Is he directly paid by Watchtower? Probably not. What I do think is Lloyd is allowed to oppose Watchtower in that they do not work very hard at stopping him from being their opposition. They can't do much about his rebuttals anyway since playing clips and commentary is allowed under copyright law. It actually works in Watchtower's favor that Lloyd is such a mess. He feeds directly into their need to show persecution and to show what "happens if you turn away from Jehovah."

  • Toblerone5

    I knew it!

  • Toblerone5
  • Toblerone5

    From Poland, that's the second time someone say he call is wife a Head-f*ck for not wanted the open mariage deal. there was more if you want to red it .it's all about finding about Thailand stuff...

  • Vintage

    But... do leave the video up, because otherwise nobody will know what we’re talking about.

    P.S. Simon might go in and post some kind of disclaimer above that little video, saying that, by their comments, this Thread’s participants aren’t convinced of the video’s authenticity.

  • slimboyfat

    I see your conspiracy theory, and raise you one better!

    KimMikey make such outlandish claims about LE at times it actually tends to distract from the real issues with his behaviour, the whole “controlled opposition” thing being a case in point. Is it possible that KimMikey is in fact paid opposition to LE? I.e. LE paying KimMikey to make off chart videos about him so we all get disoriented and lose track?

    Only joking KimMikey, don’t take it personally! 😃

    (Maybe, in fact, I’m controlled opposition to the controlled opposition to the controlled opposition! If so, when do I get my money?)

  • Vintage

    “Seeing”, “dating”, “meeting”. What’s next? “Consulting”, “entertaining”, “encountering”? So, ... do I have this straight? He dates SWs, but doesn’t always take advantage of all the services they offer? And, sometimes he becomes friends with a non-SW, who he then converts into a SW? And, though he never sees their ID’s or asks their age (asking a woman over 20 her age is impolite!), he will swear on a Bible (Opps! What does an atheist swear on?) that every woman with whom he has consorted (“consorted”, I left that one out previously) is over 20? I hope I have this all straight now.

  • Simon
    P.S. Simon might go in and post some kind of disclaimer above that little video, saying that, by their comments, this Thread’s participants aren’t convinced of the video’s authenticity.

    No need. Whatever anyone posts is their view - unless someone specifically says otherwise we don't agree or disagree with anything. No need to add any endorsement or non-endorsement notices to anything.

    “Seeing”, “dating”, “meeting”. What’s next? “Consulting”, “entertaining”, “encountering”? So, ... do I have this straight? He dates SWs, but doesn’t always take advantage of all the services they offer?

    You have to think with "Lloyd Logic" ... remember how he claims that money spent goes into separate distinct buckets? Like Patreon money and Google Ads money, and whatever is spent is always from someplace else so isn't being funded by ... you get the idea.

    Same with his hookers. He could be "dating" a hooker, paying for meals, transport, gifts, anything and everything and then pretend that's a separate "bucket" of money and nothing at all todo with them sleeping with him.

    In his warped mind, that means he's dated them, not hired them and paid for sex.

    Of course he's also a lying shit so why do we bother with anything he says? It's all bullshit to weasel his way out of whatever awkward situation his previous lies got him in.

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