It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    Newly Enlightened, thank you for the link to Shyla’s channel, This and That Resourceful Living. The video with her Dad using acorn flour was right up my alley. I’d gathered acorns and soaked them when I was captive in a nursing home. I didn’t have internet and didn’t know what to do next with them. So, finding her channel was perfect for me.

  • Thisismein1972

    Hey Lloyd. - criminally sued.

    How are you getting on Lloyd? - Soooo sued!

    Hows the family Lloyd? - You are Soooo criminally sued right now!

    Here's some money Lloyd. - fucking great now I'm going to have to use your money to sue you extra criminally.

    Random viewer of my YouTubes stop stalking me!

    Oh hello Tibor, look at this totally not so creepy t-shirt with your name on it I'm wearing in your presence. If you say anything I'm Soooo gonna sue you for using your psychic powers to make me wear this t-shirt...Soooo Soooo sued right now!

    Croatia - double sued

    Wimslow - you're criminally sued ten times over, so so sued right now.


  • Toblerone5
  • ForeverAlone
    Karma is a bitch.

    This is the best saying that sums this whole thing up. If you want to alienate the whole community and make trouble for the past 10+ years eventually karma is going to catch up with you Lloyd Evans.

    Do you not ever think why a lot of the exjw community was chomping at the bit to jump all over you for this last stunt of yours? Could it be that you are getting your just desserts now that you needed then?

  • ForeverAlone

    I was just reading some of the other threads on this site about Lloyd Evans and wanted to coment on this from another thread:

    That plays right in Lloyd's hand, turning the argument from him to Christians vs Atheists. What he did is universally unacceptable for an advocate of sexually abused women whether you're a Christian or Atheist

    I myself am a survivor of CSA (not from WT) and I do not care if you had sex with every prostitute in Thailand! That is your business not ours. I had a first cousin that was a prostitute. Although she was killed by Gary Ridgeway (Green River Killer), but that is neither here nor there. The thing I (and I suspect other CSA survivors) take issue with is that you are purporting to advocate for CSA survivors and victims! Im sorry but I do not want you near any issues that have anything to do with CSA survivors and victims! This is what is not getting through to you it seems. If you would just step up and say you are going to step back from your advocacy of CSA survivors and victims I suspect it would go a lot to alleviating the pain that you and the exjw community are experiencing. Can you just even admit that your involvement with CSA survivors and victims is muddled at best? We have to try to start healing somehow and this little step would be some forward progress.

    However, we still have the issue of your using patreon support to fund your escapades to do it though. That is not the only issue I have but lets take one at a time here.

  • Vintage

    I realize that Evans lawyer in Croatia is duty-bound to maintain confidentiality on Evans' case and their client-attorney conversations. HOWEVER, I think that it would be very interesting to those on this Thread to hear a first-hand report on the ambiance of the law firrm that Evans uses. I don't suppose that we have any forum members in Croatia who might pay a visit to the legal office he uses, which is located near Evans' home?

  • Chinapomo

    The funny thing is that he just promised to never reply back ever again, on his little web page. You can't help yourself Lloyd can you? Just like the gb can't stop obsessing over apostate driven lies.

    Lemme guess: all these info about you are exjw aposte driven lies too? Poor Lloyd.

  • Simon
  • Simon

    I think it's terrible what Russia has done to ... Oh, wait, they haven't been bombed?

    If you've ever watched the TV series "Suits" ... yeah, it's not that.

  • AudeSapere

    On page 519 about 5 posts down LMSA pasted a comment of JLE ranting about Deborah Dykstra's delay in putting COC back in print:

    "...Where is your indignation at Deborah for taking Crisis of Conscience out of circulation for years..."

    That was an asshole comment.

    He did not mention that Deborah is not a publisher and may not have known where to start or might not have understood how much interest there was in the book.

    Deborah inherited the copyright when Ray and Cynthia died.

    I think the book may even have gone out-of-stock while Ray was still alive (?)

    He gave no grace to Deborah when she eventually made a public statement that she had also been ill.

    While Lloyd Evans made loud public statements criticizing Deborah for not doing something that she was never obligated to do, to my knowledge, Lloyd Evans did not make public to Deborah when she did make a public statement.

    Not only was Deborah unwell with extended illness, when she did eventually see about getting the book updated and released again, she ran into ownership hurdles because someone (J. Lloyd Evans aka John Cedars) had taken it upon himself to publish the book as if he owned the rights. He even slapped stickers of his website on the cover of the book and leveraged the book to self-promote himself and his social media platform(s).

    I believe he was even working on translating the book into other languages.

    Does anyone remember seeing a public apology to Deborah for the damage he did to her?

    He paid her $50.00? Big deal.

    How much extra did Deborah have to pay lawyers to get the ownership cleared? How much did J. Lloyd Evans pay her for her extra legal fees to untangle herself from a mess he created?

    How much did J.Lloyd Evans pay Deborah for her own time to deal with the mess?

    Seriously, that was just another asshole comment.

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