It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • WingCommander

    So Cedars likes it Greek-style?

    He's got a FIST full of dollars and a taste for the fecal fandango? Guess I won't be telling him to "eat shit" anytime soon, as he'd get an odd erection from the very mention.

    ((( GAG )))

  • nicolaou

    If anyone else wants to contribute an article to the site Thai Pleasures tweeted as seen in Las Malvinas last post just let me know.

  • Toblerone5

    DerekMoors your post made me laugh SO much, it deserve to be on page 832 too!

    Someone go tell that fat slab of bacon grease that it's not up to him to tell anyone else how to run their business, charity, podcast, organization, or life. "It would be best..." Fuck you, you fat slithering troll. You don't get to decide that or tell anyone else that. No one answers to you, no one needs to explain anything to you, no one even needs to acknowledge your latest tantrum and especially if you can't be bothered to read their flyer properly. What happened, your dollar store hair dye sting your eyes so you couldn't focus?
    Also, someone explain to F2F (but in a much nicer way) that they should be telling him that same thing, firmly and directly. They don't answer to him, don't need to justify their stance to him, don't owe him an explanation, and shouldn't give a fuck if he "accepts" anything from them. Let him scream into the void, engaging him only feeds the monster. Seriously, stop coddling this fat trash man baby with a response; he wants an argument, he lives for the adrenaline rush.
    And if someone must respond to his Royal Fatness, point out that he's in no position to talk about anyone's human rights with this bullshit "lab specimen" argument. You think women forced into sex work whom you victimize every day don't feel like specimens and that their entire life must have "less value"? Fucking fat hypocrite.

  • DerekMoors


    Thank you. We moved recently so I've been distracted but then come back just to see him bossing around other people with this nonsense? Stupid chunk of lard in cheap sweaters. That dumb hair job, he looks like a knockoff Spiderman villain.

    On the upside, he'd down to 403 patrons... I think he was at 399 before he started the "woe is me, honor me with your valuable things" campaign so he's almost back to that level.

    Honestly, 100 million swimmers and he's the one who made it to the egg. I shudder to think what the other 99,999,999 slower and dumber ones would have spawned.

  • Vintage

    When Lloyd started out making exjw videos, there was a need for someone to make public statements on the toxicity of Watchtower. So he did that. Others did that, too. And now, any JW who genuinely wants to know what Watchtower teaches "wrong" has easy access to that information. When a newly awakened one needs personal reassurance, that can also be arranged. But does Lloyd really want his listeners to become healed from Watchtower? Or, is he afraid that his listeners will "get well" and not need him any more?

  • pr0ner

    @LMSA & @Vintage

    I think he will find someone. There are a LOT of desperate people in the dating scene. Even some really good looking ones. I can imagine also given the area he is in some may even overlook many of his flaws. It looks like everything he is trying to do is to attract a woman in her early 20's. Instagram model type. That of course is really out of his reach...I'd be shocked if he ended up with a woman his age. They have experience, are mature, and won't fall his scams. I can see him getting an attractive younger woman though who may not realize the type he is. He'll trot her out on his channel and post a bunch of pics of them being overjoyed to be with each other. Give it a year, she'll leave and really air out all the dirty laundry. Bet.


    As for the repost of Derek moors comment…..just spat my coffee out 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Whateveryousay

    Lol, now you maniacs are guessing Tibor's salary and whether Ramacro is his apartment. And then you say you don't make up irrelevant theories. How is Tibor's salary or Ramacro being his place relevant to anything? Also you keep mentioning that Dijana lost her position but it's clear her name is only in the interview credits, so it means she only helps with interviews. Get a life, what a bunch of psychos. Go to a therapist and tell them you spend your days obsessing over some guy and people close to him on a forum, you'll get a rubber walled room all to yourself.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Get a life, what a bunch of psychos. Go to a therapist and tell them you spend your days obsessing over some guy and people close to him on a forum, you'll get a rubber walled room all to yourself.

    This is the very purpose of a forum and why JWs don't like people going to them. Free discussion. Nothing really is off-topic, and we are free to discuss what we might think is going on with certain things. There is also a thread discussing the many theories regarding the removal of Tony Morris from the GB. No hard facts other than he is gone. Tony didn't go on an hour and a half livestream and subsequently made legal threats against posters. Are they crazy? Should they be sued like Lloyd is doing? Was Lloyd crazy for speculating what might have happened to Tony? Should Tony Morris sue him in a New York court? Or do you particularly not like the gossip based on facts Lloyd admitted to?

    Whateveryousay, I'm afraid you suffer from the JW Mindset™ (James Lloyd Evans Productions, LTD, All Rights Reserved). You really need help for your condition. Please reach out to Tibor Cecelja and Lloyd Evans of Zagreb for further help and instructions to deal with this malady. Have your PayPal (Most Urgent) information ready. They are closed Thursday through Monday and throughout most of the summer.

    I wish you the best in your recovery.

    All the Best,

    Bunch of Psychos™

    Spiteful Ranting Trolls

    Fanatical Cedars-Bashers™

    "The Forum"

    Fixated Haters

    People who are obsessed with my penis™

  • Thisismein1972

    Has anyone noticed that most cederites/Lloydvidians are batshit crazy?

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