It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • slimboyfat

    Good points Las Malv and BettyHumpter

    I wonder if the people complaining that this thread has persisted too long are also over on LE’s social media pages complaining about him persisting with his claim to stand up for abused people despite everything we know about his own behaviour. Or is it only psychopathic narcissists who deserve a break?

  • Ron.W.

    I think Lloyd was lucky not to get beaten up for his litter rant - can you imagine the way he probably went about it!!!

  • Mikejw
    KIMSILVIOa day ago
    By the way I thought his father was an Elder,but he went to a MTS?

    I don’t understand the question…can’t elders sons go to MTS? As far as I’m aware he was and still is an elder - big then I thought his sister was a JW and shunning him but that turned out to be incorrect so what would I know


    Kim Elders or MS could go on MTS but they have to be single and under 65

    these days it’s just called KMS and anyone can go sisters, couples anyone under 65

  • CalvinistEmily
    He was so protective of the books he wrote when getting them translated wasn't he, which gives me an idea, it would really wind him up if chapter by chapter they appeared online somewhere especially the new one he claims he's writing

    His Kiwi Farms thread has them both as PDFs attached to the first post. The site's been down recently but it's back up again, if a little slow.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The MTS video he made was described in TRA:

    The course itself proved to be extremely demanding and intense. I took along Dad’s video camera and filmed sporadically over the eight weeks to document my progress according to Mum’s wishes. In the resulting movie, which I still have on DVD, you can see a marked difference between my giddy optimism on the first day and my more subdued and drained demeanor only a week later. [70]

    However, read footnote #70:

    [70] In case you are wondering, no I do not plan on making the full movie publicly available! My video editing skills were not as polished back then, so the film is rather long and tedious to watch for anyone but the students themselves. I also feel a responsibility to respect, to a reasonable extent, the privacy of my classmates.

    Also, this is an interesting passage shortly before he was caught sexting:

    This incident spilled over into months of bitter wrangling, as Geoffrey insisted I be deleted as an elder for being a disrupting influence to the congregation, and for being deceitful. [93] After numerous elders’ meetings (some of which lasted long into the night) and letters to and from Bethel, [94] the whole affair ended with Geoffrey getting little more than a slapped wrist while continuing as the congregation’s coordinator. I, meanwhile, was stripped of almost every congregational assignment apart from being an elder. [95]

    Read footnote #95:

    [95] I was told I would no longer be the overseer of the weekly Theocratic Ministry School (a program I will mention again in Chapter Eight). Furthermore, Dijana and myself were stripped of our pioneer status. It was felt that neither of us had been sufficiently pulling our weight in terms of preaching hours, so I was asked to break the news to Dijana that her eight years of pioneering in two different countries were unceremoniously at an end. Though Geoffrey initially escaped the debacle seemingly unscathed, I later learned that he was eventually removed as coordinator in 2014 for reasons connected with his attitude.

    Now why would both him and his wife be stripped of their pioneer status? He claims it was because of the hours, but this came from Bethel. Not meeting the pioneer hours quota seems to be a local issue, not something Bethel would be involved in determining. Right after this he goes into being caught sexting. Something just doesn't add up here and it's possible he's purposely separating the sexting scandal with his issue with Geoffrey.

    What if his issue of Geoffrey was related to the sexting? He's very careful to keep the two issues apart but it's curious that he dives right into the sexting in his book immediately after his conflict with Geoffrey was adjudicated by Bethel. He does mention Geoffrey accused him of being a "disrupting influence" and "deceitful" which suggests there was a lot more to it than him trying to correct another elder for overbearing behaviour as he claims it was. Losing the Theocratic Ministry School and having both him and his wife removed as pioneers just for bumping heads with Geoffrey sounds quite extreme.

    And to have all this come down from Bethel?

  • TonusOH

    It would almost be worth it to get Geoffrey's side of the story. Evans' telling of it kind of gives things away- after extensive discussions with the elders, it was Evans who lost the most while Geoffrey only got a "slap on the wrist." It always puts a person's story in perspective when the outcome is completely different from what their version would lead you to believe was going to happen. Makes you think that they might not be giving you the whole truth...

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    Four more posts and we have page 500! We can do it!

  • Vintage

    Did Watchtower remove both husband and wife from the pioneer role when the husband ceased to qualify? Evans had said, "It was felt that neither of us had been sufficiently pulling our weight in terms of preaching hours..." , but would Watchtower really have kept Dijana as a pioneer when her husband was removed in disgrace? Even if she had been a few hours short, I think they might have overlooked it, had it not been for Evans. I think that Watchtower may have been so ashamed of Evans that they just went ahead and removed them both.

    P.S. MeanMrMustard,...and 5000 comments very soon!

  • Diogenesister

    Ministerial training school.... intellectual???

    Even as a believer I'd never have thought that🤣I was always bored witless with the repetition. It's quite obvious you're never going to learn more than the rote 50 or so scriptures they teach....if they did, people would likely wake up. They have to keep you locked inside the school for dummies.

    There's not likely to be anything new up their sleeves in terms of Biblical teaching on these courses. If there were the ordinary JW, as the foot soldier who does all the converting, would need to know it the most. This is why (unless you are very new) an elder is never going to have anything for you other than meeting/pray/ministry.....if anyone needs to metaphorically "unlock the keys to the kingdom" it's the regular publisher who makes the converts.

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    Hiiiii. I’m here for the 500 page party 🎉

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