It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Focus on a chapter at a time and I’m sure others will help when we can

    Looks like we will need an ad hoc editorial team. Who’s in?

    It goes without saying that the book will be offered for free and this is all volunteer work. Not only do we not want to look like hypocrites criticising Lloyd for his grift, but we want this read by as many as possible. Besides, it’s not about the money.

    The final drafts would need to be reviewed by Kim and anyone else featured prominently to correct information that is not entirely true or unsubstantiated & delete things altogether that are incorrect assumptions.

    Working title for the book - “From Bethel to Brothel” - thanks Simon!

  • Vintage

    In the case of my own posts that misteriously disappeared on the YouTube channel where I was a moderator, I had taken a screenshot of my comment when I posted it. It was sometime later that I would return to find, to my dismay, that my comment had disappeared.

    Nevertheless, as I said, Wally could be right.

  • Thisismein1972

    My comments featured in a exJW channel around five years ago. Our exchange eventually looked like I was a madman and constantly messaging him as he deleted his messages.

    Lloyd has a habit of deleting his messages to make the other party look crazy.

  • AudeSapere

    @Vivienne -

    Regarding your proposed chapter list (page 463 of this thread)...

    I suggest adding an intro/background chapter with details found on JWN.

    On JWN, JLE describes his ambition to create a cohesive community for all xJW's with him (at the time know as '(John)Cedars) as the lead. Then JLE completely botched the AAWA launch project with deception (ie: using an alias to form an actual, legal US corporation) and excessive control.

    [Of significant note: Barbara Anderson, LadyLee/LeeMarsh, Paul Grundy and many others were initial strong supporters of and contributors to AAWA. Which quickly fizzled under Lloyd's 'leadership'.]

    Laying out the origin-story of JLE's 'activism' will give clearer context to all the shenanigans we've seen play out on between Lloyd and so many other xJW YouTube content producers. All culminating in what has been a train-wreck of a year for JLE/JohnCedars in 2022.


  • Toblerone5
  • Simon
    found this...

    What a vile place.

  • Vintage

    Toblerone5, I gave you a "like" for posting such an informative price list. I hope no one thinks we are "liking" the "vile place" described at the link.

  • Vintage

    Thisismein1972, I've seen that "crazy making" deletion technique before. The only remedy to it that I know of is to repeat a few key words from their previous post, enclosing them in quote marks, and saying...You said, "blah blah..". To that I reply, "blah blah...". But that makes for a very long and tedious conversation. And, when I use it I sound like either a lawyer or a paranoid. But it's the only way to not look like you're shadow boxing.

    Well, either that or else delete ones own posts... which was probably the goal of the sparring partner.

  • Toblerone5

    thank you vintage , I post it ,because. On page 461 NonCoinCollector post the L.E.comment about the 20 years old girl..., and that site ,disgusting by the way , explain there is " Bar Thai Girls" and also Thai Bar\Club Freelance girls Both are prostitutes DUH! Lloyd,, and MAYBE That's what that girls on the photos with Lloyd is," MAYBE" ,also L.E. said twice now ,he DATED a sex worker, well the site explain ,they do have Thai Girls \Online DATING sites . That was just those 3 thing i wanted to point out that's it that's all the rest was DISGUSTING, Sorry I should have explain my post...

  • Listener

    What about contacting Lloyd and asking if he would like to contribute or to refute the claims which you would consider including and at cost?

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