It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Lloyd's ridiculous rants remind me of the baddies in Scooby-Doo:

    Lloyd like rants

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    I am thinking that the reason he is filing a criminal suit against seven people is based on what his lawyer has recommended. If he files a criminal complaint against people with insufficient evidence, it makes it more likely that the whole matter will be dismissed quickly. So they probably pared it down to the ones they felt they could make a case against, as thin as it might be. They don't need for it to succeed, they need to file it for the next step.

    Because it could be that this is just part of the process for filing the civil action. If he files the civil action after letting the statute of limitations on the criminal complaint expire, it could hurt his case. Since defamation is treated like a crime, there would be the question of why he didn't file charges if he felt that a crime had been committed. So his lawyer may have advised him to pursue the criminal case, knowing that it will go nowhere but that it is a necessary first step.

    Mind you, the civil case has no real chance of succeeding, IMO. Even if, by some odd circumstance, he was able to get a judgment against anyone, he would be in no position to collect it. I doubt that Croatian courts can attach a lien to any funds/property that are not, at the least, held in Croatian banks or on Croatian soil. He would be able to wave the judgment around and pretend it vindicates him, but that gives his critics yet another chance to mock him. I don't think he understands the long-term consequences of his actions here. But self-preservation seems to take second-stage to his pleasure-seeking.

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    Lloyd Evans is an opportunist who figured out that he can make easy money without working. (he strikes me as a very lazy man who can't even take care of his own appearance and has to have other people come and fix up his house.)

    There are some real activists out there. Many we don't really know their names because they work quietly behind the scenes without asking for money.

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    Can I have a link to the UKxjw group?

    I've linked the page. One of the admin team will pick up on it. They are very good with PIMO's - all PIMO's info is kept secure and they advise using an alias on facebook. The group is secret/hidden because obviously they don't want your family members/friends who are still JW's to catch on. The group cannot be found in a facebook search for this reason.

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    "Speaking about my personal life in a betrayal of confidence is violating enough, but the things i've been accused of over the past 3 months are grotesque and I have every right to seek a relief & set the record straight"

    Lloyd is OTT with his language. Kim Silvio did not violate Lloyd, and it is grotesque for him to say so.

    I do wonder what all these 'grotesque' accusations are, that have been made over the last three months. There was a grotesque accusation that was raised in 2017 and resurfaced a few months ago but nothing else. Whatever it is, he seems to have come up with 15 pages of it but it wouldn't surprise me if it included comments like his hair being untidy.

    If he wants to talk about something being grotesque, he might want to consider how many of these sex workers feel about their paying customers.

  • Toblerone5

    Just a thought, so he went to the courthouse friday ,and he DIDN'T tweet about it? Then the weekend come and goes...nothing...Monday ? tuesday? nope...finally Wednesday ,he finally whine about it. We are talking about a men that love to tweet about every stupid thing he does! You would think he would make a full documentary about this.Him getting in the car , him in front of the courthouse, inside, he have to go to the washroom, laugh and say to the camera, with one eyebrow up. Tibor will have to cut that out later, ect...Did he really went to Sisak? Plus since is croatian really suck,if he did go,he needed somebody to translate, is wife? Tibor? MARKO...PROSTITUTE?The tooth fairy, easter bunny, SPIDERMAN? And Simon about that post of him in the shower, SUFFER!

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    It's possible that his lawyer has asked him to keep the details quiet, as it is generally a bad idea to reveal too much about legal action while it is pending or ongoing. You can damage your case by talking to the public about it while it is still going on.

    I agree with you, that Evans seems like a difficult client to manage when it comes to keeping information confidential until it's safe to reveal. But in this instance, he seems to be showing a bit more restraint than usual. Good luck keeping him from screwing that up, though.

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