It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    Aw, GabeAthouse... noooo.

  • TonusOH
    LMsA: Lloyd did quite well with green handshakes and I can’t even remember an overseas trip that wasn’t funded at least in part by the local JWs. I know of at least two such donors who would send him $100-$200 a month through PayPal and have now stopped.

    During his confessional livestream (where he was admitting to cheating on his wife with prostitutes for years), there was at least one person offering to pay for a vacation for him and his family as a way of helping him deal with the stressful situation he was in. The fact that he had created that situation did not deter people from offering what would have been a gift of a few thousand dollars, at least. (To say nothing of the $3000 or so that was donated during that same livestream!)

    People who are waiting for him to run out of funds might have to wait a while. Until the last of his really generous donors decides to walk away, he'll have a surprising amount of money coming in each month.

  • Bangalore
  • slimboyfat

    Yes that’s true, he is continuing to get money despite his obnoxious behaviour and despite his reduced output. The thing that might still be his undoing is that, although the is still receiving significant amounts of money, he knows better than anyone else how much lower his income is now because of the truth coming out. He feels strongly that he is entitled to the money he got last year and bitterly resents the fact that he has to adjust. He feels cheated and wronged. (The irony) He just can’t help expressing his arrogance and sense of entitlement which will drive yet more people away and probably worsen his mood and behaviour in a downward spiral.

  • Toblerone5
    I was thinking , by now the "Frumpy" Mormons women that studied with M.Evans , must have realize that he not just completely wasted there time, but he was also so arrogant and condescending an a totally ass the hole time.How wonderful if somebody ,with do an Interview with them. How would love to hear there side of that experience.Come on .how hard would it be to find them , there on that Expacts group in Zagreb too. Just a thought...
  • Vintage

    How did the “Tibor is gracious” slogan originate?

    Also, SBF, I’ve thought about what you said... “He just can’t help expressing his arrogance and sense of entitlement which will drive more people away...”. I think normal, good-hearted people do avoid people with those characteristics. But his “arrogance and sense of entitlement” attracts a different group of people. Those people, I think, want to join forces with him,... sort of a “you and me bud, us against the world, we’re smarter than everyone else” bond. And that will last until and unless they disagree with him on some detail.

  • Diogenesister
    Gabe Ivermectin to treat covid is nonsense and it hasn't been 'vindicated'. (edit after posting)Upon re-reading, I guess you mean by 'vindicated' that Joe wasn't actually buying it from the local feed and seed but instead obtained a prescription. True. Still useless, but OK.

    That is what I meant.

    However it is not at all clear ivermectin is "useless". One of the biggest meta analysis of the data has shown that is likely to reduce serious illness and death by 62%. Remember, worldwide it's one of the safest and most widely used medications (for parasites) so side effects are negligible. Remember those most interested in these alternatives are the very poor - who can't afford the latest treatments. In fact the most recent study that purported to show ivermectin ineffective has been withdrawn amid some scandal (and frankly incredible levels of bad practice).

    There have been some major studies that were inconclusive as to its effectiveness, also, and I'm certainly no particular advocate. But I do think you need to look harder into the levels of vested interests and dishonesty when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Certainly vitamin D and other essential fatty acids you can get from spouted seeds etc mentioned by Vintage are super good for you.

    I'm very science orientated and an advocate of modern medicine being a nurse, but never throw the baby out with the bath water!!

    I'm big into gut health and fermented foods (which humans have ingested for millennia - always a good sign something is healthy for your immune system). I think foraging and eating as wide a range of foods as possible is another modern "fad" that I happen to think is really beneficial.

  • Vintage

    Thanks, diogenesister. Quassia bark has been taken for centuries to fight malaria. I stir a teaspoon of powdered quassia bark into a half cup of water and drink it to kill parasites. Quassia is very bitter. Decades ago, I was in the Amazon region and was bitten mercilessly by Anopheles mosquitos. They can transfer a parasite that causes malaria.

    “Another type of malaria, P. malariae, if not treated, has been known to stay in the blood of some people for several decades.”

    So, quassia is a wonderful herb to have on one’s bedside table. I would take it immediately if I thought I might have Covid.

    From NCBI:

    Antimalarial Activity of Simalikalactone E, a New Quassinoid from Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae)


    We report the isolation and identification of a new quassinoid named simalikalactone E (SkE), extracted from a widely used Amazonian antimalarial remedy made out of Quassia amaraL. (Simaroubaceae) leaves...

  • NonCoinCollector

    If Lloyd is done doing videos in his bunker basement, I would love to see him return to the kitchen where he filmed that brilliant livestream confession.

  • Vintage

    On page 447, I posted a John Cedars video from ten years ago, and we all talked about wondering who was the female voice on the Conti video. It hadn’t been difficult for me to find that video. I’d gone to Evans’ YouTube channel and clicked on “oldest first”. But [drum roll], just now I went to Evan’s YouTube channel and clicked on “oldest first”, only to find that the oldest listed is from only from 5 months ago! All the other videos are from 4 months ago, 3 months ago, etc. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Please see if I’m seeing this correctly. Has ten years of Lloyd Evans video history disappeared?

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