It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • JeffT

    JW's are conditioned to believe they need somebody (the GB) to explain stuff to them. Lloyd tapped into this when started up his youtubes. Now they've been conditioned to believe they need Lloyd Evans to explain stuff to them.

    I think this is a real disservice to those leaving the Watchtower. Learning to sort out what you believe for yourself is a huge step, one that people won't take unless they have a teacher who is more interested in helping them strike out on their own, than gathering followers for himself. Or better yet, no teacher at all.

  • vienne


    The youtube 'rebuttals' puzzle me. Some of them are silly, even stupid. Some are to the point, but the point is often nearly meaningless. Why someone determined to shed Watchtower doctrine needs the rebuttals is a mystery. Is it a form of justification? In Lloyds case, I would say so. His videos seem to be his excuse for immoral, hurtful behavior.

    Scouring old Watchtower publications for things to laugh at or criticize also seems off point. Okay, now the person who always down votes my posts can get to work.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Vienne, at last check Lloyd Evans has 1345 videos. I challenge fans of his to point to more than 20 of them they could argue as must watch videos. Although I do like his video of why 607 BCE was not the year Jerusalem fell to Babylon, that is the only video I can point to as really good. A few of his interviews might make the list, but really if you can't say what needs to be said in under 50 videos about Watchtower then you are in it for the wrong reasons. Lloyd doesn't offer news any longer, because as we figured, it wasn't him looking for the news. All he has are his rebuttals. If you are going to the trouble of watching Lloyd's rebuttals, you might as well watch the original videos and make your own rebuttals.

  • Vintage

    I tried to find a specific video just now, but couldn’t find it. Marc and Cora had made a video where they explained that, back when they first started making video exposing Watchtower, there was almost no one else doing this. But, they said, many others are now doing this, and doing it well. And they said that, with so many speaking out against Watchtower, they decided to work on other important projects. This sounds reasonable to me. I only woke up three and a half years ago. But I’m glad I can watch Marc and Cora’s videos even from nine years ago. And they are free to work on other things that interest them and that help other people.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Issuing “rebuttals” for everything is just the way Lloyd Evans’ thinking process goes. He truly believes he’s the smartest guy in any given room and surrounds himself with people who agree. When he was on this forum, he’d wade into a discussion offering a breakdown of his thoughts. Even people who essentially agreed with his position were often told there wasn’t something they had a complete handle over and needed to do their own research to come over to his line of thinking. It’s always right or wrong with him, with his position always being the correct one.

    I did my own mental rebuttals to convention material whilst I was still attending them. It’s not like we’re debating academic scholars on this; this is Jehovah’s Witnesses after all. If you need Lloyd’s take on a convention from a religion you left to feel validated, then you really need to do you own research. Lloyd’s 607 rebuttal is basically a reiteration of Carl Olaf Jonsson’s late 1970s treatise he submitted to the GB and later formed the basis of his book. Anyone reading Carl’s book is capable of doing a 607 rebuttal. Likewise most of Lloyd’s critiques of the GB are drawn from Raymond Franz’s and James Penton’s books and later Barbara Anderson’s insider info.

    This is also why he’s branching out into rebutting the Mormons. There are a lot of publications out there that one can read to give them adequate info to debate a Mormon. I personally find little benefit in someone from a JW background debating a Mormon. I actually feel sympathy towards those missionaries in Croatia that there’s this disgusting slob of a person pretending he’s interested in their religion when he’s only seeking to add content he can make money off of.

  • Vintage

    I found discussions with Mormon missionaries futile. In Ecuador, I heard reports that young Mormon missionary men told local young women that they couldn’t marry them until and unless they would get baptized. Then after the women's’ baptism, the young Mormon missionary men would move on to a new candidate.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    That's worse than 'rice Christian' tactics!

    If you watch the end of this movie, at the end the man says to his wife, "even you were given to me". Ie to keep him in check. I wonder how many this has happened to in WT. I can think of at least one it might have happened to.

  • notsurewheretogo

    LE vids are just a lot of hot air. 2 hours to say 5 minutes worth. He no longer has that deep interest in his content anymore, in my opinion. It seems related he just needs to churn out any content to keep his subscribers happy.

    His vids are full of comments of happy clapper lapping it up. He just needs to churn any shit out to keep the cash coming in.

    I suspect he will need to do this until this whole lloydgate has blown over and he gets back to more serious content but his critics are stopping that to some degree.

  • TonusOH

    Once you have covered the basics of the JW belief system and things the organization did in the past, there isn't much left. Honestly, you could get what you need by visiting JWFacts or any of a number of sites that have extensive information on JW beliefs and the WTS's past. A few hours of reading and you are up-to-date.

    From then on, I could see the occasional short commentary when the organization puts out something new or makes changes or, I dunno... buys some liquor. Going through every video and meeting and convention and critiquing everything might keep a few people interested, but it's tough to imagine building a channel around it. To his credit, Evans was having some success with it, until he unmasked himself.

  • Vintage

    His debauchery did him in.

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