It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    There's a Chinese saying 'point deer, say horse'. What it means is "deliberate misrepresentation for ulterior purposes".

    But what we have seen is is liars, point to liars and call them liars. You imagine the liar who spoke up first is not a liar.

    Watchtower pointed at all other Christian denominations and said 'liars'. Watchtower claimed to be publishing the Truth, ie the genuine teachings of Jesus Christ. But they weren't. Many put their trust in Watchtower and did not imagine they would be like the people they were calling out. But they were, so some, losing faith/trust in the Watchtower, lost their faith in Jesus/the Truth.

    Now apply that to the child abuse issue. Child abusers point to child abusers and call them child abusers. You imagine the child abuser who spoke up first is not a child abuser. But then you see, the accuser is as bad as the ones he/she is accusing. So you end up like Pontius Pilate saying, 'what is truth?' How is that attitude going to protect children? Or anyone for that matter. All Pilate could do was wash his hands.

    But the wisdom of Jesus Christ's words stand - it is by their ACTIONS not their words that you identify people.

    (Matthew 7:20) . . .Really, then, by their fruits you will recognize those [men]. . .

    Also (Matt 7:21-23) - get away from me you workers of lawlessnes.

  • Vintage

    Nice post, Anna Marina. Thank you.

  • Vintage

    Hi Kim, I’m going to put a suggestion here for any of my fellow Texans who listen to your videos. I could honestly only understand a few words out of the first two minutes of your introduction of the last video you posted. It sounded like a foreign language to me. And then I had a brilliant idea. I set the playback speed down to 75 percent of normal speed,... and voilà,... perfect English diction. : ) So, any Texan out there having the same problem I had, set Kim’s playback speed to 75 percent.

    So, any Texan out there having the same problem I had, set Kim’s playback speed to 75 percent.

    Lol, sorry 😂😂 glad to hear the solution 💗💗

  • Toblerone5

    I kid you not... Absorbent...No ,not going there... With that NOSE ? You thought i was going to say something else did you...Also thrice?

  • Toblerone5
  • NonCoinCollector

    Lloyd Evans, bringing a whole new meaning to "Don't squeeze the Charmin" since 2022.

  • DaughterOfTheSouth

    Hi Vintage,

    I’m a Georgia girl with most of my family in Texas. Nice solution, yay! I didn’t know it was possible to slow things down. I’ll never forget my first trip up North as a young girl- how could people talk so fast???

    Thank you, Kim, for everything. Your contributions to the community are invaluable and I love your weekly YT content.

  • Vintage

    My pleasure, DaughterOfTheSouth. Sometimes we just need a little help. I have a BA in Spanish and worked as a court interpreter, yet I couldn’t understand Kim.


  • Diogenesister

    Re: Lloyds involvement with CSA & domestic abuse & Leah's video.

    Whilst I accept we none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, Lloyd refuses to listen to the feelings of his wife, CSA/DV & abuse victims and women in general. So in my opinion it's not so much what Lloyd has done, but rather that he utterly refuses to understand and accept the connection between CSA, domestic abuse, sexual coersion etc and the sex industry, particularly in Thailand and Eastern Europe.

    I realise this was recorded in 2021 but am I right in thinking they've just released it? If Lloyd had asked them to put some kind of disclaimer at the beginning, I might have some respect for him. There might be some way back. But he didn't.

    If there are some single guys out there, particularly who've just left the org, who think to themselves "well I've been to a massage parlour in my hometown, that could be me they're judging..."

    No, it couldn't. YOU aren't an advocate for domestic abuse victims forced to remain married, who tried to force an open marriage on your wife. YOU aren't an advocate for CSA who visits sex workers in Thailand - over half of which are my minors or who began their "career" as minors. YOU haven't taken donations from CSA victims and used it to pay for potentially trafficked women. YOU haven't tried to bully, doxx, smear & litigate those who know you, who've tried to save you from yourself and call your behaviour you claim people should do to others.

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