It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    I completely agree, Simon.

    In one of his “apostasy” videos, Eric Wilson says that Watchtower’s “verbal” rules take precedence over their “written” rules. That was also my experience in my own case.

  • JeffT

    I'm curious about something not in the timeline (which is excellent BTW). How/when/where did Lloyd and Dijana meet and get married? I just wonder where that fits in.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    How/when/where did Lloyd and Dijana meet and get married? I just wonder where that fits in.

    From the pdf.. er I mean "digital copy purchased through Amazon" of TRA, he was virtually seeing an American on study in the Midlands. She totally wanted to fuck him and they arranged for a weekend at his dad's place when he was out of town but Lloyd "pulled out". This was in early 2006. In June 2006 he travelled to Croatia at Miroslav's invitation. Miroslav was a Croatian attendee at MTS School. He spoke of fantasising about meeting a "Croatian girl" during this MTS reunion with Miroslav. Along with 9 other brothers from MTS, they flew into Zagreb and somehow Lloyd was the first one who made it into Sisak. An English-speaking brother there arranged for him to give a talk in English at the local congregation even though few could understand it. Here's how they met per the Reluctant Apostate:

    At the end of the meeting, a pretty young girl with dark eyes and raven hair approached me. Her flawless features reminded me of the singer Katie Melua. In perfect English, she thanked me for my talk and said she had enjoyed it. “By the way, I’m Deeyana,” she said.

    Also this:

    In my mind, I was Adam in the Garden of Eden— and Dijana was my Eve. I had discovered Dijana was a pioneer who was very highly spoken of by the local brothers, which ticked a major box on my list of requirements. I pursued her relentlessly with my camcorder, trying to get her attention. As you might expect, this paparazzi approach did little to endear me to her. To further complicate matters, it appeared I was not the only one smitten. A couple of the more handsome specimens from my class were moving in and trying their luck.

    Lloyd and two other brothers were in open competition over Dijana's affections. In the weeks following his return to England phone calls and emails were exchanged which spawned a relationship. He convinced her to relocate to England as an au pair. After 6 months of dating (roughly July 2006 to January 2007) he proposed with a cheap silver ring he could barely afford after rowing her out to the middle of Grasmere Lake in the Lake District.

    They were married at the registry office in Malinska, Croatia on 14 July 2007. They had a Witness only gathering on a hotel balcony following the vows. Their honeymoon was driving back to the UK with stops in Venice, the Swiss Alps and Paris.

  • markweatherill

    Relentlessly pursuing a girl with a camcorder is a big red flag in the real world.

    I wonder if the footage still exists, or are the tapes worn out from endless freeze-framing and replaying during 'alone time' sessions.

    Now I see just how much superhuman restraint such a one would show in refusing to record his judicial committee, eh.

  • NonCoinCollector
    You can have an appeal, but has anyone ever heard of an appeal being upheld?

    Only one time have I ever heard of an appeal working.

  • Vintage

    In comments under one of Eric Wilson’s youtube videos, I read where one man’s relative had a decision reversed on appeal. I replied with a comment that that must have been one really poorly done original judicial meeting.

  • slimboyfat

    I remember reading that appeals are only possible in cases of disfellowshipping not disassociation. Is that right?

  • Chinapomo

    Gosh. Why is it so cringe even when he writes

    Wtf talks like that.

  • Vintage

    Is it off-limits to ask what Lloyd Evans’ (elder) Father’s name is? Sometimes there are personal stories out on the internet where people talk about the experiences they have had with a particular elder, circuit overseer, district overseer, or their wives, etc.

  • Toblerone5
    Definitely ongoing shenanigans with the Patreon numbers

    YES! July 1 it was 469 ,and now 485? because he's on vacation there is not really new video on his youtube chanel. That "buffet "one was probably made in june or may? Everybody are talking about the JW convention ,on twitter, what was said ,like Lett saying babies are enemy's of God, some even made rebuttal video on them.already.But where are is video on the convention? a lot of is patrons look forward to those stupid long boring convention video.even today on twitter he post that...By the time he start making them, what in august? everybody will all know about what was said ,seen all the clips ect... and most will be HEARD THAT ,SEEN THAT, OVER WITH..If i was a patrons ,I would think that's why I gave you $ ,so you can be the first one to make those videos, not , giving you $ so you and your family can go on vacation AGAIN! In the past he would do the convention video FIRST then go on vacation AFTER

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