It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Kim is too classy to want a day named after her even in jest.

    But you can bet 2 to 1 odds that Lloyd will mark Jan 31 with a video entitled to the likes of “The Defamation - 1 Year Later”. He’ll reveal that him and Dijana are now divorced but at the time of Jan 31 they were well on their way to reconciliation. He’ll remark that it’s been hard on his kids and that he cries SO MUCH at night that he can’t be with them as he did before.

    He’ll also take a shot at the Croatian court system for throwing his case out and promising to punish those bullies with civil suits.

  • Vintage

    LMsA, Evans will also decry how, for lack of funds, he can no longer do his magnificent, heroic, extraordinary work of saving the downtrodden.

  • JeffT

    A couple of thoughts.

    I'm thinking of a list of questions to ask Lloyd when it's time for interrogatories and depositions. As you know I'm a retired accountant and I've been involved in some legal arguments about financial matters. I'm basing this on the US court system. From my initial scan of the post by pr0ner the Croatian system looks much like the US. My questions would mainly be about financial matters. Since Lloyd brought up the use (or misuse) of Patreon funds, he made it fair game.

    I sued somebody once, about thirty years ago. I really hope I don't have to do that again. Discovery was a nightmare, there is no such thing as privacy. The defendant can ask for any information they want: copies of bank records, receipts, expenses, credit card records, travel records, you name it. You don't get to refuse, the judge will dismiss the case if plaintiff doesn't get what they want.

    Stevehowell: You've been on this board 4 hours, you can't dictate what we say. Evans is a very real problem for the XJW community, we can and should talk about how to respond to him.

    My opinion: I'm afraid his antics will poison the well in our battles against the WTBS. We don't need this, but we can't ignore it.

  • Stevehowell

    I never said I get to decide what you can talk about lol but I guess if people want to be childish and toxic let them carry on in 10 years time it'll all be forgotten who knows maybe some of you won't even be around all I'm interested in is facts and helping people like myself who are damaged from being a JW all this is just unnecessary and caused me to lose faith in the ex JW community altogether. Peace out :-/

  • wannaexit
    all I'm interested in is facts and helping people like myself who are damaged from being a JW all this is just unnecessary and caused me to lose faith in the ex JW community altogether.

    There are many topics that you can choose to follow. You don't have to follow THIS thread. There are also many many youtube channels that will help you out.

    WELCOME to this board! When I started to understand stuff (about 12 years back), this board was instrumental in keeping my sanity. Search out other thread that will help you out. There is a wealth of solid information in its archives.

  • vienne

    Why would you put 'faith' in any community? Interest, yes. FAITH? Place your faith in any collection of human voices and you will be disappointed.

  • Diogenesister
    SHGuys, this is such toxic behavior this community does not need personal grievances between 2 parties as its not our beef so please only talk about ex jw topics and let sleeping dogs lie. Kind regards :smile:

    I understand why you posted this because it may seem insane of us to continue posting when there is no further "news" as such.

    The reason we do so is to keep updating this thread so that it ranks higher in search results, it's as simple as that.

    If someone searches Lloyd Evans we want them to be aware of his negative behaviour because for too long he has silenced and bullied others in this community and we don't want his victims to think they're alone.

    There is also a deep conflict of interest in his use of exploited women and girls and his CSA, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy. His fraudulent insistence that he cares for those leaving Watchtower has been exposed as a lie and his activism nothing but fiscal self interest - for which he has cruelly driven off anyone who is a threat or with a dissenting opinion to his.

    The only ex witnesses he was interested in were those he could use for content or to further his career and he has never renumerated any of them.

    There is method in our madness, Steve.

    one of them contacted you to give you some support or something like that...

    Not a word. Mark did block me on Twitter though, so I wasn’t completely ignored.

  • Simon
    Not a word. Mark did block me on Twitter though, so I wasn’t completely ignored.


    I think the majority really do appreciate what you did Kim, even if not immediately as it happened, then with everything else they have learned since. I think it's important to be public in voicing your support for some situations otherwise you leave people who've stood up feeling more alone than they should and potentially looking like an easy target.

    It's a shame some people were so slow to do the right thing and even then seemed to be looking for ways to do with the wrong thing. He seems to still be supporting Lloyd when he can - he was also coming on here and downvoting comments critical of him.

  • Toblerone5
    Mark did block me on Twitter though,

    what? well there is that english quote that come to my mind Birds of a feather flock together ... he learn from the best ... oh and M.O'donnell if you see my post,don't forget to click the thumb Down since that is what you do on this panel. Thank you Simon for sharing this. And kim , i don't know if you remember my tweet about the elder's wife...but he get a Number 11 for what he did to you,

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