It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    Okay, here’s this, at least.

    If any CSA survivor gives an interview to Evans regarding their abuse, this could jeopardize their case. They could ask Evans to refrain from publishing the interview. I believe he would comply. If not, they can request a gag order.

    “In addition, a gag order instituted in a legal setting may ban the media from reporting information associated with the case.

    “A gag order is typically utilized by a judge if he or she is fearful that a case is sensational or outlandish that it will be difficult for the defendant to receive a fair trial. Public discussions and the delivery of information can, in many cases, sway the outcome of a legal case, especially if a trial garners a great deal of public attention. When this occurs, a conflict is inherently spawned that directly impedes the defendant from receiving a fair trial. Such a conflict compromises the judicial values which state that evidence should be evaluated and considered impartially.”

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Speaking of Andrew Gold, I do find it curious he did not sue him as he had promised. Not only did he interview Kim, he made a follow-up video essentially calling him a cult leader and then one with Dr Das where he was unofficially diagnosed as a psychopathic narcissist. Burger, Marc/Cora did a lot less and they were deemed as one of the more egregious cases to use his wording.

    I think the answer to that is that Gold is a Twitter blue check mark, has a lot of viewership outside of ex JWs and would have totally dunked on him in a few more rebuttal videos. 4 of the 7 (Burger/Marc/Cora/Joel) do not make exJW videos anymore and it’s easier to go after them than YouTubers with sizable audiences like Gold and altworldly. The bottom line if he’s only interested in making examples out of these people and is confident that their sway over popular opinion is minimal.

  • ozziepost

    “one of the most sophisticated and well-organised mass cover ups of CSA”

    What’s he on about? Sounds like he’s leading an expose.

  • TeddyNail

    Wouldn't it be so good if LE judicial record was leaked by WT, I know it goes against the grain to maybe reduce the attacks on their policies but we do not want him in the system of Ex JW front line. Will someone please leak his judicial for the world to see what the conversation included!

  • slimboyfat

    A bully picks his targets according to who he thinks he can intimidate. He’s probably correct that Dr Das and Andrew Gold are not to be messed with, but he’s probably wrong if he thinks the XJWS he has targeted can be shut down. He reckons he can silence people as he has in the past, but he will probably find he is mistaken.

  • TonusOH

    I think Gold would be much more likely to make a formal response to a criminal complaint than the others, and he might also publicize the case to a larger audience. I don't think Evans wants either of those things to happen. He wants to be known as a pre-eminent exJW and activist against the cover-up of CSA by the organization. He doesn't want to be known as the person who cheated on his wife by visiting prostitutes repeatedly, a fact that he announced to the world in a video that won't ever go away, but which could become viral.

    He's walking a very fine tightrope, and so far has not done a very good job of it. But I think even he knows that there are certain actions he could take which would ruin him very quickly and very thoroughly.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Lloyd himself said in the Andrew Gold interview that exploitation in Thailand was a “conversation worth having” - gotta love the way Lloydy boy says this, almost as if he's a sociology professor who's observing this situation, rather than the fat loser who actually caused it, lol

    Don't worry, Lloyd, we'll have that conversation even if you won't ...

  • Simon
    Speaking of Andrew Gold,

    I think it's simpler than that. Lloyds main goal appears to be silencing and driving away exJWs who make videos.

    It's how he makes his money and he views them as competition.

    All this whole thing has been is an excuse to silence what he sees as "competition". I think he views people who produce content for free as taking potential revenue from him.

  • pr0ner

    This site has a great overview on the Croatian legal system.

    The one crucial bit relates to getting judgments for rulings. Notice how he isn't suing anyone from a country Croatia has an agreement with.

    Currently, there are 16 bilateral agreements regulating and simplifying the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, with Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Macedonia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia and Turkey, and one bilateral agreement regulating and simplifying the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards with Austria

    It's all absurd on so many levels.

  • TonusOH

    And let's face it- Croatia is not going to ask any country to extradite someone for making fun of a person on the internet. Nor would any country comply with such a request. It tells their citizens that their government will send them packing at a moment's notice for no reason, instead of protecting them as they would be expected to.

    The closest he'll get to any kind of decree is when the judge reads the complaint, looks up, and asks "are you people serious?"

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