It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • CalvinistEmily
    I am starting to think Lloyd's lawyers realize they have a sucker for a client and they are going to bill the crap out of him. I hope they bleed his bank account dry.

    Yeah, every kuna he gives to Novoselic is one he can't give to a pimp. I just hope Djiana's got a "fuck you fund" for herself and the kids and he doesn't clean her out too.

  • Simon
    So, he had been repeatedly assured that Croatian law can just reach out to other countries, criminally no less, and at jurisdiction over, say, US citizens.

    Even major countries like the UK and Germany have zero ability to impose their court system on people outside of their jurisdiction. An insignificant country like Croatia is really not top of the "we can swing our international dick" league.

    And "jurisdiction", it's literally, the definition of the word, where they do and don't have any legal power:

    "the extent of the power to make legal decisions and judgments"

  • Simon
    If I use my little avatar on a different forum, that's probably some kind of "infringement", right?

    The monster avatars use an open-source package, so it wouldn't be infringement. It doesn't mean deep linking to them is allowed though and wouldn't be blocked.

    I am starting to think Lloyd's lawyers realize they have a sucker for a client and they are going to bill the crap out of him. I hope they bleed his bank account dry.

    I think you're right, and it would be glorious if all his fundraising ends up being drained all from his own poor choices.

    Lloyd is using watchtower tactics here. By trying to silence the critics.

    He is. And the other part of it isn't to just silence the people already involved, it's to try and make people question themselves when it comes to commenting on him or his crappy antics in future.

    If anyone watches the Jimmy Saville documentary on Netflix, there's a part in it where he effectively admits that he's "known in the industry as litigious" which he used as a shield to put people off coming forward with accusations.

    It's a similar concept.

  • Simon
    The video starts 8 minutes in.

    That Cappytan video a couple of pages back is a great analysis of what Lloyds statement means to his claim.

    Well worth a watch.

  • NonCoinCollector
    What he doesn't realize is the era of trying to silence people is also coming to an end. We are witnessing a shift in the current paradigm where the west is no longer a superpower. The death of the Roman empire teaches us a lot about what may happen.

    It is looking more like the French Revolution to me, but your point is well taken, Thisismein1972.

  • Thisismein1972

    Has anyone come across this? This could be a very good source of information as it has all the links to all his shenanigans.

  • TonusOH

    I think one of the forum members here updated that wiki page a few weeks back.

  • Simon

    Lloyd is like his own "Overton window"

    Not too long ago, some middle-aged man hitting on random women uninvited would be condemned for their toxic masculinity. Remember the Gillette adverts?

    For Lloyd it's just a footnote, almost not a surprise. We've been so conditioned by his repeated poor behavior that it's almost "just Lloyd being Lloyd".

    In reality, if that was all he'd done, it would still show himself to be toxic and it should disqualify him from being any spokesperson for any women.

  • CalvinistEmily
    "the new normal" WTF is he using essentially communist propaganda for?

    Nah, he's a typical neoliberal. I wish he were a communist, I'm an ML myself and we have much more rigorous analysis of and response to exploitation and inequality than just virtue signalling.

    For example in China, using prostitutes carries the death penalty.

  • Ron.W.

    I noticed this has been posted on Lloyd's facebook page:

    Shawn Batten
    Lloyd, I grew up a JW and have been practicing law in California for 10 years. I am not a Croatian attorney and have never been to Croatia.
    I'm not sure who your attorneys are or what qualifications they have. I can tell you that in the US, it is absolutely the case that if you say someone defamed you, the burden is on you to show what statements were defamatory and how you were damaged. If you don't have any specific statements to present, they win. If the person who made the statements can show they were true, then they win. You don't just get to say "this person defamed me" and then that person has to sort it out. You also don't send letters to someone demanding money or you will file criminal charges against them (in the US, that is literally extortion), but perhaps things are different out there.
    Additionally, it is absolutely the case that the laws of a foreign country do not apply to persons who have no relationship to that country. Put another way, do you think the ruler of North Korea could put an American in prison or take his assets for saying something unflattering about him online? Sure, someone could be extradited to stand trial for something serious, but I think we can both agree that wouldn't happen here.
    I have always enjoyed your videos and appreciate the work you have done in helping create awareness of what is going on with the WTBS, but all of this has made me question your judgment and character.

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