It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon

    The full content, for the record:

  • Simon


    He claims his legal action is of the utmost, critical importance. So naturally, he went on vacation to try and date people and totally ignored it. Sorry Lloyd - it's no one's fault but your own that you have a crappy case and crappy representation who haven't done anything. They were barely willing to pick up the phone and didn't appear to know anything about it. Maybe the courts lack of action is telling you something?

    Please don't talk about what has been done to your family. YOU did that. Now you have no family. Didn't you just claim to be single? BTW: is that a mutual agreement, or just something you invented that your wife doesn't have any say in?

    Croatian courts can come to whatever decision they make. But it's meaningless because they can't enforce anything. AFAIK no one has any business interests in, or intention to travel to Croatia. Fun fact: countries won't enforce legal decisions in countries that refuse to grant the same freedoms of speech. But I love that you're being taken for a ride to pay for legal action that will achieve nothing but hopefully cost you a fortune.

    The majority of your patrons have always been dumb and you kept the dumbest who don't pay attention to what you do. But even they have their limits. Expect more losses as the news trickles down and you continue to show your true self to everyone because you appear to be incapable of learning and changing.

    I have no reason to doubt Kim's qualifications but even if Kim had no legal qualifications whatsoever ... so what? Unless someone has hired her as legal representative it's immaterial. No one cares. Sure she would have lied ... but it would be an unimportant lie. Certainly when put next to someone regularly cheating on their wife with prostitutes for many years! You didn't even engage her as a legal rep ... because you relied on the free work of others.

    You're relying on flinging mud to make yourself look less bad by comparison, the "well other people lie" defence. It's what you did with your initial confession video by comparing yourself with a murderer (but not a rapist). You're like a chimp flinging faeces but the difference is I think we could reason with the chimp!

  • vienne

    Lloyd Evans is following the path of others with his mental health issues. "You caught me, but look at this. Isn't it worse? And don't I deserve a pass because of it?"

    Abusive men use this to justify abusing their wives.

  • TonusOH
    That his court case will succeed is a vain hope. Even if it did, there will be no repercussions except it would let him 'crow' his innocence.

    That's the gist of it. Notice that he tries to gloss over the actual consequences of the case, assuring everyone that the court can find against someone who doesn't bother to show up to defend themself. That's pretty much the extent of the consequences- you'll be 'convicted' in absentia of insulting someone across the internet. Actual consequences? Nothing.

    And I'll point out again, that he does not want any of this stuff actually tried in court, with defendants making a case and cross-examining or deposing him. He can say what he wants in a Twitter rant or Facebook post, but it would be very different facing an actual lawyer, asking him questions that might actually put him in his own legal trouble.

    One curious thing that he points out as "obvious" is this:

    When you defame someone it isn't their job to provide a point-by-point summary of how you have defamed them and/or help you fact-check your defamatory content to make it more agreeable.

    Actually, it is exactly like that. Unless the Croatian courts use the standard of 'guilty until proven innocent,' you do have to prove your case to either a judge or jury. Same with a civil case. And you are indeed expected to provide the defense with a summary of the case you intend to make, again unless Croatian courts allow plaintiffs to ambush defendants with a lawsuit.

    Again, I have to wonder if this "legal team" exists outside of his mind.

  • vienne

    Does his legal team exist outside his mind? I think so. It is easy to find a lawyer who will take your money knowing you'll lose or your case has no merit. He doesn't care. He's after an "I tried my best" outcome

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    It's all very disheartening tho. His followers have empowered a lunatic.

  • Chinapomo

    Who are the last two people in the lawsuit. Interesting how he's slowingly turning the narrative into blaming the law. Because that's exactly how it will end. With him telling the world: I did my best, but the law didn't help me.

  • Simon
    Actually, it is exactly like that. Unless the Croatian courts use the standard of 'guilty until proven innocent,' you do have to prove your case to either a judge or jury.

    Even before then, how bad did you really think it was if you made no attempt to have things taken down? And people can't take things down if you don't point to the offending parts.

    AFAIK the only specific thing he's claimed was libellous was the use of the word "regularly" to describe his REGULAR use of prostitutes every 2-3 months for 4 years ... which is what he admitted to himself (and is likely an underestimation). So his only specific claim made him a laughing stock for his stupid, and now he refuses to point to anything, because he has nothing.

    Of course he doesn't really want anything taken down and can't point to any alleged defamation, it's all pantomime. I think he's after a pointless "victory" (because no one is going to bother going to Croatia for some cock and bull case to defend against something he hasn't even complained about) and he'll then want to refer to that as proof he was right (forgetting that nothing has been proven).

    Does he expect people to not be able to post anything on the internet at all? Or maybe not be able to comment on him at all. Now THAT is something he has a track record of demanding from people.

    He can go whistle dixie.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Lloyd said it is a criminal lawsuit? (First sentence of his legal update)

    How can he hire a lawyer to file criminal charges? Thats the state's job. You dont have to hire a lawyer for criminal prosecutions.

    His claim would it be a civil claim.


  • MeanMrMustard

    He said:

    So, he had been repeatedly assured that Croatian law can just reach out to other countries, criminally no less, and at jurisdiction over, say, US citizens.

    This must be an awesome development for Islamic nations. The next time I pay an image of Muhammad, they can just come right over and behead me, completely above board - after all, I'm breaking the law using the internet.

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