It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    Remember, defamation would require that a person make a claim that is untrue or that they cannot prove is true, made with malice aforethought.

    It's more nuanced than that. It's that you make a statement that you know to be untrue.

    Imagine "Fred" tells you that he's stolen money and you tell it to someone else. Even if it's untrue, Fred can't sue you for defamation. You had a valid, legitimate reason to believe it was true and no reason to believe it wasn't.

    But if Fred tells you he's never stolen any money and you know he hasn't but still decide to tell someone he has because you hate Fred, now you have defamed him.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Good point Simon

    But when you are confident that no one will contest the charges, you can file away and bluster all you want online.

    I have no idea why he would think that. I wouldn’t be so sure if I were him 🤷‍♀️

  • TonusOH

    Go get him, Kim.

    It's more nuanced than that. It's that you make a statement that you know to be untrue.

    Yeah, that's right. Defamation tends to be a fairly involved thing to prove, presumably so that people aren't filing suit every time another person speaks. Another reason that I get the impression that this ends with him finally realizing that his lawyers have been stringing him along.

  • TonusOH

    This is funny: a suggested video in my YouTube feed...

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The choices of defendants to me is suspect. When he wrote yesterday about the hassle of translating everything for the court, it struck me: he purposely avoided people who used clips from the livestream to avoid that being possibly submitted into evidence.

    He referred to altworldly (Jake) as the guy who made a nearly two hour video in his rant yesterday and claimed could point to a lie in the first two minutes. If so, then why not include altworldly as one of the 7? Altworldly included many clips of the livestream in his video and extensively quoted from it. Jonathan Burger was included and made one video interviewing Kim and didn’t make any other. He did not show any livestream clips. Cora Latham didn’t appear in any video and has only made social media comments. Cappytan also included livestream clips in his rundown and Fateful Slave made a long rebuttal point by point on the livestream. Neither of them were included.

    His legal strategy seems to be to attack Kim and anyone who can be attached to her imo which would explain Burger. The Marko revelations are also tied to three others.

    He doesn’t want that livestream submitted into evidence and only wants to focus chiefly on Kim’s statement and other information given on her interviews.

  • NonCoinCollector
    He doesn’t want that livestream submitted into evidence and only wants to focus chiefly on Kim’s statement and other information given on her interviews.

    He may not want that livestream confession submitted as evidence, but it would be part of the defense regardless. All of this will be pointless as he will never get an enforceable judgement. Lloyd's lawyers know they have an sucker for a client and they will be the only ones making money on this lawsuit. The patrons will lose money by sinking it into Lloyd instead of a different YouTube creator that deserves it more. Lloyd will certainly lose money as he tries to make good on his legal threats. Everybody else can ignore or point and laugh at the temper tantrum Lloyd is making. It will amount to nothing and we all know it. Every one of the seven live outside of Croatia and are subject to those laws, not Croatian laws.

    Speaking of United States law, has any of the recipients of the original Karlo Novosel letter filed a complaint with IC3? That is the FBI's cybercrime division. If Lloyd were ever to return to the USA, he could have a warrant for his arrest waiting for him if they believe this to be a crime.

  • Simon
    The choices of defendants to me is suspect.

    I think you have some valid points, but I also think he's an opportunistic cunt and views it as a chance to put some "competition" out of business.

    Look at his history. At every step his mo has been to silence other activists, especially YouTubers, so he can own that market. Other people aren't monetizing things but if they take viewers and attention away from him they cut into his money-making potential. I think that's the lens he views things through.

    Once you realize that everything he does is about $$$ then his behavior is easy to explain and predict.

    This is why he needs to be absolutely discredited and run out of our community. He's a cancer and won't go away until he's defunded and his free-loading ride is taken away.

    That's why I'm proud to announce my "hunt down his patreons" hit squad ...

    That last bit was a joke, to check you're paying attention.

  • Vintage

    I’m so naive. My eyes opened wide.

  • lloydevansparody

    I speak directly to you Lloyd. I know you lurk here. Perhaps you are suffering for an hungover from the previous night as a newly reinstated single bachelor. But I won't make it complicated. I promise.

    It is very clear you have changed your strategy with your litigation. You boldness is dissipating. Why's that? Is it because things are not going as you thought they would? Let's see

    "I had assumed that by now the court would have sent legal paperwork to all the defendants."

    " I have also been disappointed by the slowness of the legal process. "

    "Admittedly, I haven't been chasing my legal team over each and every detail, including all the timescales and deadlines involved."

    "I have been repeatedly assured by my legal team that this is not the case"

    "they assured me that a verdict will be reached even in their absence. "

    "Today (June 10) I instructed my legal team to try to expedite the process of amending"

    "hopefully the paperwork I have shared will go some way to reassuring you."

    "that myself and others have started to have doubts about her background. "

    I notice a certain panic in your statement Lloyd. Are you getting ready for the inevitable conclusion of this farce? Are you in a sort of panic for reassuring friends and supporters that you are innocent even though the legal system is against you? Do you need to reassure your unsettling Patrons that everything is going well because under Croatian Law you can trial in absentia whoever you like? What's next? Legal System Corruption? Conspiracy theories? Alignment of the planets? Tell us. You seem to know everything better than anyone else.

    We know the claim exists, oh yeah we do know. You are not lying here (for once). But they are going nowhere. You know that, or at least you should know that. And you are panicking. Because despite people telling you a while ago this was a terrible idea, you thought that you were going to win hands down. Because you live in your fabricated distorted reality where everything revolves around you. Lloyd, you are the new Sun King without the French accent.

    A while ago I asked you to show remorse for what you did. You ignored me. Now your house of cards is crumbling. And it is crumbling because of the thing you despise the most, honesty.

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