It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    so ,let me see if i got this right. he was on Indiegogo, and he raise $6,869 CAD,($5,311 USD) By 111 backes...$6,272cad (sorry ? in usd) by 102 backes on jan.11 2018? and that was is second book.also why does he hardly ever talk about that one? weird...

  • Toblerone5

    Sorry, more on the book, first one was 802 pages. Number 2 ,152 pages,and he got $5,000 to write that booklet? Brochure?.Paperback Pamphlet, what ever, plus the $$$ he got for the book sale ...But why does he never brag about that book? Aslo question ,there was some PERK? If you would order from him that Leaflet, does anybody know what they were...and how mad do you think he will be if he see what i call is precious LEGACY...last one i swear DIARY...I know I have a problem...I should write a book about That...

  • TonusOH

    If he had a good business sense, he would price that second book very cheap and promote it constantly, then use that book to promote the larger and more costly (and unintentionally funny) book.

    Of course, if he had good business sense, he wouldn't have done any of the dozen things he's done over the past few months. So close, and yet so far.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Aslo question ,there was some PERK

    It's described in the link you posted:

    For $150: collaboration with the backer so that their story of successfully escaping an abusive belief system (300 words max) features along with others in the final pages of How to Escape From Jehovah's Witnesses. The text will be written by the author but will include a minimum of one quote worded by the backer. The backer will also be allowed to include a black and white photo with their story (with the author's approval of the image) if desired. This perk comes with a complimentary signed, advance copy of How to Escape From Jehovah's Witnesses (mailed 3 weeks / 21 days before it is released on Amazon) with the backer's name in the Acknowledgments. (The author reserves the right to issue a refund for this perk if the story is not a good fit for the book.)

    The controversy was for the $150 perk where he was soliciting exit stories, many of whom were CSA survivors. Though he worded it carefully, he was claiming complete editorial control over what the backer wrote, saying at least one sentence would be a direct quote. Some questioned the integrity of soliciting for profit stories from CSA survivors. His response was a snotty "If you don't like it then don't get that perk". So partly due to his attitude and the fact his other book had just been released, it didn't sell well. He only collected $5000+ dollars, whilst he cleared $20,000 USD for the indiegogo campaign for The Reluctant Apostate:

    The Reluctant Apostate | Indiegogo

  • Vintage

    Thanks for the thumbs up, KIMSILVIO and the "quote" TonusOH. I have a paralegal degree that I barely got to use, but it provides me with an occassional insight.

  • lloydevansparody

    I look like Bill Clinton here... 😉 And I do even have my personal Monica. 😉

  • Wakanda
    Vintage: I’ve always believed that Mark O’Donnell was highly intelligent and a very good writer, and I still believe this. I try to find the smartest, kindest, and most reasonable people available with whom to work and exchange ideas. At the time that Mark O’Donnell began working with Cedars, Mark probably had surveyed his options and Cedars looked like a person whose goals were similar to Mark’s and who had the energy to help put the word out against CSA and Watchtower’s corruption. Mark can’t predict the future any more than I can. At some point, he was probably as surprised about Cedars as the rest of us have been.

    It is always kind hearted to believe people are like us as I'm sure you try to find the smartest, kindest people as collaborators. However, we do not know if that was Mark's intentions. We do know that he is on this site after all this fallout downvoting comments critical of Lloyd, as per Simon! We also know he kept lying and deceiving LouGoode about the JWpodcast website because she kept asking for the website and didn't use the word domain. He was also doing the dirty work for Lloyd, buying the domain name to keep it from her. Who does that remind you of? An authentic person or an elder?

    I've also seen him ridicule a female commenter in JWsurvey just because she pointed out some grammar issue because they wanted everything perfect so WT couldn't point to mistakes.

    There is no way no one warned him and there is no way he did not see red flags. We all knew you couldn't give Lloyd the slightest criticism, and Mark didn't? Then he's not so smart, or it is something else.

    Personally, I took offense at his statement about the Lloyd situation for the way he spoke for his wife. It was patriarchal, hence he is patriarchal.

    He needs some real help and needs to completely stand up for what is right, not just what helps him look good.

    Don't get me wrong, he does some good, and he is imperfect (super lame excuse), but geez learn to be honest and fair Mark, even to women.

    I think he is smart, but an asshole. Maybe a savior narcissist with the CSA stuff.

    I also think the way people look up to him in this community is a little too much like looking up to a CO or WT heavy.

  • Wakanda

    Someone could put Lloyds face on Homer's body here:

  • NonCoinCollector

    How about we leave Mark O'Donnell out of this? He issued a statement saying he would not be working with Lloyd Evans due to the conflict of interest Lloyd's activities creates.

    Whatever differences of opinion Mark has with Kim's actions and statements, or if he down voted statements early on in this thread is not important to the bigger picture. I'm sure it hurt him to discover that a close associate was not as he appeared, even though Lloyd wrote about it in his 800-odd-page manifesto. However after a couple of weeks the evidence was clear and it gave Mark a chance to think about it. The statement Mark wrote is clear regarding his feelings.

    In private conversations Mark left me with impression that he regrets working with Lloyd, and only chose to do so because at the time it appeared their goals were the same. So again I say, why don't we leave Mark out of this one? If you have any unanswered questions, Mark is easy to reach on Twitter.

  • Wakanda

    You were fine with Vintage bringing Mark into this.

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