It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • NonCoinCollector

    So why does this clown appear to WORSHIP all things JW?! He's even framed leaflets?! What a fraud ...

    Simon that was what I got from the video. If he had taken some red tape and put it across the JWdotORG sign that would be one thing. Ever since he started setting on the other side of his table, the sign is always visible in his videos. Could that be some sort of message? Framing leaflets... why?

    My family had a collection of Watchtower literature that went back decades. I can proudly say it is all in the local landfill, but I should have used it for burning.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Thanks to the business filings, I now know Lloyd's birthday. The guy looks really bad for 42. What should we get him for his birthday?

  • Toblerone5
    Joseelyne on Twitter has an interesting clip from a video LE did back in 2020. Either 'Alexa' knew about his indiscretions, LE was trying to make a joke about it. Very strange.l

    L.OL.. Bill maher did some joke this week with the Alexa box.and when I ...I mean joseelyne,saw the part Alexa say :ask your wh*re , ''She" rememberJLE doing a stupid sketch with alexa, so when he ask who is the MOST? good looking apostate "She" just mute the answer Mark O'Donnell , and put the Bill Maher one.. thanks Kim for liking that silly video

  • Simon
  • Toblerone5

    The fun part about making stupid video on twitter, is that you can see how many people see it...and even if only 9 peoples like it, so far it was seen by 172 ,,,Who are ,please please please JLE Patrons? who are mad at me? will go and tell There Lloyd and Savior about it? WINNING! L.M.A.O !

  • NonCoinCollector

    When you see it, LOL

    I was wondering why you posted this, and then I saw it. I need coffee.

  • ozziepost

    See, I told you he hasn’t left his religion! LOL

  • Toblerone5

    That is funnier...

    "Alexa, what is my current patreon count today? Oh… go to hell evil computer bitch, jeff bezos, expecr your litigation letter coming soon!"

  • AudeSapere

    Very Nice Job, Kameron!

    Really love your interview clips with other exjw YouTubers.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Tahoe this summer.



    Reposting link to Kameron's recent video (originally posted by Simon on page 242 of this thread):

    This Is Why People Don't Like Lloyd Evans - YouTube

    Insightful presentation including his own personal experience with JLE, interviews with other xjw's and comments by experts on Narcistic Personality Disorder.

    Well worth the 33 minute watch - and a like, comment, subscribe and share.


  • TonusOH
    What should we get him for his birthday?

    Send him 3,000 euro in Monopoly money. It's the proper way to settle the litigation.

    As for the background in his bunker, I think he wanted to show that he had a large collection of WT books and material, but also wanted to make it fancier than just a bookcase lined with books. What he ended up with looks like a shrine. Any of the GB would be happy to shoot a video with that as a backdrop.

    But I would advise them to wipe the seat thoroughly with a damp rag before they sit down.

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